Every AVENE SKIN CARE product at the DRUGSTORE

hello world what’s up guys welcome back
to today’s video today we’re shopping through every Avene skincare product
here at the drugstore now event is of course a hypoallergenic and non
comedogenic skincare brand all of their products address a sensitive skin
of course they contain their event thermal water that is soothing softening
and calming to the skin I cannot wait to look through all of these skincare
products let’s get going now okay I’m immediately gravitated to the
Christmas gift sets look the essentials looks like an eye mascara no a little
contour for your eyes okay you guys know Christmas is the best time to get gift
sets $20 sign me up all right now over here it looks like we
have all of our different cleansers we have a cleansing foam here that would be
great if you have oily skin a cleansing milk if you have more dry skin and
gentle eye makeup remover why is this light so yellow now use a whole little
collection of cleansers here now it looks like they have micellar waters as
well first toner ooh I love these oily textures and
bottles I could turn them upside down all day long I don’t know that’s so
weird but gentle toning lotion okay so our cleansers and our toners and of
course the micellar now taking a look at all of the prices here in the low 20s
even one for nineteen fifty that is a little bit above the regular drugstore
price but not quite as high as a luxury prices now what do we have down here
refreshing I contour now you guys know I love a good eye cream or a good eye
serum Wow okay I find that they just really help to
smooth out the eye area all right let’s straighten this up so my OCD doesn’t go
crazy now what is this mascara high tolerance mascara in the color black
okay event coming for the mascara all right now moving right down here it
looks like we have down in the corner some cold creams maybe body creams you
guys I love the new iPhone and its ability to zoom in so this is the au
thermal Avene cold cream the cicalfate for your hands who the cicalfate
repair cream now I have heard of this before this is a very protective skin
bomb that’s gonna help to protect your skin especially in the winter if you
have very dry skin now what is this a gentle exfoliating gel hmm for the face
for all skin types now you guys know I prefer chemical exfoliator –zz but
there’s a place for everything in this world now here we have an emulsion you
guys know you would use an emulsion right after toning but before your serum
emulsions are a great little first light layer of hydration if you have very dry
skin now what do we have over here the Avene hydrants aqua gel you
guys know I am obsessed with gel creams they are just my
favorite all right now taking a look at all of these prices the sickle fade lip
balm is $12 the hand cream is $18 the jelly scrub is twenty fifty okay so
those prices we’re getting up there now now what do we have down here the event
rich revitalizing nourishing cream I just love these bottles I could shop for
skincare all day you guys what is this this is giving me christmas vibes I’m
loving this package alright all of this is in French and although I’m in Canada
I can’t read French I do kind of speak French though but I just can’t read it
now down here what is this oh my goodness these are all in French as well
can any of you guys recommend any of Avene skin care products do you use any
of the Avene skin care products on the regular are there any standout products
or products that I need to try please let me know in the comments down below I
always love to take your guys as a suggestion this box is huge what is that
now an emulsion okay now like I said emulsions are great
layer of hydration but why are they so bigger these for the face or for the
body $35 okay 3650 well well well what is this though
you guys what is this okay let’s move along look what it is you guys I haven’t
used this in so long this is the Avene au thermal thermal spring water facial
spray this is actually the first facial spray that I ever started using even
before Evian look the price is amazing this brings back serious memories I
should pick this up right now oh my gosh you guys look at all of these skincare
products we still get to dive into I feel like I’m at the candy store now I
am immediately drawn to this blue right down here now this is the cleanance line this is for oily and blemish prone to skin I’m obsessed with this
blue color now this whole line is meant to reduce excess oils without drying and
stripping the skin so that is the cleansing gel it looks like a smaller
size here they have a micellar water I do like that they have testers but I
just don’t have two hands to open them up but $20 for the wash $24 for micellar
water okay we’re getting up there but what we have here the cleanance matte
mattifying toner now if you have oily skin using a mattifying toner is
literally like the Holy Grail Savior of your life if you’re someone who suffers
from very oily skin using a mattifying toner can literally be life-saving now
here we have the spots and blackheads tool this looks like it’s for acne or if
you have any inflamed pores you guys know I love a good spot treatment down
here we have the cleanance Hydra soothing cream as well as a tinted
lotion I do love that we have a mask down here for oily and blemish prone
skin as well they seem to have something for it literally everyone what is this
the Triacneal acne expert okay these words I’m gonna admit are a little
bit difficult to say triacneal Hydra soothing cleansing cream okay so
free face and body no I wonder what’s different no that’s a cleansing cream as
we saw at the end that was a cleansing gel just personal preference these
products all range in it looks like the 22 low $30 if you’re someone with oily
skin the skin care line looks like the skin care line for you to try out now
here we have the Avene a oxygen skin care line this one is all about
