Essential Skincare Routine for Late 20s/Early 30s

hi and welcome back to my youtube
channel my name is Anna Rietz and if you were joining me here for the very first
time welcome I make Beauty lifestyle and wellness
videos weekly and they’re all kind of packaged with a very simple laid-back
approach so for today’s video I want to walk through my essential skincare
routine and its kind of specifically for those in their mid to late 20s to early
30s they are products that I have tested and tried and have proven to be
effective in getting results anti-aging moisturizing just plump nice
skin that you want to have going into your early 30s I think that this video
will be especially great for those of you that are maybe new to skincare or
just kind of it’s an unknown territory for you and you’re feeling overwhelmed
by all the options also I just want to say really quickly if you’re already
really into skincare and you love researching products and watching videos
like this and just kind of like trying things out these are probably not gonna
be products that are new to you you’ve seen them talked about or you know raved
about or whatever but I just wanted to still make this video because I think
that there is going to be some people out there who are completely new to
skincare or just kind of looking for products to discover this skincare
routine is more of a nighttime skincare routine some of these products I do use
during the day but most of them I use during the evening so I’ll just try to
clarify which ones are for the evening or for the morning so in the evening
when I’m ready to wash my face I always start with a micellar water I happen to
use the Garnier skin active micellar water the one with the pink cap it says
all skin types even sensitive it removes makeup cleanses refreshes so this is if
you’ve ever heard of double cleansing it’s kind of in that category so the
whole idea is that if you have a full face of makeup on or maybe a lot of
sunscreen or any type of like product build-up you want to take all of that
off before you even go into your cleanser so I just take this put it on a
little cotton swab wipe it all over my face even on my eyes it gets rid of
mascara or liquid eyeliner or anything like that and
just kind of removes that top layer so that what I’m ready to go in with an
actual cleanser that cleanser can be more effective at getting into my skin
but this is great really a affordable product that is available at most
drugstores Target Walmart all of that next up you will see a trend there’s a
lot of CeraVe products in my skincare routine and I’ve talked about survey in
a recent video as well but I just think that they are such an impressive brand
they have a great price point they have wonderful ingredients if you actually
get into the ingredients that are used in them they’re really like no BS they
never really have like marketing buzzwords on them and every time I’ve
gone to a dermatologist they always have great things to say about CeraVe so I
just feel like it kind of has that dirham stamp of approval which makes me
feel good about using it as well so to wash my face I use the CeraVe hydrating
facial cleanser it says for normal to dry skin so the ingredients in here that
make it really pack a punch are the ceramides and the hyaluronic acid and I
will talk a little bit about what those do ceramides are actually lipids that
help your skin barrier retain moisture so even before you’re even going in with
your moisturizer these ceramides are helping to really lock in that moisture
keep your skin nice and plump and healthy and then hyaluronic acid I will
also talk about later in the video but the main function of it is to again
retain moisture and then sometimes instead of using the hydrating facial
cleanser from Sarah Bay I will switch it up and use the renewing sa cleanser so
this has salicylic acid if I feel like I’ve kind of been breaking out a little
bit more or working out a lot or just kind of needing to manage like oil
access I will use the cells a salicylic acid version and it’s just called the
renewing sa cleanser but this also has ceramide so it’s also going to help with
retaining moisture as well it is non-comedogenic
non drying and non-irritating so I think that this renewing sa cleanser is going
to be better if you have to manage your oil production a little bit more and the
hydrating cleanser is of course going to be better for dry skin so next up is
probably like all star of my skincare routine and
I have been using it since I was 25 and it is treta know and cream and I used
the 0.05 so my dermatologist put me on this actually when I went to her because
I had some hormonal breakouts around my chin and she recommended this to manage
the breakouts but she also said that this is a really effective anti-aging
skincare ingredient as well so a little bit about Trent Owen it is in the
retinoid family and it is a potent form of vitamin A that helps your skin renew
itself so as you can imagine when you’re getting older your skin cells are not
going to be turning over as much and that is why I like children and like
adolescents have really beautiful like baby like skin because their skin is
like constantly renewing itself and as you get older that slows down your skin
cell like production gets like a little you know lazy and that’s when those kind
of very fine lines or just kind of a dull complexion can set in I really
won’t get into the sciency details because I’m not qualified to talk about
them but I am going to link a study below that is from the National
Institute of Health they said in this study from the NIH amongst the retinoids
Trentino and possibly is the most potent and certainly the most widely
investigated retinoid for photo aging therapy so this product really is like
no BS and what I want to kind of clarify is that there are over-the-counter
