Hand Knotting Pearls

Hi, I’m Sandy Lupo. I’d like to show you a classic
technique for hand knotting pearls. Here I have a silk thread needle
and I also have a clasp set. Now I’m ready to hand knot my pearls. I’ll
be working with a tweezer, a nice
finely pointed tweezer. I already have a pearl strung on, so I’m ready to show you how
to make the first knot. What I need to do is form the thread,
place it on the back of my hand, on my left hand which is
my non-dominant hand. Then create a path behind the thread to make a loop,
as you can see here. Now since my dominant
hand is my right hand, I will pass the loop gently to my right hand. You can see that the loop is formed.
It is wide but the two threads are together. That’s
very important because as you shimmy up, as
you size up the loop, you want to make sure that the two
threads are similar in length. Taking a very finely
pointed tweezer and I’m going to place it right after
the pearl to form the knot. Then with my left hand,
I’m going to ease both of the threads in the loop and
tighten by pulling. You can see the
knot that’s formed on the tweezer. I will gently release and separate those two threads so that I can tighten the knot. My first knot is made. I would add one pearl at a time and make each knot individually. I have a strand here that
has four pearls knotted. There should not be any play in between
the pearls and that’s what you want to achieve as you practice this technique.
You’re going to bring the pearl up and make sure the threads are straight. I’m going to repeat the technique so
you can see the knot one more time. Once you’ve got it, it’s a fun technique. It’s very relaxing. Again
I’ve placed the thread over the back of my non-dominant hand.
Lay the pearl strand down, take the thread needle and pass it under, on top of my palm, pass it under the thread to form the loop. I’m going to pass the loop over to my dominant hand and I’m going to take care to make sure that as I lay this loop
down, both threads are together and the loop is wide but it’s sits over
the pearls that are here knotted already, but the knot
is going to be produced right after this pearl I just added.
Take the tweezer way up close to the pearl
and gently pull with your non-dominant hand forming a knot. You can tighten it and then gently remove the tweezer.
Separate the threads, pull and now I have the beginnings
of my pearl strand done. Here you have a strand that I’ve
completed, almost completed, and if you refer to the
video on attaching a clasp both at
the beginning and at the end, you’ll see that I only
have one step to do here, however, this white pearl bracelet is finished and ready to wear. Pearls are
elegant and the technique is classic. Enjoy the skill and wear
your pearls proudly.

11 thoughts on “Hand Knotting Pearls

  1. Why don't you tell the length of the thread you need for the size of necklace you are making, what size of thread you need and how you start and finish. Not much help for me.

  2. I have 79 Pearl's that I want to make a necklace with. It is going to cost me $300.00 to have them strung. What type of thread do you use and how do I get them drilled? I can do this myself if I can get them drilled.

  3. I don't understand why the thread is doubled. Why not just use a thread that's twice as thick? Also it would be much easier to knot the threads without a tweezer.

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