Follow Along Facial Massage | Full Version | “Pure Format” | DIY Face Massage | Anti-Aging Massage

Hi everyone this is Gadgetlily this
video is a complete facial massage for good circulation lymphatic drainage and
detoxification you can use this video to follow along key sections are apply
generous amount of oil to hands and face warm-up up the lymphatic nodes of the
neck area forehead eye area nose cheeks jawline and follow each section of the
face with behind the ear detoxification movements use any light facial oil
available to you in your country I can’t stress this enough it’s not in the oil
it’s in the movements although I have used facial massage for many years I did
not create this method I learned this from Dr. Ivan 6 more of your questions
may be answered at the end of this video so I hope you follow to the end before
leaving it in the comments the original video and Q&A are linked in the
description box please note that I am not a massage therapist nor a skin
specialist I cannot make individual recommendations thank you and I hope you
enjoy your massage I always start with cleansed skin there’s no makeup or any
skin care on it we start out by applying a generous amount of facial oil on your
hands face and neck the oil is needed to provide a slip on the skin a slippery
surface so that the movements can glide on the skin so there is no tugging or
pulling of the skin use any light facial oil that is available in your country
the importance is not in the oil itself but is in the
movements and the fact that you are actually doing the massage on a regular
basis make sure you have oil on the knuckles as well this part is extremely
important we are now going to warm up the lymphatic nodes in the neck area
it’s important to warm up this area to lightly stretch and open up the muscle
in the neck we will continue to do this warm-up till we could feel a
warmth in the neck and that the muscle is quite relaxed the movement here is a
gliding from around the jawline down and you’re using the back of your hands or
the knuckles if you need to you can always add more
oil to your hands first place we are going to start is going to be in the
forehead right between the eyebrows here I am showing you the direction of the
movements it’s going to be upward using your knuckles we will do this for about
30 counts gliding upward between your brows using your knuckles the amount of
pressure should be light but yet you can feel some kind of a pressure but not not
to the point of being painful you might see a slight pinkness or
redness on your skin and that is okay it should subside within three minutes that
is due to blood flow increased blood flow but if it persists after that then
you probably did it too hard and should go a little lighter now we are going to glide outward and do
that for 30 counts always be aware that you are gliding on the skin with a
slight pressure and not pulling or tugging at anything again
we are doing this to increase blood circulation to the face and also to
facilitate in detoxification the movements should stop right about the
temples after each section of the face we are
going to always do a behind the ear detoxification movement and this is what
we are going to do now start from the temples and go down right to the close
to their ears and down to your neck so glide down on both sides each time we do this movement we do
about 15 counts again you are only using your knuckles
and not fingertips when you glide down and tracing around the ears now we are concentrating in the eye area
right between your eyes in the hollow between your eyes curl up your fingers
the index fingers and make small circles please be gentle in the eye area as you
know it’s most sensitive so be gentle and make small circles but with slight
pressure this movement is also very helpful to relieve eye fatigue and
eyestrain now we are going to target some of the
pressure points right by the brow bone curl up your index fingers and trace
around the brow bone and do that for about 30 times again make sure there is
oil on your face on your fingers and it’s light pressure so that you could
feel it but yet gentle and not tugging or pulling on your skin stop right by
your temples just like after the forehead section we
are now going to do the behind the ears detox movement for 15 times now we are going to concentrate on the
under-eye area this is good for depuffing for good circulation under the
eyes again be very gentle because it’s under the eyes we are going to start
with a rolling movement that’s rolling out with your knuckles and putting
slight pressure to hit those pressure points under the eyes but very gently
and no pulling or tugging we are using the rolling movement to facilitate
fluids and the movement of the fluids and also to detox rolling out toward the
temples on either side and we do this for 30 times you can slightly lean into
your hands to facilitate the movements just slightly apply a little pressure
with your head now instead of rolling we are going to
do a gliding motion no pulling or tugging a gliding motion up to the
temples and we are going to do this five times we will end this section again
with the behind the ears detox movements 15 counts we only have one movement for the nose
area and that’s right there and some pressure points there we will use our
knuckles and again make circular small circular motions and also you can use
your head to apply a little pressure and press in to make it easier and lessen
the hand fatigue so you can put a little pressure using your head leaning into it
and again don’t be too hard and just do that for 30 counts
I find this movement to actually help me clear out my sinus a little bit after
the facial massage after this we are going to go straight into the cheeks do
the rolling motion right under the cheekbone so just row out and do that
for 30 times you will feel some type of pressure right there and that is normal
because that is where some of the pressure points are so again roll out 30
times double check to make sure there is still
oil on your face and hands and then we are going to do the slide up motion
motion upward five times gliding up to the temples and now we are ready to repeat the
behind the ears detox movement 15 times unlike our heart the lymphatic system
doesn’t have a pump so these facilitating movements are really
helpful to increase the efficiencies of the lymphatic system we often forget
that our skin is an organ and to have healthy skin it really is important for
our body to be in good health as well now we are going to work on the jawline
right there there are quite a few pressure points right along the jawline
and we are going to make sure there’s oil we’re gonna do the gliding it’s a
little bit harder to control but if you have enough oil and you just follow
along your jawline you can do the rolling out we do this for 30 times this actually
feels really good because from our eating and talking and all the chewing I
think our jaw line is always very tight and this is very relaxing for this area
especially for people that clench their teeth and now we are going to change the
movements we are going to curl up two of our fingers and do a gliding up motion it might feel a little sore but that’s
also just relaxing the muscle in that area and I do this movement for 30 times
it’s a gliding upward movement again I would end this section with
behind the ears detox movements 15 times and we have completed all the movements at the end I usually give my hands a
quick massage using the oil that is left on my hands to remove the excess oil I take a warm
towel and it doesn’t matter whether you are going to wash your face afterwards
again or that you are going to leave the oil on your face I think it’s always
nice to take the excess of the oil off your face and it’s very relaxing the
warm towel I’d leave on for about 30 seconds or so or when the towel actually
gets cool and it’s no longer warm anymore after this part of removing the
excess oil you can continue on your own skincare whether it’s washing your face
or just applying your skincare products that’s really up to you I get a lot of
questions on that but I can’t possibly know what is best for you so you have to
make that determination yourself and I sometimes wash my face afterwards
because I feel like I have too much oil still on my face and just go ahead and
do my skincare routine at night or not at all so it really just depends and
only you can answer that how often to do this facial massage is all up to you
whether you want to do it in the morning or at night I do I do it most of the
time at night before I go to bed but there are times when I would do it
before I shower in the morning so again it depends I like to drink a little
water afterwards and and just relax and take it easy I
believe skincare is an integrated process so thank you for watching I’ll
see you in my next video bye

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