How to Apply Foundation Makeup : Applying Eye Cream for Foundation Makeup

Hi! I’m Kelli. On behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use to give your face an overall perfect
canvas. Now that we’ve moisturized her face, we’re going to treat her eye area. We’re going
to use an eye cream. We’re going to just take a little bit on our ring finger. This will
exhibit the least amount of force on they eye area. You never want to pull or tug. We’re
just going to pat it around her orbital bone until it absorbs. It’s really important that
you take care of your area. It’s the thinnest skin on your entire body and it’s the first
place that you’ll see your first signs of aging. You just want to really gently pat
it in. Also, when you’re concealing, if you’re really hydrating and treating that eye area,
it’s going to make your makeup go on so much smoother. It’s going to keep your concealer
from settling in any fine lines or wrinkles. There’s a lot of eye creams that can help
with dark circles or puffiness too if that is a problem that you’re always plagued with.
There’s many things on the market that you can choose from. You can choose the concealer
that’s going to be right for you. That’s how you would want to apply an eye cream before
you apply your makeup.

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