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  1. @MarkusRothkranz My boyfriend doesn't have wisdom teeth because he never grew any, does that mean anything in his body?, his dentist said he is more evolved that most people because there is no use for those wisdom teeth. I want to get mine taken out because they are making my front teeth which have been very straight since I was little crooked.

  2. @TheSqueenie
    Doctors will also tell you there is no use for the appendix or tonsils, which we now know is not true. Some people are born with missing body parts based on the mother's habits during the 9 months and also parents genetics. People are not born perfect- they can only be as good as the building materials they are made with. We must do the best we can with what we have. Studies have shown that wisdom teeth are not the primary cause of pushing teeth together, but diet is

  3. @MarkusRothkranz oh thanks for replying!. I guess it's true, no one is born perfect. well, I have a strictly vegetarian diet, well balanced and trying to become vegan, but not quite there yet. Do you think the teeth moving would be lack of calcium then?… Do you also teach about how to better the things wrong with you in your book?

  4. @TheSqueenie
    Yes definitely read the book! Vegetarian does not mean healthy. Bread, cereal, pasta, etc are dead foods and lead to disease. They also turn into sugar in the body which feeds fungus, mold, yeast, bacteria, parasites and damages the kidneys. Lack of calcium is a myth. People actually have too much but it doesn't absorb because they lack magnesium. The pasty dead carb diet of cooked foods is the main cause of compacted teeth. When I went raw, my teeth started relaxing again.

  5. @hardsixteenyeah
    Everything grows, evolves and changes. Nature tries all kinds of things. Those that are designed well, survive, those that aren't, don't. A three legged toothless one-eyed animal with half a kidney and no spleen will not last long. This is how a species survives. Weak babies usually die in nature. The strong survive and the species continues and improves.

  6. I've known about meridians before this video; interesting concept to look at the face for signs of toxification. Hm. SOmething to think about.

  7. We should be greatly thankful for the wonderful body have been giving to us and take care of it, worship it and not neglect…the body is a sanctuary for the soul like the house is a home for the body…

  8. i can agree on the cutting dairy out. Didnt believe it until i tried it…please dont eat ANY dairy. Start with that. It cleared my acne 90%….i went from really bad acne to a couple blemishes here and there. DAIRY CAUSES ACNE!!!

  9. you are so switched on brother ! hope to meet you one day. Inspiration for us new raw foodies and all who want a new life ! Love and bliss to you. x

  10. Hi Markus, I bought your books Heal Your Face and Heal Yourself 101. I was wondering. Do you think body hair on the chest and stomach are natural for males?

  11. Hi Markus I read hundreds books from diffrent areas in the world about health and beauty issues but i have to say that your books heal yourself and heal your face are the best .Also prosperity secret. I feel your spirit, your heart , your passion in it and feel that your words gives a power to change , its the best motivate kick i have ever have…I am third week on raw and clean all areas in my life , thank you ! Love you!

  12. I have moles/bumps/skin tags on my stomach. What organ do I need to heal? Will it make the wart/skin tag/bump go away?

  13. This is actually not something new and aging is indeed natural.  The key is how gracefully we do age and we do that by being well informed, eating properly, and taking care of our bodies.  We are not things we need to fix.  We are beings that just may need to alter our behavior and your book is a wonderful reminder and guide to living like we did before botox and plastic surgery ever existed.  Our bodies are our temples and true age is counted by freely offered love.  Thank you for the reminder Markus, may you live long and prosper. 

  14. Does the book cover hyper-pigmentation on the face? I thought it was because I was on The Pill but went off 6 years ago and it's still not getting better, its actually worse. I cant enjoy spending time outside on sunny days, as UV light just makes it worse.

  15. I dont think including photos of men going bald was a good idea. If your hair roots are sensitive to testosterone diet isn't going to stop your hair falling out.

  16. I so connect with this ! I work with elderly people and what i often see is these people seem to enjoy calling themselves old as an excuse to stop living.They really do use their age so they can stop doing things they don't want to do. Very sad really…..Thank you, dear Markus, for being the perfect example how to  turn things around ! 🙂

  17. Awesome video. I have had chronic dark red circles under my eyes since I was in primary school. Since eye circles are connected to the kidneys I wonder how bad my kidneys are.

  18. Markus, thank you for this video. I have a question. Can I remove a birthmark, called cafe au lait mark on my body with herbs or detox? I was born with it.  Can anyone disappear something like that through diet or herbs? Does any of your books explain this? Thanks!

  19. Markus, my teeth gone bad when I was 12 or 14, now a age 45 all but 4 gone very bad. I am about to extract like 23 of my poor teeth. I became aware about teeth de – and liberalisation too late. Is teeth regeneration possible? Have you or someone you know experienced growing new teeth? Please answer.