retinol that you will see at you know sephora or the drugstore but this you
actually have to go to a dermatologist and get a prescription for it’s not
something that you have to like really make it huge case for if you just kind
of say like hey I’m getting a little older I would like to get on Trenton
Owen to help my skin most dermatologists will recommend it to you one thing about
Trenton Owen is that you only want to use it at night never in the morning and
it will make your skin sensitive to the Sun so you should already be using a
sunscreen every single day but when you are incorporating a product like this
it’s even more important that you are putting sp
on your face every single day and reapplying appropriately I think it’s
around like 100 to 150 for a tube and this tube really lasts you for a very
long time because you just use the tiniest pea-sized amount I do not think
it is worth trying to find a miracle cream for anti aging over-the-counter I
really highly recommend that you just go straight for the really proven science
fact Rhett knowing for me personally it has been the most effective skincare
product I have used ever and I don’t think I will ever stop using it it is
amazing so then after that I go in with my highlight acid serum hyaluronic acid
attracts the moisture from your dermis which is like the lower layer of your
skin and brings it to the epidermis so it’s not just like plopping moisture
right on the top of your skin it’s actually bringing it from the inside of
your skin to the outer layer I think that is just what I’ve read so
definitely do your research look at a hyaluronic acid but as far as like
proven product to keep your face hydrated this is incredible and I use it
before I even put on my moisturizer I forgot to mention the brand that I use
it is called burst and it’s a hydration station
booster with hyaluronic acid and you can either mix it with your moisturizer or
just put it on directly and I just put on directly and then lastly this is
another CeraVe product so it is the PM facial moisturizing lotion it is ultra
lightweight and again like the face wash we talked about earlier this has the
ceramides and even more hyaluronic acid this moisturizer is so nice it is not
too heavy it’s actually kind of seeps into your skin fairly quickly I use it
in the morning and in the night I use it before I put on makeup and then of
course like at the end of the night done with my skincare routine I have
been using it for years now I think it’s just consistent tried-and-true it is
like $15 from the drugstore it’s just a wonderful moisturizer I even use it kind
of like around my eyes in place of a eye cream I don’t actually use an eye cream
and I’ve seen a few dermatologists here on YouTube make a case against eye cream
that it’s not even a necessary product as long as the moisturizer that you’re
using has really effective hydrating products and you can just use it right
up under your eye and over your eyelid and of course during the day when it’s
the morning time I always finish my skincare routine with a mineral
sunscreen I use the LA roche-posay Anthelios 50 mineral ultra light
sunscreen fluid I talked about this in a previous video but it’s really great
lightweight it doesn’t leave too much of a white overcast but a lot of mineral
sunscreens can often cause so yeah there’s no reason to not be putting on
sunscreen and reapplying it when you can it is going to be your best friend in
preventing fine lines age spots just photogenic aging I think any
dermatologist is going to tell you to absolutely have an SPF in your skincare
routine okay so I just wanted to show really quick what my skin looks like
with no makeup on no green light or anything this is just natural lighting
after I’ve done my skincare routine so I don’t really have a ton of like
breakouts I feel like the texture is smooth very like moist and it just feels
very hydrated and soft so yeah I just wanted to show you that as well keep it
real no makeup yeah so I would say again having a double cleanse system like we
talked about then talking to your dermatologist about Trenton Owen
incorporating that into your skincare slowly making sure you’re hydrating with
a hyaluronic acid and a moisturizer that also has great ingredients as well and
all of these products are effective simple this isn’t like a really long
skincare routine that you kind of dread doing it’s really easy and you can
always still experiment with other you know serums
and you know face masks and J rollers or whatever product you’re kind of into but
I think it’s just good to have this core essential routine down that you know is
going to be really effective I can give it advice to anyone out there
based on my own personal experience that would be to just make sure you’re being
a savvy consumer researching the products that you’re putting on your
face understanding what ingredients are in them you know the potency of the
ingredients that are in them talk to a professional if you have access to one
whether that’s a dermatologist or just any qualified skin care professional use
the resources at hand to be a savvy consumer and do not waste your money on
products that have pretty packaging or you know marketing jargon or gimmicky
claims also I want to leave some links below to a couple dermatologists that I
watch here on YouTube who aren’t so brilliant and knowledgeable and can talk
you know for hours about some of these ingredients that I just really touched
on really briefly so if you like this video I hope that you will subscribe
again my name is Anna reeds you can expect weekly videos from me all within
the realm of beauty lifestyle and wellness with a signature simple
laid-back approach I hope to see you again very soon buh bye

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