Here’s How to CORRECTLY Apply Moisturizing Cream

Hi! It’s Fumiko from the Face Yoga Method Many of us know the importance of choosing the right product for skin, but do you know that it’s so important how to use this product to get the most benefit out of it. So i’m going to show you using my product, my Face Yoga Method product. The Sonic Face Brush. I use this for cleaning my face but also I use this to apply moisturizer! This is my other product Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream and this is great so clean and pure and very very efficient if you want to just have one cream and this does great job and the benefits are actually way beyond my expectations. But when I apply this using this, WOW! The benefits are not great… it’s amazing! So I want to show you how I do it. So after cleaning your face completely, just pat dry with a towel and put one, two, three. A little bit like that on your entire face okay? Any area you have concerns and the neck area too, don’t forget your neck this is part of your face right? And wash this sonic face brush with nice, you know clean water and turn on and use this side I like to use this side to apply moisturizer. Start with my forehead, very gently and if you have any concerns on your forehead, especially 11 lines… WOW Hold it for a while give a nice good massage. I feel it! Over and when you move to this side of your face don’t go downwards don’t go this way you want to go upward motion. So you’re giving that upward stroke motion lifting up the same time massaging your skin. I feel it! Very nice gentle, and eye area, just keep this for a while. Under the nose and lips, don’t forget your lips too This side, up and eye area and the neck area is the only one area you can use downward strokes. Why? Because this encourages the drainage of lymph which carries waste and toxic products and you want to get rid of that from your system right? Okay and WOW this is it! Turn off and you can use this side too but I like to use this side because it gives really nice stimulation on my skin. Turn off and I just warm my palms rubbing vigorously like this and this is it! Very simple and the neck downward. WOW! Very simple very effective! Thank you so much for watching my video if you liked this video like my Facebook page and i’ll see you in my next video!

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  1. I just bought the Luna mini for cleansing and moisturizing! It's Awesome and now I know exactly how to use it!😙 Thank you very much 😃

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