antioxidant protection and a neutralizing free radicals caused by the
environment and lifestyle stressors it looks like they’re all on sale
looks like around $10 off all of these products are in the 50s so we are
up at this point but here we have what is this the a oxygen
what are you of water cream okay so I assume this would be a more gel cream
texture now this does say urban shield so that is that antioxidant care you
guys know the whole goal of antioxidants honestly whether they work or not the
scientific research is still kind of out on that if you can topically apply
antioxidants to help slow down the oxidization process that is a little bit
of confusing science but here we have a whole line it dedicated to antioxidants
now I’m not even going to begin to say this word yes yes the all you see al
emulsion for anti wrinkles now this other gold tag on it this is for
wrinkles fine lines loss of tone and rate ends this emulsion preserves the
skin’s youthful appearance helping to reduce the signs of aging okay that is a
tall order the worst part about shopping for all of these skincare products is
you just want all of them you want to try all of them but there’s just not
enough skin for all these skin care products alright and down we here we
have ooh an eye and lip contour care now that is fascinating now of course you
can use any serum on your eyes or lips as long as it’s not irritating but
marketing it as an eye and lip serum I really dig that now a physio lift is
powered by an exclusive combination of events special ingredients that are
supposed to help the appearance of deep wrinkles and furrows we have another
emulsion here Avene’s got a lot of different emulsions the only other
company that I know has this many emulsions is LaNeige that Korean
skincare brand from Sephora now as we move down here it looks like we’re
getting into some overnight creams some thicker creams we’re working into
deep wrinkles a smoothing cream as well as a smoothing regenerating night balm
now I do assume that these moisturizers are
very thick especially since they’re for extreme anti-aging and especially
overnight products they do tend to be a lot more thick
I do love however that all of these bottles I have to mention are in pumps
that is so beautiful you guys know I much prefer a pump bottle as opposed to
those bottles you have to stick your finger in I love this this is just
something that is so unique you don’t see this every day you just push down
and the cream comes right out lord save my soul I love this who are you and what
are you a comforting night bomb this would look great on my vanity do you
need to come home with me do I need to adopt you now what do we
have down here now this is their recontouring serum okay I’m digging this
applicator you’ve just pushed the top and it would come right out like a
dropper I’m really into this No what do we have down here another eye cream okay
down here we have the xeracalm line this line is all about reducing
redness and irritated skin associated with skin prone to atopic dermatitis or
eczema you guys know I suffer from eczema here we have a makeup remover a
cleansing lotion a moisturizing and protecting cream now all of these are
anti bruisers so these products are going to help to combat redness
hallelujah they have just got so many options
I’m literally shocked all right and now way down here we have got Sun care which
is so so so important this looks like a spray of SPF 50 you guys know sunscreen
is so important in your skincare routine application and reapplication is even
more important now here it looks like they’ve got a tinted version or just a
regular version 28:33 dollars for a luxury level SPF
that price and does not surprise me using an SPF 50 plus is going to protect
your skin from basically everything now what we have down here a little Sun
compact okay now I do say if you’re someone who wears makeup either using a
SPF that’s in a powder form in a brush or using it in your makeup applicator
makes it a lot easier to reapply the product and as we all know there’s
literally nothing more important than SPF in your skincare routine all right
guys that looks like all of the Avene products here at the drugstore I hope
you enjoyed today’s video I hope you enjoyed shopping with me if you use any
event products please let me know in the comments down below
are there any products that I need to try thanks so much for coming shopping
with me today I love and appreciate you so so much thanks for sticking around
until the very end if you liked today’s video make sure to give it a big thumbs
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this ever-growing family I love you guys thank you so much I’ll see you in
tomorrow’s video bye

4 thoughts on “Every AVENE SKIN CARE product at the DRUGSTORE

  1. Hi Trevor , the Paula's Choice line is very good, do you traid it? The Avene line is good the cicalfate for scars. for moisturizer the Laneige milky toner is great. Kisses Lucila

  2. I love Avรจne as a brand. Very gentle, very respectful to the skin. My favorite products are the cicalfate, so good to repair damaged skin and heal scars from breakouts, the tolรฉrance extrรชme emulsion which is the most simple and effective moisturizer, it doesn't contain any ingrediant that could cause irritation, it's formulated for very intolerant skins (like the ones that are highly sensitive after harsh treatment like laser for example) and it works especially good for acneic skins as the ingredients aren't pore clogging. It's been one of the only two moisturizers that didn't break me out. I also like the cleanance gel cleanser, a bit drying but so good to remove dirt and pollution. I think they have very good moisturizers in general, the hydrance range is great for normal skin types and they have "rich" version of everything for dry skins. They have a hydrating mask that I really like too.

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