Eye Cream? My Reaction Video Part 2 to Susan Yara From Mixed Makeup

Well, hello everyone and welcome to enhance skin here this is part two of my series from my friends here Susan Yara from Nick’s makeup She says there’s 11 skin care products that you don’t need now for one I have not had a heart attack right You got to see what’s coming up in part 2 because you’re not going to believe what she says again That you don’t need as a skin care product last time she said you don’t need a toner which totally blew me out of the water because Absolutely What I always say a toner is one of the most important things that you need in your skincare regimen now today I only got to number two then I got to number three and It’s something that no one ever really uses which doesn’t matter but then I got to number four number four guys Are you ready to hear what she says you don’t need I? Can hardly hear so here we go. Here’s Susan saying what skincare product we don’t need No, no, no, no, you know an entire video dedicated to this Susan you do need an eye cream Everyone you have to have an eye cream. Your regular moisturizer does not do What your eye cream does So let’s go ahead and see what a Sue’s insane Why I don’t Repackaged version of a moisturizer. I got lots of arguments from all the institutions which was a nice leap repackaged version of moisturizer No, it’s not It is not there’s certain ingredients in your eye cream that do not do what your moisturizer does Such as helping with dark circles helping with puffiness that is not in your moisturizer an eye cream is so important to use at Morning, and at night Susan. I love you Susan. You’re a beautiful lady. But what are you talking about? Really? I got this not getting this So Susan said she only got argument from estheticians wrong You’re getting an argument from a brand owner from someone who’s carried some of the best medical lines for years So I’ve been some of the biggest distributor for some of the brands in the world No, no, no. No, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I’m going to see what else you have to say Okay, so she’s saying if you’re using a serum and eye serum or something that might be a little bit different molecular Lee but not when you’re talking about a cream, but that’s absolutely not true The Obagi alas the durham eye cream is not at all. Just a moisturizer if you put this all over your face That’s not going to work so that doesn’t make any sense Right if she says a moisturizer is just as good for your eyes and you don’t need an eye cream Well, then what I creams be just as good for your face. Would you put my cream all over your entire face? No, they’re for two thousand million years why because a moisturizer is what goes on your face and eye cream is what? Goes on and around your eyes Now there’s several different eye creams you can use You definitely don’t want to go without one because if I have gone without an eye cream I definitely see it in a few days and I use so many skin care products I use the best skin care products in the world So if it happens to me, it’s happening to most people when they are not using one Some of my favorite eye creams are from the Obagi medical system. We have the elastic art now. This is an eye serum It’s a roll-on and it is wonderful. I normally put that on first and then I use the alasa during my cream I normally put this on at night and then I put the eye cream over it or I use the elastic term eye serum Sometimes just on its own. It depends upon how my skin feels within the morning. I always use the eye cream and My moisturizer as soon as I wake up before I even wash my face and if you live in the dry climate like I do I live in Las Vegas You really can’t get any drier than that because we’re out in the middle of the desert when I wake up in the morning Before I have my breakfast, I don’t know everyone has a different schedule but for me The first thing I do is I put my eye Serums on and I put my moisturizer I just put a little bit on then I’ll come out Eat my breakfast make everyone breakfast start checking my emails do all of that and Then before I get ready to take my shower And then when I’m ready to take my shower before I’m going out for the day I do my Moisturizers all over again and then I do them again at night and it makes a difference You have to have your eye cream. You have to have your moisturizer. There are two different things They work in different ways or you will see a difference in your under eyes. There could be puffiness. There could be more fine lines There could be darker circles. I’m not taking the chance of not using any of my products ever That’s not happening another brand that I like a skin suitable. We also have this as well in an ant skin There’s the a GE eye complex, which is great and the oxide gel. There’s so many great eye Products and the reason that there’s so many of them is because it’s something that’s desperately needed It’s something that everyone should be using even men. My husband even uses an eye cream It’s so important. We have wonderful products from ants as well or actually out of it Whatever our best selling products is our eye tech I cream from an ants it has helped so many women I have numerous emails from them telling me Tonya. Thank you so much for creating this product. This product is the greatest my Puffiness is gone. I’ve noticed a big difference and change in the wrinkles underneath my eyes That’s because these products work it’s not Something that you do not need that something that you do need because if I told you all you need or a couple of products These are the ones I would say so Susan and I know she’s gone Susan’s gone But she go there she is Susan and I are having a serious difference of opinion here first She said no toner, which I think is so important that she said no eye cream. So this is the problem guys We cannot listen to what everyone says it’s just like there’s so many opinions in the world right If you ask a hundred different people what you should do and your marriage If you felt you weren’t in the along with your husband You’ll get a hundred different answers. If you ask a hundred different people, should I invest in the stock market today? They’re gonna give you a hundred different answers, right? So when you’re talking about your skin care expert you need to find one that you like and go with what they say I tell you things from the heart I do own an ant skincare, but I’m not telling you this to sell you products I’m telling you this because you need an eye cream If you don’t have enough money and you want to go buy some sort of eye cream from Walgreens or CVS Do it because it’s important if I had to tell you items that you have to have cleanser toner Exfoliator moisturizer eye cream. Those are staple items You have to have those you will not have beautiful skin without having those items, especially as you’re getting older and aging So I hope I’ve informed you enough and I want it so important to have eye cream We’re only on number four here with Susan and we have to go up to 11 And I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to handle it I’m gonna try I’m gonna try this is part two though It’s trying to be part three and it definitely probably a part four, but for now We’re going to focus just on eye cream. If you don’t know which eye cream to choose. Let’s do a consultation I do Skype consultations we can do phone consultation text consultation and I can help you choose the best eye cream for your skin

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