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Hi, Byrdie. It’s me, makeup artist Nam Vo, and today I’m
gonna share with you my top five products I can’t live without. First and foremost is my hydration mask. I’m obsessed with this. This is from Belif, and what this does is
it’s called an Aqua Bomb Mask and literally it does bomb your skin with moisture. You put this on for maybe like 15 minutes,
and when you take it off, it’s like glowy and moist and so I’m obsessed with this mask. Next! I love this Bobbi Brown Moisture Balm. And what’s so beautiful about this is sometimes
I don’t feel like wearing any makeup, but I want a little bit of that champagne-y, iridescent
glow. I just put this on by myself, and it makes
my skin super glowy, and it just gives it, like, a little warm candlelit champagne color. You can wear this as a primer or you could
wear it without makeup. Either way, it’s like golden and magical. Next, I have this Laura Mercier Translucent
Setting Powder, and this isn’t any ordinary loose powder. What I love about it is that the powder is
super, super fine and silky. So when I’m doing one of my classic glowy
looks, I never want it to look too matte, but, you know, there are certain areas that,
where you need to set makeup. I usually just dust a little bit of this in
the T-zone, and it still gives me that glowy effect, but it sets my makeup all day, and
it’s traceless, so this is magical. I’m obsessed with this highlighter. It’s only, I believe, $7 from ColourPop, and
it’s almost like a pearly golden color. And what I love about it is with the cushion
technology, it goes on super creamy, so it’s kind of a marriage between a cream and a powder,
and it just glides on the skin beautifully. It’s the perfect undertone, and for $7, you
can’t go wrong. Last but not least, I have my Lancôme grandiose
mascara, and, you know, I was not born with long eyelashes, but this really helps. I have like four little twigs, but not only
the formula of this mascara but the way that the brush is curved. It gets in there, and it gets every single
little nook and cranny in your eyelashes, and it just stays on beautifully, and it’s
jet, jet black, so this is the mascara to have. These are my five favorite items that I can’t
live without, and I hope that you try them and love them as much as I do.

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