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Hi, I’m Director Pi, a YouTuber, and cosmetic ingredient analyst. Today, I’m going to pick the Top of Top hair pack and hair treatment! I did a video on hair treatment Top of Top in 2016 Now it has been three years since then! There are many new products with good ingredients compared to three years ago However, when we compare the improvement to skincare and makeup products, Treatments and hair essence still has a long way to go. This is why I thought it is especially necessary to do a video on Top of Top hair products. Is it necessary to use both hair packs and hair treatment? ★NO! They’re the same thing! They both work as moisturizers. You should look at then as moisturizing cream=moisturizer or serum=ampoule Since they are very similar, you only need to choose one. Is there a difference in ingredients between hair packs and treatment? I’ll compare and summarize for you. 1. Treatments and hair packs include strong moisturizing agents. Such as silicone oil and natural oil! These ingredients moisturize your scalp and your hair at the same time. 2. Soothing agents and nutritious ingredients. Ingredients such as panthenol, ceramide NP, and peptide. 3. Oil-controlling agents Denatured alcohol, ethanol, and tea tree extract. Now let’s move on to how to look at silicone ingredients. The key is whether or not the product touches your scalp or not. Silicone oil tends to be harder to completely wash off. Products that you apply on your hair Can have a little amount of silicone oil because you can wash it off. However, products that directly touches your scalp such as (wash-off) treatments Or products that provide nutrition or moisture are better off without silicone oil. In conclusion, products that are called hair packs or treatments should not include silicone You should also select a product that includes a lot of moisturizing ingredients for your scalp. This is because it directly touches your hair and scalp. Even if your thoroughly rinse your hair, Membrane-forming ingredients such as natural oil and silicone oil will stay on your scalp! Thus, it is necessary to pick products that include a lot of moisturizing ingredients for your scalp. If you’re not sure what you are applying just by looking at the name of the product, Look at the ingredients to find out whether the product is for your scalp or your hair or whether you have to wash it off or not. You don’t need to use a lot of products!
Find the right product for your scalp type:) Oily scalp – scalp essence
Sensitive scalp – scalp essence
Dry scalp – treatment If you have damaged hair
Oily scalp – hair essence
Sensitive scalp – treatment
Dry scalp – hair essence Criteria for products that can be improved
Includes a lot of silicone oil
Include silicone +potentially harmful ingredients Let’s start with a very popular product. Moremo Hair Treatment Miracle 2X 180ml / 20,000KRW This was the product that was requested the most. This product includes a lot of Cyclopentasiloxane, also known as D5. It also includes Dimethicone and Amodimethicone Headspa7 Treatment3 Hair Pack 200ml / 30,000KRW This product includes a lot of ethanol, which means that it’s for people with oily scalp. However, silicone is very bad for oily scalp! Kundal Honey & Macadamia Hair Treatment[baby powder] 500ml / 13,000KRW I wouldn’t recommend this product because there is a lot of silicone included. Aqua Derma Aqua Q Ring Moisturizing Hair Care 240ml / 38,000KRW Dimethicone is the second ingredient. It’s included to moisturize the scalp and hair. Mise en Scene Perfect Serum Treatment 180ml / 7,500KRW This product includes a lot of Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane It also includes isopropyl alcohol and artificial