Eye Soothing Treatment : Eye Soothing Treatment Facial Massage Techniques

And you just want to get a little bit more
than a pea size, maybe a dime size amount of product and just really kind of slot it
at into your fingertips. And what I do is just kind of get the eye area also slothered
in the massage cream just so that there’s movement and slip and you’re not pulling the
skin. Again, to avoid any irritation of the eye area because it’s very delicate and fragile.
And then you want to begin with the massage movements. And again, the pressure of my fingertips
is very, very gentle and very lightly and a soothing manner, stroking. I’m using effleurage
massage movements and you just want to go back and forth a few times. This first movement
is just pulling away any kind of excess toxins or puffiness or kind of liquid that gets build
up in the eye area away from the eye. And we have different, you know, lymph nodes,
in our face, in our eye area, and by just pressing and touching on these points, you’re
helping to flash or detox the area. And then you want to go into a figure eight. All these
movements are ultimately the main goal of all these massage movements are draining and
flushing of the eye area so that, our goal here is to reduce puffiness, reduce fine lines,
reduce dark circles and basically these specific massage movements are catering to the eye
area for that reason. And you’re just pinching the outer corner of the eye very so gently.
Again, this is where most people complain of fine lines and wrinkles, so you’re just
helping to restore the moisture in this area.

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  1. excellent video, would like to see more video with this esthetican, very smooth and discription knowledgeable

  2. @julieg1985 There are three or four videos.
    Also, do you do nail tutorials on a different account??

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