Egg Mask Facial

starting off the morning with the hearty breakfast it’s not only good for your health but good for your skin yep that’s right now that it’s summer it’s hot and you want to control your oily skin so an egg mask is perfect all you need is one organic egg my favorite brand is Eggland’s Best therefrom vegetarian fed hens and they do not live in cages so the eggs comes from happy hens happy eggs means happy skin so the fun part separating the egg whites and egg yolk rinse the egg and crack it open carefully slide the yolk back and forth draining the egg whites into a small bowl keep sliding it back and forth until all the egg whites are drained now take her egg whites and with the clean fork beat it beat it hard until it gets frothy once you see the bubbles you know it’s ready so clean your face here I’m using ole’s cleansing wipes now take a tablespoon of the egg whites and dab your fingers into the white foam and apply it on your face apply it everywhere all over your forehead cheeks nose jawline make sure you avoid eye area egg white mass is wonderful for treating oily skin whitening the skin and giving it a temporary facelift it tightens the skin thus diminishing pore size now give it a few minutes to dry you’ll know when it’s dry when you can’t smile creepy I know it’s like I have Botox on now rinse off the egg whites your face should feel refreshed bright and tight now what to do with the egg yolk it’s a natural moisturizer just break it open and obtain a small amount and apply it all over your face evenly covering your face now wait for it to dry try the smile test again to know when it’s ready and rinse it off your skin should feel silky and smooth now it’s time to treat your skin here I’m using my very own skincare line EQ which will be available soon if you sign up for the newsletters I am using the anti aging serum because eggs do not contain any anti-aging properties now retighten your pores by giving yourself a quick ice facial take a piece of ice and run it over your skin especially around the nose area to constrict your pores don’t worry the water is not going to wash away the product your skin should have already absorbed it your skin should look bright and radiant I suggest using this once a week you can saran wrap your egg whites or yolk up to three days but for me I like to start fresh every time so I end up eating the leftover eggs I don’t like wasting food so let’s do a quick cooking video on how I make my own omelet I take two slices of bunny bread which is my favorite bread and I toast it then I crack open two more eggs and because I’m Vietnamese we add fish sauce to everything I know it sounds weird but you have to try it before you hate it and a lot of pepper and a dash of salt I also like to add baby bella mushrooms mix it up real quick add a bit of oil on the pan and wait until the pan is hot and pour the eggs onto the pan as it’s cooking I like to open pockets on the eggs and cook the whites now that the toast is done add a bit of butter on it I’m from the south so I add butter to everything dish out your eggs now we’re finished enjoy your egg omelette while maintaining beautiful skin and of course more bloopers good luck have fun with this natural beauty tip you

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