pigments. L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Instant Miracle Hair Pack 170ml This product was requested by many foreign subscribers I wouldn’t recommend this product because it includes a lot of silicone, isopropyl alcohol, and even artificial pigments. L’Occitane Aroma Repair Hair Mask 200ml / 45,000KRW This product used Dimethicone as a moisturizing agent. And the fact that it includes a lot of quaternium-ingredient such as Polyquaternium Says that it’s not a good mix of ingredients! Rated Green Real Shea Butter Change Treatment 240ml / 22,000KRW This product includes a lot of silicone and also includes fragrance. The overall ingredient list isn’t that bad, but there is room to improve. Amos Repair Force Chito Treatment 250ml / 20,000KRW Amos is a very famous brand affiliated with Amore Pacific. However, this product includes D5, Dimethicone, artificial pigments, and fragrance. Label Young Shocking Mayonnaise Hair Pack 200ml / 24,000KRW This product looks like mayonnaise. I like the fact that it’s not pretending to be a “good” product. Dimethicone and Amodimethicone are what gives the mayonnaise-like texture. However, I wouldn’t recommend it because it includes isopropyl alcohol and pigments. Healing Bird Ultra Protein Hair Treatment 750ml / 24,000KRW This product includes a lot of silicone oil and fragrance. The fragrance is too strong that it doesn’t go away easily. So strong that it can make your headache. When people with sensitive skin use treatment or hair essence that includes fragrance, their face could be irritated. Even if the product doesn’t directly touch the face or when they do a ponytail! Aveda Damage Remedy™ Intensive Restructuring Treatment 150ml / 50,000KRW This product includes a lot of silicone as well as fragrance, phenoxyethanol, and ingredients that can lead to allergic reactions. Kerasys Keramide Damage Clinic Treatment 200ml / 8,500KRW Kerasys used silicone to prevent heat damage. A lot of silicone. This product also includes fragrance. Next up are products that don’t include silicone but still includes a lot of problematic ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol, methylparaben, and artificial pigments. Syoss Silicone-free Repairing Treatment Mask 200ml / 16,500KRW They highlighted that this product is silicone-free. However, this product includes isopropyl alcohol so I wouldn’t recommend it. Products for occasional use
-Silicone-free but not recommended due to problematic ingredients such as fragrance.
-Ingredients are overall good, but includes a minor amount of silicone. This item was very close to getting into the “recommended items” category. Shingmulnara Jeju Spa Water Hair Pack 300ml / 15,000KRW Ethanol is the second ingredient. This product can be useful for people with excessively oily hair or with dandruff problems. Laminaria extract, hemiphyllum extract, Undaria pinnatifida Extract, Hizikia Fusiforme Extract, and Carbonated Water Are all good for your scalp. It’s a bummer that this product includes fragrance People who suffer from dandruff or itchiness would find this product helpful from time to time. Haps Hydro Matrix Treatment 200ml / 30,000KRW Unfortunately, this product didn’t make the cut because it includes a minor amount of silicone. There are other treatments that are better even without silicone. Thus, I didn’t put this product in the “recommended” list. This product doesn’t get absorbed into the skin. This item includes Hydrolyzed keratin, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Lanolin. These are all great protein and moisturizing ingredients. I’d say that they tried to create a good mixture of ingredients, but it just wasn’t’ enough. Recommended items
Silicone-free + Good ingredient mix + Effective treatment! The time that you’ve been waiting for! Recommended treatments!
