100 thoughts on “HOLY GRAIL Products to Prevent Breakouts on Acne-Prone & Oily Skin Types

  1. I bought the super goop powder brush thingy today but its really cakey and I can't get the product to spread evenly. any tips?

  2. Can you guys please review the Banila Co cleansing balm. I've been waiting to see if it comes up but it hasn't😭

  3. I was wondering if these products for acne-prone skin can work for hormonal acne, I changed my contraceptive of choice to an implant a few months ago and found that my skin really took a hit, it's like I'm a teen again!

  4. What about doing a skincare video on what is safe to use during pregnancy for acne prone/oily skin?? I’m pregnant and I’m so lost as to what I’m able to use, HELP!!

  5. What a helpful vlog! Here you can read about my ultimate treatment which helped me enormously:

  6. Please do a video on Glossier! I feel like you are the only two opinions I trust these days with what I put on my skin <3 amazing videos, keep up the awesome work pretty ladies

  7. even though i don’t pop pimples anymore, when they smooth over after a few days, they still scar?! any tricks

  8. Can you do a video on best products for dry skin from drugstore to luxury. Every mask has so many different claims it’s nice to find one that actually works!

  9. I have combination skin and (what I think is) hormonal acne and I have found salicylic acid causes more breakouts for me. Especially around my nose and chin. Any thoughts?

  10. Would you use the same products for sebaceous filaments? Can you do a video on just those and how they are different from blackheads?

  11. Should all my skin care products have acne fighting ingredients? If not which products would you suggest should have them?

  12. Every time I watch your videos I think “OMG where do you get such beautiful outfits?” 💃🏼 These dresses are super cute 🙂

  13. Hello! Will storing your skin care products like creams, emulsions, serums, eye cream,mask and toner inside the fridge makes it more effective? Is it really necessary?

  14. Please make a video with products in Europe, many of the products are only sold in the United States and do not ship to Europe

  15. Thank you for this!! 🙏 but I do wish more was said about oily skin having more blackheads/ stubborn white heads and how to help control that. More exfoliating? How to manage that..

  16. What's hard for me is finding products for acne prone skin that aren't brightening…. Every time I see a brightening label I scream 😩

  17. Is it bad to mix olihenreksen moisturizer after using the complete Peter Thomas Roth acme system? Please HELP

  18. After watching a couple of videos, I feel like I have all the skin types. I breakout a lot, my skin is so dry that my foundation separates and clings to dry patches on my face. Yet it feels oily around my nose and chin but not my forehead. I don’t understand my skin at all 😂 I’m loving knowledge behind our skin though and finding what products may work.

  19. I don’t know if you guys have already done one but I think you should do a video about hair and scalp care and recommend good shampoos and hair masks for different types of hair like thick and thin, or people w dry or really oily scalps

  20. Hello! I have acne and I try a lot of different products but nothing seems to really work. Salicylic acid breaks me out even more and I don’t know what to do! I’m losing hope..😪

  21. I love skincare vids especially as an acne sufferer but sadly they remind me how much I can’t afford to take care of my skin😓😓 every US dollar is an equivalent of 7 of my local currency. When I saw the price of that Paula’s Choice spot treatment I nearly passed out😅

    Will still watch your videos though. Maybe I can recommend something to someone someday 🤗

  22. I was so excited for that calamine toner and immediately bought it from the link in the description…but its not the toner 😭 its a serum like moisturizer. I was hopeful it would be the toner like it says in the product title but you get whats in the picture

  23. I love the longer and more formal format! Good job girls, this should be a show I would watch every episode . Get on that skincare community Netflix 👀

  24. I know this is about skincare & I love your videos and how informative they are…but where are your dresses from?! You both wear them beautifully😍

  25. Thanks for always making amazingly informative videos!! Also love your outfits, can you please link your clothes? 😍🥰♥️

  26. Hey! If you have combination skin, I’m having trouble determining if I should lean towards your oily/acne-prone skin videos or dry/acne-prone skin videos! Please help!!

  27. Does anyone else feel like maybe when they do videos like this they should have like a recommended routine combination at the end? Like where they recommend how they might pair any of these together considering some of it may not work well together or do damage to skin if you’re trying to pair all of it together?

  28. Hey girls. I couldn't help but to look at your flawless makeup. Do you have a video about make up products for oily skin and how you apply it?

  29. Hi!
    I am currently using COSRX SALYCILIC ACID GENTLE CLEANSER and I’m planning to incorporate DEAR KLAIRS VITAMIN C SERUM in my skincare routine. Would my cleanser mess up the effectiveness of the serum?

  30. Thanks for making this video!🙂 Coincidentally, I’m also currently using the Versed Cleansing Balm. I’ve tried a mini version of Tatcha’s Water Cream, but it’s too expensive for me. I’m thinking about buying TIMY’s Soothing Gel Cleanser in the future.

  31. How do you girls apply your makeup so flawlessly for this video? Maybe a video on how to apply makeup on different skin types?

  32. Differin is my lifesaver! My skin reacts horribly to any kind of fragrance so pretty much none of these are workable for me 🙁

  33. Hi! I've heard a lot about tamanu oil to treat acne scars and hiperpigmentation. Do u know any of this? Is it good? It's just because i love this channel and i haven't seen you talking about this type of oil so i don't know… any feedback? thanks!

  34. Your so informative I love it thank you so much! Thanks to your help I'm getting my skin care routine together I'm so excited for healthy skin in my future

  35. Somehow I like the close up setting, where its only half of your body shows with high table in front… Fell more relaxed than this set

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