Hada Labo From Rossmann vs Original Hada Labo | My Honest Review

Hi guys, I wanted to tell you a few words
about the Hada Labo cosmetics I bought in Rossmann. I bought them about
6 months ago but I was waiting for my other product to finish before I opened
them because I don’t like having a lot of waste.
I bought them in a promotion 3 for 2, I paid about a 100 zloty which means about
£20. I’ve got the anti-aging lotion, the skin plumping gel cream and
concentrated water serum. I don’t know what’s the equivalent of these products
of none of these really the closest I can guess the lotion is the red lotion
from a Japanese Hada Labo but the consistency is very different. For anyone
who doesn’t know I’m using the original Hada Labo products for the last 8
years. So I first opened the serum, it will be few weeks ago now. The
consistency is very thick very smooth it feels like a thick silk. It felt really
good on my skin and I was just about to take a photo and share until that very
evening when I got home I realized I have some spots then I took a break and
applied it again with the same results and then I think I’ve waited another
week and tried it again but the spots came out again. However these two are
actually not bad at all. One morning I have tried both of them
together they felt really good on my skin until I’ve tried to put the
foundation on. The BB cream I’ve applied started rolling together with that cream
so it didn’t look great but when I started using them for the night time
they actually did a very good job. I don’t have problem with my skin’s
hydration but when I use these two they plumped it to the next level.
It’s like a water drop is just so plump so firm it
feels like a baby skin so that’s definitely a great effect. That cream I
could classify as a decent night cream but I struggle to classify you this one
because in my opinion is too thick for a daytime, for nighttime is yeah it’s good
but to be honest I still prefer the original red version because it’s
thinner. I have a little complaint with all three of them is that they are a
much thicker they are not the same as the original Hada Labo. I believe
it’s down to the brand trying to fit more in European customers. In Asia first
of all they tend to have little bit oilier skin as well as the humidity
in the air is higher, while in Europe this is not the case. Another reason for
them being thicker I think it’s because when you look at the package they
recommend to use them as a series. There are 4 products in a series. While in
Japan or Korea there can be up to 10 layers of different cosmetics so they
naturally will have to be thinner than these. My other complaint would be that
they seem quite flat when it comes to ingredients so even if you buy 4 of
them they are all based on hyaluronic acid. They have some additions like this
one has collagen and retinol which is great but as far as I’m concerned there
is not that much else in all four of them so to me applying 4 cosmetics
from the same serie, it just wouldn’t give you all your skin needs. To me the
whole point of having different layers of cosmetics is so you can mix and match
different active ingredients so you know you can provide your skin all it needs.
Overall the serum didn’t work for me at all, these two are all right I don’t know
if I would buy that cream again just because if I’m already using a lotion I
don’t know if I need another cream just with hyaluronic acid. If anything I would
buy that one however for me I prefer the original
Japanese red lotion because it’s thinner. They are extremely moisturising so if
someone has a dehydrated or dry skin and has never used a proper hyaluronic acid
then probably that lotion will be something I would recommend. I had some
questions about ingredients in that serie especially what could be the
ingredient that has caused problems with that serum, so I’ve looked into it.
This serum unlike the other products has something called triglycerides that can
be quite challenging for some skins. In that gel plumping cream there are some
silicones which may not suit everybody. Overall I’m happy that awesome Japanese
cosmetics starts to reach European market I will watch that space see
what’s next. Thanks very much for your attention for
spending this time with me, good luck with this and see you later! Bye!

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  1. Looking gorgeous as always Olgatoja🌹! Love your honest /truthful reviews on those products! Always so informative! Have a blessed week my friend! Xoxo❤

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  4. Olga have you changed the camera? Coz your videos have gotten high quality and more aesthetic. You look beautiful as always.

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  11. Thank you for the comparison video! I agree, the Japanese versions of Hada Labo are more cosmetically elegant. The US versions found at Ulta stores broke me out unfortunately. ☹️

  12. Since using the Japanese products you have suggested as your favourites, my skin quality has improved amazingly. Any previous sun damage has diminished almost completely, so much that I've stopped wearing foundation now and only cover the odd spot now and then. I'm just wondering, as your skin is so flawless in your videos, are you still wearing foundation and if so, what kind? Also, I wanted to add that I stopped using my NUFACE device all together as a test to see how well your facial massages do on their own and found that I get the exact same lifting results (if not better) as I do when I use the NUFACE. I am 56 years old and have no wrinkles (except a few fine laugh lines around my eyes) since using your facial massage and product routine regularly, I have no 'jowls' at all. I've been using the Japanese cleansing oil followed by the Senka Perfect Whip and the red Habo Labo lotion you originally suggested. I use your all over facial massage as well as puffiness removal and lymphatic draining and the results are amazing. All ageing signs seem to disappear and my face appears more chiselled with these techniques. I also do some facial yoga for relaxation which helps to remove face and neck stress from using my computer. I suggest the same to everyone while you're still young for great maintenance as you age! As always olgatoja, thank you!

  13. Well, that reminds me a bit of the situation with german products which are being exported to eastern europe. I've noticed a difference the quality of many products; for eastern european countries the products are overprised and worse in quality compared than the "original" product you would find in western europe/germany. This was a big debate in politics a few years ago… But in the case of Hada Labo I guess it's just another version of a product, which is fine. As long as they make sure it's not 1:1 the same product.
    Today I bought Haribo (famous german candy) and it is just totally different than the Haribo I know from Germany. Fake Haribo, fake Nivea….

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  16. I really like the Hada Labo face wash from Rossman, it is a nice moisturizing cleanser and it foams up well. I already bought a second tube when it was on offer, you can give it a try as well 🙂

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  21. Hello Olga dear, recently I subscribed ur channel and found you so intelligent and honest.
    Your love for hadalabo convinced me to use some products of this brand, so I bought blue series of arbutin
    But unfortunately with the use of this lotion I get hives/red rash pimples….I was disheartened. So I left it.. Why arbutin reacted my skin? I have normal to dry skin type..

  22. Cześć Olga! Najpierw chciałam Cię podziękować za twoją strone, filmiki etc. Zaczełam je oglądac jak jeszcze pracowałam w Chinach, i tak dłuźo sie nauczyłam o masaż twarzy, i też o produktach. Urodzona w Kanadzie, jestem Polką z pochodzenia, a także z Krakowa! Bardzo Cię spieram, i szanuje twoją prace i wiedze. Chciałam się spytać Olga, o zalecenie produktów które pomagają z przebarwieniem (hyperpigmentation): krem na dzien, noc, pod oczy, oraz serum. Mam próbke SKII essencje którą uwielbiam, i mało używam:) i może jakbyś miała zalecenie na dobre essencje które mogę kupic przez amazon/ebay, czy przez koreańską lub japońską strona poświęcona pielęgnacji skóry, to bym była bardzo wdzięczna. Teraz mieszkam we Francji, to dostawa nie powinna byc aż tak trudna. Dziękuje Ci bardzo

  23. Hi Olga! I love how informative your videos are, but have you noticed that all of the products you recommend have parabens in them? If you have, what is your position on their usage and why would you recommend using them?

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  26. Olga, I've been searching for the original Hadalabo since I saw your video, but unfortunately it's not available in Pakistan. I'd be grateful if you recommend me some authentic online link to get it from.

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