How to Apply Metallic Makeup : Applying Under Eye Brightener for Metallic Makeup

I’m Kelli. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m
going to show you some tips and techniques that you can use to create a silver and gold
holiday look. The next thing we’re going to do is apply a little bit of under eye brightener
to her under eye area. We’re just going to take a little bit. This is just a really light
weight liquidy substance that’s going to neutralize any darkness or any dark shadows she might
have under her eyes. It’s also going to give her a nice pop of light. We’re going to take
our concealer brush. We’re just going to work a little bit of this into her inner corner
and under lash line. I like to do this after I do the entire eye look, eye shadow, liner,
and mascara, because just in case we had any eye shadow fall under the eye, this will help
us to clean that up a little bit. Also too, I don’t like to cake to much product around
the area. If I had concealed prior to doing my eye look, then I had to go back and use
the brightener again, it just might be a little bit too much product for her eye area. We
just want to make sure that we don’t get a heavier cakey look to the under eye area.
That can just look really unattractive when you have a lot of creasing and caking eye
makeup under there. That’s how you would want to go about applying your under eye brightener.

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