Dr. Raval discusses Vycross technology in fillers on Colorado’s Best

– Checking out the latest
magazine that Dr. Raval is in. – Gonna get right to
that in just a moment. – Beautiful. – Alright, so this time of
year, a lot of people start looking for ways to improve their skin, to ease those wrinkles,
lighten the dark spots and actually turn back the clock. – I do this to myself all the time. What if it was all straight? Lucky for all of us, Denver is
home to one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the country and he also runs the area’s
top aesthetics practice. Dr. Jeffrey Raval is a
double-board certified head and neck surgeon who’s been named one of the top surgeons by
Consumer Research Counsil of America and just this
month, you gotta check it out, Dr. Raval has been named the 5280 Top Doc for Plastic Surgery, second year in a row. – [Paula] Impressive. – [Joana] We are so proud of him. So call his staff and
help center right now schedule a free consultation, find
out how they can help you look years young. And when you call, ask about
the new brand of facial fillers using Vycross Technology. The number is 303-381-3223. – [Paula] Dr. Jeffrey Raval joins us now. We just went through a nice
long list of your credentials, but this 5280 Top Doc for
the second year in a row, How do you do this? How’d you get in here? Again? – You know, it’s really, I’m
really grateful for getting in it because it’s based
on voting from other, your colleagues, from other physicians. And the only reason people,
physicians, will vote for you is one, if they see your work
or if they get feedback from other patients that you share. So, it’s really a great honor
to see the recommendations come back in full circle
and then you get featured in a magazine like that. – [Joana] That is incredible, really. – [Paula] Isn’t that great? Yes and your beautiful
wife is standing right next to you there too. – [Joana] The blonde? – Yeah, Amy, that’s my wife Amy. – [Jeffrey] We celebrate
our 10 year anniversary September 1, so. – [Joana] Congratulations. – [Jeffrey] Shout out to my wife. – [Joana] It’s comin’ right up. – [Jeffrey] It’s comin’ right up, yeah. – [Joana] So real quick,
we’re gonna have you on throughout the rest of the show, but what are we going to
be talking about today? What kind of things that
you offer at you practice? – So we were talking
about, we’re gonna talk about everything we offer,
from skin care to laser peels, to hair removal, up to
Botox, dysport treatment for wrinkles, and facial fillers. There’s always new advances
that are coming out. And sometimes they’re good,
sometimes they’re bad. One really nice, promising,
new advance are the new facial fillers by the
makers of Allergan Botox and Juvederm, which is
their new fillers using Vycross Technology. What is Vycross Technology? It’s basically a new way
of creating these fillers that make them last longer. And they give them a little bit more lift. – Longer, lasting and
you also have a wonderful deal so everybody can do this year round. We’re gonna get to that just a
little bit later in the show. So a little teaser for ya there. That’s comin’ up. – Yeah, so in the meantime,
you’ll wanna call Dr. Raval’s staff in the help center right now. Schedule your consultation and learn more about ClubTOX. That’s starting at just $50 a month. That is awesome. And get the deals right
now, so call 303-381-3223. That’s 303-381-3223. Coming up on Colorado’s Best. – [Joana] You can rejuvenate your skin and take years off your look
and give yourself a healthy glow right now. Dr. Raval’s staff is
in our help center now to get you scheduled for your consultation and tell you more about ClubTOX. It’s a wonderful membership
that starts at $50 a month. 303-218-BEST, 303-218-2378. And we’re back with Dr. Jeffrey
Raval and his lovely ladies. We mentioned you are the
owner and medical director at Raval Facial Aesthetics and Rocky Mountain Laser
Aesthetics and recent recipient of the 5280 Top Doc Award, woo who! Our favorite doctor!
– Yes, thank you. – Again, for the second
year in a row, right? That’s awesome. – How did this magazine get here? – [Joana] How did that get there? – Isn’t this out on news stands right now? That’s crazy, I don’t know. (all laughing) – He took over the whole interview. Oh well. No, we’re very excited for
you and that says a lot because it’s your colleagues
voting for you, so amazing. Tell us about the services you offer, what do you do? What do you give ladies? – We try to offer pretty
much a full set of treatments for the face specifically,
I’m a facial plastic surgeon. So skin resurfacing, treatments
for pigmentation changes, fine wrinkling, we add volume, and then, you know, mostly
I’m a surgeon at heart, so rhinoplasties, nose jobs,
face lifts, eyelid surgeries. Those are kind of the
things I like to do outside of the office in the operating room. – And we’ve been encouraging everyone to call the help center today
and get more information, get that consultation about ClubTOX, but tell us what all that
includes, the ClubTOX. – So we’re actually gonna
launch a new tiered system in September, but basically
it’s a club that if you sign up, you get monthly, yearly discounts and special deals with our office. And it also gives you a
discount with the treatments if you sign up as a club member. It’s really hard to go
into all the details, so I do encourage everybody
to call in to find out, we have different tiers and,
you know, the higher the tier, the greater the benefit. – [Paula] Yeah, this is a
club you want to belong to. ClubTOX. – And we have Jennifer here today. – Hi. – She is just gorgeous. What are you going to
be demoing on her today? – So with my assistant, Brooke. – [Joana And Paula] Hi Brooke! – Sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you out. – So, again, we’re talking
about this new brand of fillers by Allergan,
called, it’s all the V fillers, the Voluma, Vollure, Vobella, that use this new technology
called Vycross Technology. It’s a way of manufacturing
a hyaluronic acid filler in such a way that it lasts
longer, has greater lift. But in the past, like we
were talking about before, traditionally whenever a
