feels really weird my brain is vibrating oh my god may bring it actually feels good to be a pocket rocket on base hey guys welcome back to not only today’s video but another first impression in this skincare review we’re going to be testing of the Luna foreo for those of you who don’t know in the Luna foreo is clarisonic number-one competitor in facial brushes now we all know i love the clarisonic is my undying favorite but in all fairness I thought I need to try out their number-one competitor now both of these products use t sonic technology to help pulsate dirt and impurities away from the skin the Luna for his claim to fame about the clarisonic is that it is more hygienic because it uses a silicon Brussels instead of brushes which means it is not only more hygienic but it also lasts longer because you don’t need to replace the brush heads the company claims it is also extremely gentle much more gentle than a clarisonic and it claims you only need to charge it once every three months as opposed to about once a week with clarifying the little 40 removed and 99.5 percent of makeup dirt and impurities for the purpose of this tutorial i just picked up the mini it also comes in a larger size about the size of a palm but I thought the small one would be more than enough the larger for you retails for around two hundred dollars and the small one around 80 now using the sonic pulsations and the touch points on the Luna you’re going to be able to exfoliate and d clean all that nasty dirt away therefore enhancing the absorption of your other skincare products now it’s totally different with the lunatic compared to the clarisonic is it offers a complete range of anti-aging benefits now switching to the lower frequency setting is going to allow you to target fine lines and wrinkles and you’re just going to hold that vibration against the wrinkle and it’s going to help release it over time that is something clarisonic has yet to offer alright so let’s open it up and take a look inside who i’m so excited you guys oh she is for a rush rush to guests so you can see on one side and bees a detailed are a lot smaller this is going to be used for cleansing the skin and when you flip it over these are bigger and ovules and they’re going to help release any wrinkles alright so let’s jump right into the Luna foreo tutorial we’re going to do this in three steps first apply the cleanser second clean and three anti-age i’m just going to start by wetting my face now we’re going to apply a few drops the cleanser and now that the cleanser is applied to the face we’re just going to click the foreo wants to turn on the cleansing setting now they say that this is different the clarisonic because you don’t really want to rob you just want to collide it over the face and it will release all of the dirt and impurities for you feel like a pocket rocket always safe definitely a much different experience than the clarisonic feels really weird little my brain is vibrating oh my god my brain is actually feels good okay totally different sensation guys in the clarisonic I don’t know not the easiest to get your nose oh the sweet spot know what you’re done with the cleansing setting you’re just going to click this home button twice it can activate the low setting and we’re just going to target fine lines and wrinkles i’m going to do my marionette line of the fields are really weird i don’t know about this who feels good though I don’t know what this is doing that was absolutely pointless it with my face and I’ll meet you right back here alright so before i went to my face off I totally plan to come back here and rip this product apart because it felt like nothing but guys let me tell you i was reading my face it felt like a stick of butter I don’t know what this little guy did in that short amount of time but it actually made my skin and feel like butter not to say that the clarisonic doesn’t make it feel the same way but this was a new level it actually felt as filthy as the foreo itself so now I’m questioning my entire existence and do I go with a formula or clarify everything that I didn’t really understand with targeting be deep lines and wrinkles i’m not sure how that works for how long you would have to find great it your face maybe in a future video I’ll try doing a clarisonic mia and Luna for your review 107 my face and see which one works better it’s not something you’re interested in leave a comment down below and that is my first tutorial and first impressions video of the Luna foreo if you hold it for you or clarisonic let me know in the comments down below which one you would prefer to use like always don’t forget to hit that Bell notification so you know every time I upload a new video and like always go for the following on Instagram and snapchat and Twitter and cell next time guys the event


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