Dry-Aged Prime Rib-Eye From Galatoire’s 33 Bar & Steak In New Orleans — The Meat Show

We were actually in the meat locker picking out the steaks on the regular menu but I saw this hunk of rib hanging aging majestically in the in the meat locker and I was like I kinda need to try that. I am at Galatoire’s 33 Bar and Steak we’ve been opened for close to four years. There was a restaurant here before after Katrina kind of wiped it out and stayed dormant for years. The Galatoire’s decided to purchase the building they completely gutted everything all they had was a the four walls over here and they they rebuilt it from the ground up and they have this beautiful dining room great kitchen, the banquet room upstairs.. Tell me about this piece of meat it looks magnificent I mean look at the marbeling on that! It looks like a beautiful piece of prime. Yeah! This is basically a prime rib eye bone in whole and we age it for 21 days and when it’s ready to go you know we’ll cut it to anywhere from 16 ounces all the way up to 36 hours. Let’s talk about how we’re gonna cook this guy! Yes so basically what i’m going to do is that I’m gonna take a cut from this other side of the bone right here it’s probably going to give us about 26 ounce portion I’m going to trim the fat from it and then add a little bit of salt pepper and roll it in the broiler for you know get a nice carmelization on top and go from there. It’s very simple just pepper salt and broiler. No Cajun seasoning… No! we keep it simple we like to bring flavors of the of the beef to show Here we go! Thank You chef! So tell me what the finish on this is when we finish our steaks we put a little bit of butter right on top just to finish it just a little bit it’s a butter that’s been browned and then we’ve added a little lemon juice and red wine vinegar wow so really a nice combination of citrusy and acidic and also nuttiness from the brown butter I am excited about this is going to be another epic day on the Meat show i’m looking for the spinalis dorsi there it is this is every carnivore’s favorite kind of beef. I think it’s got a nice chunk of the longissimus here and I’m just gonna try these straight off as regular steaks and then we’re going to go into the sauces. Right off the bat you get that great punch from the steak. Tremendous cross on the steak I mean he’s done an absolutely fabulous job of caramelizing the outside and then you get the profound beef flavor coming through and then here’s a longissimus you can see perfectly cooked i love the edge to edge of these achieve that’s actually you know easier said than done I mean it really is perfectly cooked these sauces here have a long story traditions and they’re actually things that you don’t you’ll see some of them in New York City steak houses but it’s not really part of our culture there so I’m very happy to be trying some of these. Oh! It’s a heavy lift. I should really work out more let’s just get right in here this is obviously a classic steak source doesn’t get much more classic than that perfect rendition get that heat from the peppercorns but you get that really nice creaminess and then just that cognac finishes like the perfect counterbalance to it ok this is the one that I’m actually going to just try like this because so fantastic little a bacon and veal on beef action here. that’s so good i mean almost like you could eat a piece of chicken that we want to be almost as good look at that look at the the way it just sort of gloves onto the piece of meat. They’re just made for each other these two a perfect béarnaise just got that lovely cut of vinegar and then that spike of tarragon. The final one is a northern star sauce this is going to be as good as the other ones were I think it’s very well named it hints at the French traditions but there’s something that’s very sort of New Orleans about that so I like that a lot please for me clearly this has been said it’s a steak is cooked the steak but he’s managed to sort of coax these flavors out of it that would really sort of think make you think that you’ve cooked it for like a long time really broken that muscle down but very very good job in thanks for watching for more episodes of the meat show click here i’m going to sit here and eat the rest of this meal I thought it was very well-balanced before but adding the sharing really help cut through that fat it’s good but it doesn’t need any more sherry however I do

100 thoughts on “Dry-Aged Prime Rib-Eye From Galatoire’s 33 Bar & Steak In New Orleans — The Meat Show

  1. Love the job you are doing and the videos. Ignore most of the ignorant rubes who get off on complaining they seem to be compensating for there own lack of an interesting life or anything interesting to say. I have not yet had the chance to visit or eat at Galatoire's 33 Bar & Steak so thanks for the video.

  2. I'm french and i'm enjoying to see americans speak about food…it's like when frenchs speak about rock'n roll ahahaha. Each one at home and the sheep will be well kept.

  3. I really don't understand why Nick gets all the hate he does. I just love watching him. He's so passionate about what he does that it shows. Great job Nick and the Eater. Keep the videos coming.

  4. I like the show,but i want to punch this guy and replace him becuase i want to eat everything he tries.Anyone else feeling the same?

  5. why do they pepper their steak before cooking? professional chefs should know you pepper the steak after you cook it so it doesn't burn.

  6. I was wondering if anyone could clarify why chefs put so much salt on dry aged steaks in particular. Is it to mask the "funk?"

  7. This place will definitely be on my punch list when I visit New Orleans in December. Can't wait. If you all have any other suggestions let me know. Tnx:)

  8. That piece of meat looks absolutely delicious.. and so is the chef! Lol.. wanna taste him as well.. he's a handsome man.. 😜

  9. we like the meat to speak for it itself…….later its more than simple salt and pepper……butter, wine, vinegar, lemon, etc.

  10. is it just me or does he only review steaks? you do realize there are other animals, other ways or preparing said animal, with spices, herbs from other cultures not white right?

  11. i have a feeling all these chefs hate Nick. He seems like the worst type of critic. Know it all with no cooking background.

  12. @ 0:46 and on, terrible editing. Shows strip on cutting board, but the voiceover and carving shows the prime. lol

  13. I find Nick irritating and rude. He can't shut up, and he doesn't know as much about meat as he thinks he does.

  14. you would think that a fine dining establishment would have pepper grinders and sea salt instead of your grandparents table condiments.

  15. We got this really expensive slab of fresh prime rib. I think we'll let it sit around for a few weeks.

  16. His goddamn name is Boullion? I mean, that's like naming your son Jeeves and he grows up to be a butler. C'mon.

  17. Why the hell is he using the anatomical names and not the culinary names for the meat? it's a food review show……….

  18. I don’t know why this show never showed the special toilet Nick has at his house that he reserves for his “special meat shits.” It’s a life size hollow bust of Jay-Z’s open mouth

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