Game Grumps Animated – EYE – by Sherbies

*Game Grump Animated intro* Arin: Isn’t this supposed to get right in his eye and b- he’s like- “Oooh, shiiiit, I fucked uuup.”
Dan: Like “EYE fucked up, like e-y-e? *heh* Arin: E-Y-E? That’s “ewe.” *Dramatic music* Dan: Are you fucking serious?
Arin: Yeah.
Dan: E-W-E is ewe, Arin. Arin: E-Y-E… Oh, my bad! Yeah, I was thinkin’ of that.
Dan: Oh my GOD! Arin: I- WHATEVER, man! I just- I misheard you and I misthought it. Dan: You did NOT mishear me, you repeated what I said. Arin: NOOO! I don- I just-
Dan: And then you spelled it wrong! A: On my head!
A: I KNOW! A: I- I’m embarrassed! D: You wanna try spelling “the”? *laughs* D: What’s this word? “Tuh-heeee?” D: “Tuh-heeeeeee?”
A: *still laughing* *stutter noise* A: I’m sorry, I just- I got i- I got all A: flustered and I was-
D: OH my GOD! A: Fightin’ Waterblight Ganon and- D: I will NEVER let you live this down! A: NoOoO! Dammit!
D: *more laugh* D: *struggles to breathe* D (laughing): Hehe, “Isn’t that ‘ewe”? A: God, stop! Shut up! D: I’m sorry!
A: You’re embarrassing me! D: Well, I mean, fuck, everyone heard it! D: Like it’s-
A: Howthef- D: You can’t spell “eye”!
A: *stutters* A: I CAN! I just wasn’t- I saw it in my head as “E-W-”
I have problems with that, all right?
D: *keeps laughing* *both laughing* A: I’m SORRY, OKAY?!
D: *laughs harder* *Game Grump Animated outro*

Captions by Perimations A: Dan?
D: *laughs* A: You’re ‘a asshole.’
D: Can you spell “Dan”? I-

100 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – EYE – by Sherbies

  1. This is one of the best game grump moments/animations 😂
    The bit at the end with them as old men just makes me crack 😂

  2. I like it how in the middle of dan’s laughing in the hospital scene Arin’s face came from normal to lemongrab from Adventure Time

  3. God honestly this is the funniest fucking GG Animated EVER, I lost my whole damn mind at the dumbass confetti balloon 😂😂😂
    Also how stoked are you going to be if Suzy and Arin have a kid next year and you accurately predicted that!

  4. I literally relate to this entire video lmao. Basically I have ADHD and sometimes I my mouth goes faster than my brain and when I try to say a sentence like "hey how's it goin?" instead I throw up something like "say howits goin?". And sometimes my brain doesn't process the simplest of sentences and I get so flustered and end up spending 2 minutes trying to figure out what the person said to me then get embarrassed because of my stupidity. I feel like it makes people's day though 😂

  5. Legitimately, now every time I fight Waterblight Ganon and hear this part of the music, all I can picture is Danny's face at 0:15

    Thank you, Sherbies

  6. according to this animation, arin and suzy have just slightly over a year left to have that child so danny can mock arin in the delivery room about eye

  7. The absolute BEST part about this animation is the fact that it was based on what Dan said later in the episode 😂 "I love the idea of me being in this world with you, you're in this tense situation and I'm sitting in the rafters shitting on your grammar"

  8. Dear god i remembered where i knew the babys face from, radioheads paranoid android video. My ewes have finally been opened!

  9. Reminds me of that time I asked my sister to spell "yes" then I asked her what "e-y-e-s" spells, and she said "ee-yes." I've done with this with other people in front of her, and so far, all of them have said "eyes," just to rub in how much she fucked up.

  10. I miss this kind of lively, silly, jabby shit from these two. There's a charm to the mellowed out, friendly, gentle newer iterations, but this kind of shit is why I fell in love with this duo.

  11. isn't he saying you? i don't hear it as ewe maybe its beacuse i'm a spanish speaker and i don't know the word but that tottaly sounds like they both said you like what the fuck is ewe anyways?

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