Harvesting Snail Slime for Beauty Products

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Two words,
snail slime, snail slime. Snails love their own slime, which is actually their mucus. It helps them defy gravity
and move at a snail’s pace. Bad cliché. But humans also love snail slime for its nutrient-rich properties. This began thousands of
years ago when ancient Romans and Greeks gave snails free
rein to roam their faces. No more redness, no more wrinkles for our classical ancestors. (speaking foreign language) That is kinda off topic,
Simone, but now that you’re here, I think we should segue
to your introduction. (speaking foreign language) He’s being modest. Simone is an inventor and a snail savior. Before he invented his snail
slime extraction machine, the only way to collect mass
quantities of snail slime resulted in the snail’s
death, not anymore. (speaking foreign language) We begin in the fields. After munching for 14
months, snails are plucked, washed, and brought to Simone’s
machine, the Muller One. Sidebar, snails secrete
slime for three reasons: to move, out of stress, and for pleasure. Simone calls his machine a spa for snails because it pleasures
them with a secret spray to the point that they
secrete a lot of slime. (speaking foreign language) If you don’t talk metric, I’ll translate. That’s as much as seven pounds
of slime from one batch. After that, the slime is
extracted, dehydrated, rehydrated, and then refined
here for use in cosmetics. Here it is being bottled, and
then it’s off to your face. (speaking foreign language) – Best slime in the world. – [Narrator] Simone,
if being bold is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

100 thoughts on “Harvesting Snail Slime for Beauty Products

  1. Wholly FUCK! I dont know if i want to puke, or PUKE MORE!
    Hey, he feeds the Snails, gourmet dinners- he PROTECTS THEM from PREDATORS; i.e. frogs, toads, lizards, the FRENCH!
    He gives them the 'Rainy days' that we ALL know they ENJOY!
    Then the process keeps going! Perfect!!!!!

  2. Me:so what do u do for a living I make YT vids
    Guy:I put snail’s slime on peoples face’ for a living
    Me: 0_0

  3. Did you said slimey ?!
    So does it mean i can use slime as a facial mask because you said slimey and slime is slimey

  4. And you said 9 years but its 2019 count the year back wards and soo your telling me that you made the slime without killing the snail in 2009 ?!

  5. the phrase "slow and slimy wins the face" kinda remind of a horror story.


  6. I own 3 giant african land snails as pets and they are the cutest thank God this guy invented a machine that doesn't kill the snail .

  7. My first thought was he is going to pour some salt on the snail to extract the slime. But nah he ain't that cruel.

  8. I just used a snail slime sheet mask for the first time. It came in my Ipsy beauty box. It smelled pretty normal for a sheet mask. And it wasn’t icky gooey or anything and my face was so super soft and plump after.

  9. I wonder why they don’t use the giant African snails. They are like the size of a XL grapefruit, so you’d think you could get more slime from one of those than like 30 of the little ones.

  10. That definitely hurts snails. Just the dumping them into piles breaks their shells and then they die. Basically this machine is torture. A quick death would be more humane. All in the name of beauty as usual. Insecurities made into money. Sad.

  11. For fuck's sake, could you please not put the translation where the subtitles are. I did not understand a single word of that Italian dude.

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