  20. Yes teeth can heal, but only when the body is healed, clean and nourished properly. As long as people continue to eat unnatural foods not found in nature, teeth will not heal.  That means no bread, sugar, pasta, cereal, flour, wheat, and other unnatural foods that feed bacteria

  21. I have been healing myself forever,mind body soul and still doing so,which is why I am in the holistic field.I hardly if ever need a doctor,can count on one hand how often ive seen a dentist.I have circled the sun more than half a century now,yet most think im in my late 30's. I enjoy your clips,and have learned more since watching.Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Om Shanti

  22. warts and blemishes may be a sign that the associated body part is problematic, but wrinkles are indeed a symptom of aging. Everyone ages- from the second you were born, free radicals has been attacking your face – it just takes about 25 years of that to notice your first wrinkle. Also, up to 90 percent of wrinkles come from sun exposure. So avoid the sun or wear zinc oxide (forget the chemical crap) when going out and you would be doing what you can to slow down time's theft of your youth, which in time would inevitably fade nonetheless. All you can do is slow father time on your face. 

  23. What do you think about rosacea/red cheeks? Whenever I'm stressed my cheeks get these red patches… it's not really rosacea, it's more like you look like you're tired and out of breath… Great video. I'm getting your book 🙂

  24. I just started reading your book. Man, my life just changed. I could just feel the tremendous weight I was carrying up until that moment in time fall off my back. So this is what life is!! I had it when I was seventeen years old… this is how I felt. The time in my life when I just let go of all the cares and worries the world was trying to chuck on my back and I just went out under the beautiful ocean sky and sat in my little dingy fishing for snapper. I looked incredible back then. Then, I went to college, graduated with a ton of debt, my health went downhill – glandular fever – I fell out with my parents, started drinking, etc. Now I was finally 'back on track', ready to start again (but not looking too good, always tired, and it showed in my face)… until I read your book I didn't know how I was going to face this, starting my own business, and eventually getting married once my partner graduates with her degree in e-commerce and management. But man, I have never felt so good about the future! I just started laughing right away, because I 'got' what you were saying. Thanks heaps 😀

  25. great video's markus , will be watching while drinking my smootie , anyway I am  a vegan  but trying out a 30 day raw food lifestyle to see what happen , if all goes well I will continue  and looking at u are cara video's for inspiration , I have tinea verscolor  anything u can advice me on to do , I live in the Bahamas and a lot f people have that here.

  26. I just created the longest evernote entry ever with pictures of almost every slide in there…. that video was awesome….

    I ordered your Heal Your Face book a long time ago for my mom….
    I never read it. I'm sure she didn't either….
    I'm calling her now to tell her she needs to, and I'm going to start as well.

    I really appreciate you!!!!!!!

  27. Thank you Markus. Finally, a truthful appraisal of what causes changes in our appearance. So true; creams and surgery are just masking the problems.

  28. Hi Markus! I love your approach, it's an amazing combination of enthusiasm and rigorous logic!  I reallyneed your advice about something that is really worring me. I went vegan 5 months ago and wasn't able to eat enough calories, especially when I started the transition to raw two months ago. I didn't need to lose weight but I did, about 4 kilos. As a result I lost a lot of volume on my face and neck and I got: sagging skin under my neck, hollow cheeks and nasolabial folds…horrible!!! 🙁 The worst thing is that it's been 2-3 weeks that I "learnt" how to get enough calories (and even extra) and I gained back rapidly most of the weight I had lost but….mostly it's fat around my waist (I'm a man), very little in muscles and almost ZERO on my face!!! Do you think I will I get my facial fat back???!!! Or should I accept that I look much older on a raw food diet??!!What do you suggest? Thank you in advance!

  29. I don't know in which video of yours you commented that you and Cara were gonna make a video about HOW TO FILL OUT THE FACE. Did you make it?

  30. I know there is a way in your book on HOW TO GET YOUR HAIR BACK. I'd like to know if it's about reflexology and nail rubbing..Just a yes/no would be enough..Thanks..

  31. health has nothing to do with any event that occurs in space. see yourself as pure energy, love itself, vibrant, alive — and get away from the body. when you return from your journey into such realms, having gone outside time and space, your body will have shifted. the means for this is meditation, trance, yoga, contemplation of the divine etc. the key to health is seeking the infinite ! the cause of sorrow and decimation is the lack of contemplation of the divine. big happy smiles for miles

  32. Hey Marcus I need some help.
    I have acne and sometime my cheeks become red and hot.
    So I was confused.
    So which book should I buy ( Heal your face or Heal Body101)

  33. Is this true..? I'm all paranoid now because I have a bump on my chin that won't go away.. I'm afraid there might be something wrong with my reproductive organ all of a sudden..

  34. I grew up with wheat grass juice in my kitchen in the early 70's. My father was the original health nut. I am 54 and the video I am sharing with you was done when I was 51. You can see drastically that what we eat matters. My youtube channel doesn't have anything to do with diet, but I wanted to share with my people that food matters.

