Exfoliation – The 3 Different Types & Best Ways to Exfoliate Your Skin

Hi! Christy here from Go See Christy
Beauty Boutique. In our last video we talked about why you should exfoliate
your skin and today we’re going to talk about the three different types of
exfoliants and which one may be best for your skin. Okay, the first one is Physical
Exfoliation, and that one uses beads or seeds. And basically what you do is you
have to use a rubbing motion to scrub and rub off the dead skin cells. This is
typically recommended for people who have younger skin, so 30 and younger, or
sensitive skin, or people who have capillary activities: Rosacea or
Telangiectasia. The second one is Chemical Exfoliation, and chemical
exfoliation depends on fruit enzymes or fruit acids, and you don’t need to do a
lot of rubbing motion you just put it on and let it work. And what that does is
basically dissolve or eat through the protein of the dead skin cells. So when
you wipe it off or you rinse it off the dead skin cells go right down the drain.
And that’s typically recommended for people who have dry, dull, aging skin,
hyperpigmented skin, breakout-prone skin, or Acne skin. If you have the Acne type
please make sure that you don’t rub too hard if you have the pustules because
that can spread bacteria. The brick wall illustrates how AHA’s dissolve the
bond that holds the dead skin cells together and the BHA actually dissolves
the dead skin cells. Alpha Hydroxy Acids mainly come from fermented fruit sugar and they
are strong enough to break down the bond that holds the dead skin cells together.
Beta Hydroxy Acids break down the dead skin cells mainly coming from Salicylic
Acid. A more gentle form of exfoliation can come from enzymes from the fruits
such as pineapples and papaya. Finally, it is the Combination which I
personally prefer for me and my clients. And basically what that is is a fruit
seed or bead in a fruit enzyme or a fruit acid solution. So that’s the
mixture of the Physical and the Chemical. And basically why I prefer that is
because you are using your rubbing motion to loosen up the dead skin cells
and that fruit acid is softening the inner cellular cement that holds it
together so you’re getting all of that off so you have a nice even skin-tone glow.
So whether you use a Physical, Chemical, or Combination of exfoliants, the end
result is even-toned, hydrated, and glowing skin. Thanks for watching and
check out our next video and what we’re going to talk about is why I don’t
typically recommend exfoliating rotating brushes.

23 thoughts on “Exfoliation – The 3 Different Types & Best Ways to Exfoliate Your Skin

  1. Exfoliation is great for the skin. Just remember to NOT OVER exfoliate the skin. Rosacea and senstive skin should still exfoliate but just not as often. They should be very gentle and use a gentle exfoliant.

  2. Hello Christy, I Love your channel, Awesome videos! I just order GEL HYDRATANT Hydra 5 B- Complex felled-c enhancer. Whats your opinion on it its clear jar… Thank you

  3. When should we exfoliate our face?
    Once a day, week, month, every other day, or every other week?
    At night before sleep or in the morning after waking up? After or shower/bath?

  4. Thank you so much for the information but I notice you don't recommend specific products.can you please tell me what combination exfoliator you recommend ? The video doesn't really help me if I don't know which product to purchase. Thank you so much !!

  5. I am going to buy my first exfoliant. My skin is dry, somewhat rough and I have a broken capillary on my cheek.
    I think I want to find a chemical/physical exfoliant. I'm nervous of burning my skin what is the most gentle chemical exfoliant I can start off with?

  6. I just LOOOOVE ALLLLL YOUR VIDEOS! Please keep them coming! I just love the way you explain everything about skincare soooo easily and all the benefits. You are one of the best!!! Thank you.

  7. I couldnโ€™t find your next video about why rotating brushes isnโ€™t good for your skin. Iโ€™ve heard that before, but donโ€™t know why and I would like more info. Please let me know. Thank you so much.

    Youโ€™re a great example to all esties. ๐Ÿ˜Š great role model!

  8. Hi would love to know your expert opinion in regards of hydrodermabrasion. Thank you for all your awesome content

  9. Hi Christy would really appreciate if you can advise if we need to neutralise our skin after using lactic acid, bha or glycolic peel. Is rose water an effective toner to neutralise the ph? Can you please suggest good Moisturizers to use after. Thank you.

  10. So i use a cleanser then a exfoliation toner (Glycolic 7%, The Ordinary) then a moisturiser is that enough for exfoliation and if so what point would i add a serum into my routine

  11. How often should one exfoliate and do we do the chemical or physical first when combining both methods? Thank you

  12. Are you suppose to exfoliate everyday ..for your morning and night time routine ? Are you suppose to change the exfoliation products every now and then? Im 35yr old. Normal -dry skin tone.

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