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It’s the same as ‘Dae-bak’ But just ‘jjeon-da’ For instance, when I put this on and it is incredible then ‘wow jjeon-da’ Hi, loves.
Welcome back to the channel Today I have Pony here Hi, I’m Pony Today we’re here with Shiseido testing out the new Synchro Skin collection which I’m really excited about cause it’s really an amzing, amazing line How do you say in Korean ‘Let’s get started’ ‘Shi jak he bol kka yo’ -‘Shi jak he bol kka yo’
-Yes! correct Let’s get started So I’m gonna start off by makeup with
the new Synchro Skin foundation What are you using? I’m gonna use this new Synchro Skin cushion Compact How’s that? How’s that feel?
Is that light? Or is that heavy? Uh… it feels like.. fresh and light -It looks very dewy
-Yeah And what I love about this foundation
is that because of the Synchro technology It synchronizes with your skin It stays.. It like.. throughout the sweat throughout the activity,
it just maintains, so My skin looks flawless even though
I’m really stressed out Ok, next. I’d like to use this concealer I’m using 103 fair What color are you using? I’m using 201 lights color Ok. So I really love this concealer and I usually use it on my under eye because I’m always so tired it’s medium to full coverage and it really just covers my under eyes This upper callor is so good -It is like a…
-It is shaped like peanut -Peanut?
-So cute Do you visit the US often? -Oh, that was excellent
-Ok. Thank you That was perfect Well, 3 to 4 times a year Do you like California? A lot. I love california
and LA -Really?
-Yeah. Why? It’s so colorful and the people are all smiling
which makes me feel better So onto eyes, I’m using
Giso Street Reds number 8 I’m using this Hanatsubaki Stream
Night life number 6 So I’m gonna start off with my face -with this color
-It’s so pretty -It’s pretty, huh?
-Yeah Can I see your? That’s beautiful It’s more mat I like mat color mat, and mine is a bit more shimmery -Do you like it?
-Yeah, I like it a lot -So pretty
-Yeah, thank you Which color should I use? For my lid -Which color?
-I think, it’s gotta be good -This one?
-Yeah -Like on my lid?
-Yes Ok, I trust you -How’s that?
-How did you do that? -You just put it on the bottom?
-Yes Oh, but can I see?
Can you do that again? Like this -That same color?
-Yes, I use this color -Only this color
-I like it’s beautiful -It’s really pretty
-Thank you Do you always wear shadow on the bottom? Yes, because it looks bigger -Oh really?
-Yes I need to try that -Oh, it looks good on you, this color
-Oh it does? I will apply this color, did you use? Where are you gonna apply that? My foreline and then I’m going to use this pencil eyeliner number is brown Microliner Ink and I’m gonna use microliner Ink as well in the color Plumb It might help thin this liner It’s so nice because you could
really get into the line Pony, how did you do your liner?
like, it’s so perfect Um, can I use korean? When you use it, It’s better to use it
on its side than up right and create the line
as you relaxe your wrist which will finish it off sharper and pointier -Does it work?
-I think so good at doing makeup -No. thank you.
-I love your makeup So I’m going to use Cajol Ink Artist I’m obsesed with this because
it’s just a really nice crayon but applies very easily. but the best part is that it has .. the sharpener, but it also has.. A smudge tip yeah.. I like it smudge to make it
more natural looking -I like it. It’s so good
-Thank you Now I’m going to use Controlled Chaos
Mascara Ink number 1 black pulse Yeah Black Pulse It is such a good mascara It like gives me so much volume,
it’s crazy Next is Whip Pout Blush Pony, this is my favorite blush -Which number?
-Shinoya number 1 How about yours? number 7 It gives you so much color
and the texture is so interesting -Yes
-It’s creamy -It’s not cream and it’s not..
-Yeah! -Powder
-powder It’s like.. in betw.. I don’t know
what it is but it’s amazing and it just gives you like this nice dewy glow -Right?
-Right -And you use it with the brush?
-Yes This is.. so good and then with the same color
I’m gonna use it on my lips you can also use it for concealer -Ah, really?
-Yes -It’s multi-function
-multifunction Last up is powder
and we’re gonna be using the Synchro Skin powder
which is an amazing powder it comes in two finishes the radiant finish which I will be using and I’ll use the mat finish -fluffy
-So fluffy Oh my god, so soft Pony, do you do powder all over?
Or just sections, certain areas just sections on the forehead I’m gonna copy you, so..
forehead -now on the nose
-nose -and this part
-Oh, around the lips? It doesn’t look like you have powder on cause it’s still glowy and dewy -It doesn’t look heavy
-It doesn’t look heavy at all All done! You look so pretty -Are you sure?
-You look amazing -You look fabulous
-Thank you So what are some words I need to know I wanna feel like I’m a cool korean girl I want something ‘In Sa tem’ ‘In Sa tem’
What is that? Insides Item, but this is korean culture Something, you use only among
your group of friends not for outsiders but only for those insiders inside people and among insiders,
those more popular are called ‘In Sa’ and the items required to become
one of those people are called ‘In Sa Tem’ -so maybe..
-Shiseido -this
-In Sa Tem jjeon da, you should say ‘jjeon da’ ‘jjeon da’ -What is it?
-‘jjeon da’ means great, amazing same as ‘dae bak’ but ‘wow, jjeon da’ For instance, you put this on and it looks amazing, then
‘wow jjeon da’ I’m gonna use that now Yeah -Wow jjeon da
-wow jjeon da Ok, Thank you thank you

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