    I show pictures of my face where I looked horrible and then weeks later looking amazing. I believed these were food allergies, but now that I've watched your video I realize that it was my body trying to tell me something. I am 54 as of this writing, and I'm not happy with how I am beginning to look. Others would be thrilled, but I know better. Lines around my eyes are getting out of control, I have already begun to  fix it with diet, but I thought it was food allergies. I eat better than anyone I know… That doesn't mean that it is good enough though… and I am so happy I found this video.

    I'm getting younger. Good enough, isn't good enough. Thanks for the video. Here is the video I did, so you can see what I was talking about if you want. It does prove your point. Even though I believed it was food allergies at the time of shooting. https://youtu.be/zYmcELwFkck

  35. Markus… You rock man! I been telling people that our body is a heal machine. Just like if someone gets cut it heals itself… even the inside…. keep it up…

  36. You said animals don't show their age, oh yes they do, my cat is 20 yrs old she's lost most of her fur and fat stores , she can't jump as well as she did and she has grey hair in her ears, my child's hamster lost her fur and her stumpy tail bent and her teeth deterated and she went blind, sorry to say but humans aren't the only ones who show aging.

  37. Hi you mentioned that hair loss can be traced to a cause as well… Can you explain that? I have looked at many explanations but none too satisfactory as I know that this is not a "normal" condition even if one is more genetically inclined. I know there is a link… but have yet to find it.

  38. thank you Markus.  I will get that book, but how.  You're the one I need but is it affective for an eighty year old?

  39. I went to a spa one time for a facial. She told me there wasn't much she could do. My problems were systemic. I was sad and a bit insulted at first but she was honest and really wanted to help me.

  40. how can you heal dry hands and skin? i have struggled with this ever since i was a little kid. my parents were always rubbing lotions and creams and nothing worked. :/

  41. I just found your videos!!! So excited to order your books and DVDs and start getting my life back and start LIVING instead of slowly dying!!! My back was broken in a car accident. My entire spine is screwed up and I have severe nerve damage from my waist down. I have 13" of titanium in my spine. Can my spine and nerves be healed???

  42. what a fascinating video. I have the bumps that look like raised moles but aren't. i forget the scientific name. they're all over my flanks. start out small and red then turn brown and a little bigger. the doc says it's hereditary and there's nothing to do except freeze them off but they will grow right back. it's quite depressing and I pretty much avoid the beach. 😢

  43. Markus, what about hands? People say hands giveaway your age. Are hands connected to the rest of the body? How can one make their hands look 'younger' if possible?

  44. Hi it's me again! Will this book help me learn how to reverse volume loss in cheeks? Thank you in advance❤

  45. So I read your skin book…what about post inflammatory erythema (pie)? It's caused by trauma to the skin and is different from post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It's red and takes FOREVER (if ever) to fade or heal. What can I do about them? Mine were caused from laser trauma…too high of settings. They're like red scars that won't go away😢

  46. Hello Markus! Been loving your work for awhile now, but just recently started buying your books/products. I have had dry skin and acne/acne scars for years so I'm definitely interested in buying your Heal your Face book. I was wondering if you talk about Iridology in Heal Your Face or in another ebook you might have? I've been fascinated that eyes are windows to what's going on in the body.

  47. Hi Marcus, I'm hoping that you can help me. I'm suffering from painful face inflammation with tiny holes and orange peel texture on my face for months now after aggressive treatment and exfoliation. It has taken over my life as I'm in pain and can't work. I was watching your videos and looking to get the Vitamin C. Can this be fixed and what would you recommend to restore my skin? TIA

  48. so i started out with some serious bags under my eyes and as ive gotten more and more parasites and mucus out of me my bags are starting to dissapear. When i do enemas my lips get bigger. Its crazy. its all connected. You just gotta try it and you will see for yourself.

  49. Wow! So stunning inspirations. Love u❣️💐
    Thank You dearest sweeties🙏🏼😇
    Stay Blissful Eternally 🕉💖

  50. I have broken bones from falling, and due to my medication, I've aged and my bones are in excruciating pain. What is the answer, as I've just found your channel and your girlfriend, whoa, don't we all want to look like that?

  51. I wish I saw this video when it came out. I did see it 3 years later though. When my depression hit me hard. This video healed my sadness.

  52. What about a really bad cavity? After you get it fixed can you still get well in that area? I waited too long and have to get it fixed but want to keep it healthy so I don't have to go again. Can I do this?

  53. I have been raw vegan for almost a month. My face has been the first thing to change for the better!! Getting my sexy back and healing! Thank you so much for helping me with my journey!

  54. I got your book Markus! Thank you for all you do. I’m getting ready for the best part of my life’s journey!!!

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