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The Eye Zoom transition effect is one of
the coolest effects out there and if you want to learn how to do this in Filmora 9 stick around I’ll show you how *Cat meowing* Hit the subscribe button and click the
notification bell to be part of the conversation The first thing you want to
do is find a couple of pieces of footage that you can use in this case I’m just
gonna use two images that I found off pixabay.com and I’ll bring those down
into my timeline let me stretch this image out a little bit I’m gonna
right-click on that and hit crop to fit that we’ll make sure it fills up the
entire preview window and the entire screen 16:9 on export the
next image I’ll bring down is the image of this cat and put it right behind it
I’ll stretch that out a bit too if I right-click on this footage and hit crop
to fit it’ll do the same thing and fill that window what I’m gonna do is isolate
a section of this footage here and slice it and then do the same with that cat
image now in the first image I’m gonna right click on it and open up crop and
zoom and you can see it’s already cropped down to fit the screen that’s
what the crop to fit feature did but if we click on pan and zoom you’ll see it
opens up our zoom window what we want to do is click inside of the end screen to
activate it and then let’s grab the corner of this and shrink it down we
want to keep this at a 16:9 ratio so let’s make sure we click on the 16 by 9
in the drop down so that it doesn’t distort and create any black lines in
our final export I’m gonna put that right over her left eye so what the
instructions I’m giving fillmore to do with this clip is to start with this
full screen and zoom on in down towards her eye to this size let’s hit “OK” so
what we have happening so far is this first image we have sitting fullscreen
and where I sliced it I gave it the instructions to start zooming in towards
her eye now let’s move over to this cat footage let’s take the small section I
sliced and right click on that let’s hit crop and zoom and we’re gonna
do a very similar thing we’re gonna use the pan and zoom feature we’ll click
inside of the end I actually want this to start in on the
cat’s eye so down in the lower right let’s use these reverse arrows and that
will turn the end window into the start window and the start window into the end
window the way you can tell if you look at the lower left corner of each they
actually say end and start can you see those and when I click this it says swap
the start and end areas so each time we click it it swaps them back and forth
will take this new start and bring it all the way down to a small square but
we still want that to only be sixteen by nine which is the standard aspect ratio
that YouTube uses where I’m gonna be hosting this video so let’s shrink that
down really small let’s bring that right up to the cat’s eye here just make sure
that the smaller image is the start image so we’re starting from the inside
of the cat’s eye and working our way back out so now the inside is set as the
start and click okay so now what we’ve done is we’ve started with this full
screen image of this woman we zoomed in towards her eye and when we get to the
cat it swaps right over and comes back out so it almost looks like she turned
into a cat one thing we can do in here is if we go up to the transition area
let’s look up our dissolve transition and let’s bring that down right where
these two pieces of footage meet I’m going to stretch out my footage so I can
see this a little better we don’t need this dissolve to be very long I just
wanted to slightly blend from her eye into the cat’s eye so let’s take a look
and that’s a nice swap really fast let’s shrink it down and let’s see how that
plays always use your eye to figure out what you think the effect needs or
doesn’t need we’ve got to zoom in that’s a little too much I feel like that’s too
much I want that to be faster let me just rink that a little bit it
seems in BAM comes back out that’s a little bit better I also think this
overall effect could be a little bit quicker so I’m gonna grab this section
and shorten it up and grab the cat section and shorten it up a little bit
and then I’m gonna left click on the first one hold the shift key and click
on the last piece of footage and move them all to the left until they all
connect now they’re all together let’s take a look and see what that looks like
I like the way that looks that’s a little bit smoother
keep in mind you could do this with video of yourself actually moving. Zoom
into your eyeball in one location And zoom back out from another piece of
footage and make it look like you totally changed locations If you want to learn how to do more cool effects with FIlmora Click on these videos over here
to get you on your way

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