Let’s boost up the joy! I found treatments that are silicone-free and effective! I’ve tested the products with diverse people to make them more relatable. Ms. Too-much-hair Ms. Super oily hair Ms. Dandruff problems Last but not least, Ms. Shampoo-only, ME! I only use shampoo. I’m not the type of person who uses treatment or other hair products. However, I’m very very very glad to find a product that I like through this test. Ms. Too-much-hair has dry scalp. She almost got blacklisted at the hair salon. Her hair easily gets tangled, dry, and frizzy, so she had to tie it in a ponytail all the time. What she needed was a treatment that can tame frizzy hair, maintain her hair untangled, hydrated, and straight. Ms. Super oily hair Dandruff is the main problem. A few hours after washing, and BAAM! Dandruff time! Her scalp and hair are oily but the ends are quite damaged. If you see the pictures, you’ll think that her hair is dry and stiff. That’s why she needs a treatment that isn’t oily and can be washed easily! It should also provide moisture to the damaged ends of her hair. I know I got you curious about the products! Ms. Shampoo-only I have dry skin and I’m starting to see early symptoms of hair loss. I lose a lot of hair when I’m stressed out or when my immune system gets weak. I have dry hair. During the test period, we continued using the same shampoos from our daily routines and didn’t use any hair essence products at all. ONLY treatments! We applied two blots of treatment (the size of a 500KRW coin) onto our scalp and hair, Waited for two minutes, then washed it off. 2019 Treatment Top of Top! Let’s start with the TOP cost-effective treatment. Alpist Edelweiss Treatment 500ml / 16,900KRW This is the top cost-effective product that is recommendable to most people, Except for excessively oily scalp or scalp with inflammation. Other than that, this product can be easily used by most people. You can use this product on a daily basis. Treatments should effectively soothe your scalp and make your hair shiny. I’ve looked at the ingredients that create these effects. Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, and glycerin Makes your scalp refreshed And there are ingredients that make your hair somewhat silky in the front Hydrolyzed Silk, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil And even ceramide NP and panthenol Protein + Moisturizing + Membrane-forming ingredients Nice mixture! It’s also silicone-free, so I would recommend it based on the ingredients. Ms. Too-much-hair said that since the product is silicone-free She felt that the product was hypoallergenic. It doesn’t dramatically improve the damaged hair, but it’s a great item for daily use. Silkiness: Medium
Detangle: Medium
Damage control: Medium
Finishing touch: High It didn’t feel slippery or too heavy. Top cost-effective treatment
Alpist Edelweiss Treatment 500ml / 16,900KRW
#Soothing scalp + making hair shiny
#For all scalp types #Normal scalp
#Cost effective #Big-size! For people who have dehydrated oily scalp with normal hair, the top product would be Aall Lave Seawater Hair Treatment 500ml / 32,000KRW I picked this product because the ingredients are overall hypoallergenic. This product refreshes your scalp. However, people with oily scalp might not feel like their scalp is thoroughly cleansed. Much like when they use slightly acidic cleansers. That’s why I would recommend this product to people with dehydrated oily scalp! Nature-based moisturizers such as Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides and coconut oil are added in the mix. I thought this treatment was very refreshing, but it made my hair a little bit stiff This is because it doesn’t include Polyquaternium or silicone. There is nothing left on the hair. If you feel like your hair is too stiff or feel like it gets tangled often, You can apply another layer of this product like a hair essence. This product feels like a moisturizer. You can apply minor amounts of this product on baby hair Or on the ends or use it like a scalp pack. I cover my hair with a towel after I apply treatment. It’s better to do a treatment pack for about 10~15 minutes Ms. Super oily hair See the brush hanging on her hair? It’s slightly lower in the after picture. If she wants to untangle her hair a bit more, she should apply the product once more on her dry hair. Then the brush would be way further down. Silkiness: Medium
Tangle improvement: Medium-low
Damage control: Medium
Finishing touch: High Aall Lave Seawater Hair Treatment 500ml / 32,000KRW
Top treatment for Sensitive dehydrated oily scalp
#Refreshing #hydrating
