How to Apply Eye Makeup : How to Apply Under Eye Brightener

I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village I’m
going to show you how to brighten and lift your eye area. The next thing we’re going
to do is we’re going to apply a brightener to the under eye area. What this product will
do is it will neutralize any additional darkness under the eye and it just gives a really nice
pop of brightness. So, we’re going to use just our small concealer brush and we’re going
to take a little bit of this. We’re going to put this right on the inner corner, we’re
going to put it along the lash line and we’re going to put it right in the beginning part
of that little crease that you will get on the eye area. Just pat it in a little bit
with our ring finger. But, it really lifts the eye, gives a nice pop of brightness. If you are a person who doesn’t necessarily
suffer from dark circles this is a really great product that you can use by itself without
having to use a concealer underneath and it just really brightens and opens up the eye.
Gives a nice lifted look and it will neutralize any shadow. Because whether you get dark circles
or not, which dark circles can be caused from a lot of different things, lack of sleep,
thinning skin around the eye area, a lot of blood laying around the surface. But, you
always end up with some kind of shadow just the way the eye is set. So you always want
to use a little something around the eye to neutralize that shadow.

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