Drs. Rx: Anti-Aging Tips for Your Eyes!

Studies have shown that the eye area is one of the biggest indicators of your real age Whether it’s puffiness wrinkles or maybe dark circles These signs age you so here are a few quick tips to help your eyes look brighter and younger as part of our prescription first fill in your Eyebrows if your brows are thin and sparse your features fade And you can look older define browse help open up and lift your eyes next don’t skip your eye exams so very important of the estimated 61 million US adults at high risk for vision loss Only half a visit an eye doctor in the last 12 months only half Not only are these exams important for your vision there also believe it or not important for your skin all that extra Squinting that you do that can lead to permanent wrinkles between your brows and crow’s feet we don’t want that My third tip which I know dr. Ordon agrees with completely is to maintain a good skincare routine absolutely correct dr. Travis having a good beauty routine can help fight the visible signs of aging. I know you’re looking checking for some Help promote healthy collagen it’s all about collagen everyone in the audience You’re all going home with the eyes have it power peptide Revelation

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