Eyes Under the Ocean

My research really addresses an
important management issue associated with the marine environment and that’s
that marine biodiversity is declining around the world for a variety of
different reasons one of the biggest issues is that the marine environment’s out
of sight so what happens beneath the sea surface is largely unknown and so the
work that I’ve done is really trying to make what is unknown visible species are
becoming extinct in the sea populations are declining and personally I think we
really should be passing on the marine environment in the current state and not
passing on a degraded situation to future generations there’s a very large
number of issues that are affecting the marine environment obviously a climate
change is the particular one that’s really affecting areas it’s affecting
areas on the Great Barrier Reef further down in Tasmania waters have warmed
about one half degrees over the last 40 years or so and species that haven’t been
reported in Tasmania before now increasing in abundance and that’s
affecting the whole system down here Reef Life Survey completely relies on on
the support of volunteers who put in a huge amount of effort we train up
divers to a scientific level and then those divers go out there and they
collect data across continental and global scales through the long-term so
that we can get new insights into what’s happening in the marine environment
we’ve got people worldwide that are collecting data now for our program and
all of the data that’s generated is available online I think by having that
information more management agencies can start to intervene in a directed manner
that they can use their scarce resources in the best way possible in terms of
trying to counter those particular threats and maintain biodiversity
through the longer term for future generations.

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