# Sensitive dehydrated oily scalp #Normal hair
#hypoallergenic #hair essence Now let’s move on to top treatment for sensitive dry scalp with normal hair! Dr. For Hair Phytotherapy Treatment 500ml / 28,000KRW I’ve already recommended this product last year But the ingredients and the package is totally different! This is a product that I’ve been using for a long time. It doesn’t make your hair dramatically silky, However, it’s good for people like me, who have slightly damaged hair. And also for people who have short hair. This product hydrates dry and sensitive scalp And makes the hair slightly silky. This product includes glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, and Cetearyl Alcohol Most of these ingredients are included in moisturizers. Let’s test it on skin! Wow, this is much more moisturizing than Aall Lave Seawater Hair Treatment You should blot it in like this. This kind of texture would be quite heavy for people with an oily scalp. Illicium Verum (Anise) Fruit/Seed Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Argania Kernel Oil, and avocado oil. Dr. For Hair Phytotherapy Treatment moisturizes the scalp with the combination of these natural oils. and I’d say that Aall Lave Seawater Hair Treatment refreshes the scalp. Choose the right product for your needs! Dr. For Hair Phytotherapy Treatment is better for dry scalp. Silkiness: Medium
Tangle improvement: Medium
Damage control: Medium High
Finishing touch: High Dr. For Hair Phytotherapy Treatment
Top treatment for normal hair
#Moisturizing + silky hair
#Sensitive dry scalp
#Slightly damaged hair Top treatment for oily scalp and damaged hair Chungmijung EM EM Fermentation Kelp Shampoo Treatment 500ml / 31,000KRW This product is great for people with sensitive oily scalp or just oily scalp Pretty much every oily scalp would find this product good. This product also effectively improves damaged hair. These ingredients would make your scalp will feel refreshed, soothe, and even smell good. Laminaria Extract, Candelilla Wax, and fermented extracts. Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetyl alcohol will control oil and make your hair silky. The rest of the ingredients are all nature-based! The texture is much more watery than the previous products. It feels like gel-cream You can see that the light texture is good for people with oily scalp. Used by Ms. Super oily hair Wow! I didn’t notice it was silicone-free because it made my hair very silky, soft, and even strong! It slightly smells like seaweed But not too strong! Very natural. Silkiness: High
Tangle improvement: Medium
Damage control: High
Finishing touch: High Chungmijung EM EM Fermentation Kelp Shampoo Treatment 500ml / 31,000KRW
#Refreshing + Soothing + Good smell
#All types of oily scalp
#strong finishing touch
#ocean-scent. Top treatment for dry scalp and damaged hair A24 Californian Nature Argan & Sunflower Treatment Hair Pack 210ml / 21,000KRW This product includes natural oil mostly from California. Aloe Vera leaf extract and glycerin helps soothe and hydrates the scalp from inside. It includes more than 5% of sunflower seed oil and olive oil. Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, panthenol, jojoba seed oil, and macadamia seed oil are also in the mix, The ingredients are really great! Lavender oil and peppermint oil are included as fragrance. See? It instantly absorbs into my skin. It’s almost like applying aloe soothing gel with moisturizing cream. Wow, the reviews say that it’s fantastic. Ms. Too-much-hair has dry scalp. She was mesmerized by the effects because it made her hair silky and soft. “The more I use it, the more I feel my hair get healthy and soft!” she said. Silkiness: High
Tangle improvement: High
Damage control: High
Finishing touch: Medium After using it for a few times, she really felt like her hair was getting better! . The texture is quite heavy because of all the moisturizing ingredients. You can use a product with good ingredients to do a hair pack like this. In my opinion, this product made me change my thoughts on treatments. My scalp feels hydrated and my ends feel totally different. It felt as if my hair was good from the start However, I wouldn’t recommend it for people with oily scalp. The texture is too thick and heavy. It would be better off for people with dry hair! A24 Californian Nature Argan & Sunflower Treatment Hair Pack 210ml / 21,000KRW
#Moisturizing + Damage control
#Extremely dry scalp
#A lot of natural oil #Good ingredients I’ve recommended treatments according to scalp type and hair conditions. If I put the products into order starting from how much it improved damaged hair. It would be A24>Chungmijung>Dr. For Hair>Aall>Alpist From most helpful to relatively least. My recommendation list according to scalp and skin sensitivity is Chungmijung>Aall>A24>Dr. For Hair=Alpist Thanks for watching this video! The key point of today’s video was to know your own scalp type and choose the right product for your hair conditions! Some products with good ingredients might not feel as effective such as making your hair shiny or help detangle your hair. However, when we look at many products we can see that those products have relatively good effects and ingredients Plus, the fact that those items don’t irritate your scalp in the long term adds some points. That’s why I recommended those items Now that I’ve picked various products for various circumstances, I hope it can help relieve the stress from UV lights, heat, fine dust, that your hair and scalp suffered from! Hopefully!

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