company would try to make a filler last longer, it would
consequently make the filler a lot thicker and harder to work with. The great thing about this new
filler is it’s really thin, it’s really smooth, and yet it also has, this new one, has an 18 month indication, which is, you know all the other ones used to only have a one year
until Volluma came out. Now this one has an 18 month indication and if, I don’t know
if the camera can see, as it’s coming out, it’s
extremely thin and fine. It’s almost like– – [Joana] Yeah you can really see. – A thin, like gel or something. – I’m having second thoughts. (all laugh) I didn’t know there were needles involved. I’m teasing, I’m teasing. – So, and Jennifer, we’ve
treated her wrinkles before. And this is a great info
because it’s so thin it can get superficially,
so I’m just gonna show you how simple it is. A lot of people always
wanna know what it’s like. So we’re gonna go ahead and do
a quick little demonstration. – [Joana] When do you
start to see the results? Is it almost instantaneous? – Oh, it is instantly, yeah. And you can see it’s really simple. The nice thing about it
is because it’s so thin, it really isn’t as painful
because it spreads out so nice and evenly. – [Joana] You’re not even twitching, girl. – That’s because it’s morning
and I don’t do mornings. – [Paula] (laughs) It’s a
good time to have her here. – So, we’ve already injected
half of the syringe. And then we’ll finish the
rest in the office later. But I just wanted to
show how simple it is. – You really can’t feel it. There’s some numbing
cream on there earlier. I didn’t even feel that. – So we have a lot of little things that we do in our office. One of the things we do is
we have a specially made numbing cream that we put on the patient before they get their
treatment, which also minimizes their discomfort and their pain. – Yeah, let’s take a look
at some befores and afters because I just– – [Jennifer] Oh, lord. – No, it’s incredible
and you’re a performer, I’ve seen you perform, Jennifer. And we’re gonna take a
peak at some of the other befores and afters and also to yours. – Yeah, Jennifer’s pictures
are going to be coming later. But this is, you know, some
examples of how we can combine lifting with volumizing. So we’re doing a little
facelift, plus adding volume into the face and you can see
a very nice, natural result. Another example of lift
with some skin resurfacing that we offer, and then we also
add a little bit of volume. Sometimes just adding
volume in the right places will have a great effect, as
you can see in this patient, add a little bit of volume
around the eyes and the lips. Here’s another combination
of what we have to offer. Lasers, Botox as well
as fillers to the face can really lead to a
nice, more youthful look and smoother skin. Some of the other things I love to do, rhinoplasties, noses. Here’s a revision. This patient came in, had a
rhinoplasty in a different state and we were able to kind
of re-extend the nose and re-create a more natural look for her. – [Joana] Yeah, you fixed
that problem for sure. – [Paula] Beautiful work. – [Joana] Great work. – No wonder you’re the top
doc again for the second year. – Oh yeah. – You’re gonna just be
three, year three, year four and year five. It’s gonna keep happening,
you’re gonna be the top doc. – Oh, thank you. I hope so. – And Jennifer, I just gotta
say, she’s a great performer, love to hear you sing. – Thank you. – Yes and now you look better than ever. Because of Dr. Raval. – Girl, you gotta keep it together. – That’s right. – [Jennifer] You gotta keep it together. – [Joana] Alright, you only
have a few more minutes to reach Dr. Raval and his
staff in the help center. They wanna tell you more about
the new Vycross Technology, facial fillers and ClubTOX. Also, there are only a
few consultations left for this great promotion, so call now. Get 20 units of Botox
complimentary with your purchase of a facial filler. Restrictions may apply, so do
call them now, check it out. 303-218-BEST. Alright, actually the
number’s 303, can you see it? – [Paula] 303-381-3223. – [Joana] There you go. – [Paula] OK, we changed it for ya. – [Joana] So Dr. Raval, back with us. Dr. Raval, how do we maintain
that healthy glow year round? – So everybody’s different. But we really think that
the basic, basic philosophy is to start off with the right skin care, do frequent peels, frequent
skin rejuvenation procedures and then as we age, I gotta be honest, we all lose volume in our face. Gravity starts to pull things down. Everybody ages at different
paces, so we have a full array of treatments and
procedures that we offer. Individualized for everybody. That’s why it’s so important
to come in for a consultation so we can come up with
the best treatment plan for you, for the patient. – [Paula] Yeah, and we’re
taking the befores and afters. Gotta go through them. – So here’s gray one, just
showing facial fillers to the eyes. How well it can work. This is in-office, non-surgical and it can really lead to
a very nice, rejuvenating procedure. Before and after rhinoplasty. Again, I love to do rhinoplasties. Key thing about rhinoplasties
is to keep it looking natural, as you can see the after results, and maintain function. Meaning, you want them to
still be able to breath out of their nose after their procedure. So you can’t make it too
small, you gotta keep it looking natural. – [Paula] Yeah, look at the difference. – [Joana] Yeah, it’s filled in beautiful. Her beautiful jaw line. – Jennifer, if you could smile for us. – I’m back. And you can see that, yeah
we treated her right cheek. And you can see that the
fine wrinkling is much better on the right side compared to the left. Other thing to point out,
though, is it causes minimal redness, bruising tends to be minimal, especially with these finer products. So, right after the treatment, you can just get out of the chair and continue on with your day. – [Paula] She looks beautiful. – [Joana] We love you
Jennifer, looks great. – [Paula] Have a great day. – You can reach Dr. Raval’s
staff anytime at 303-381-3223. You can also learn more
online at RavalMD.com and they’re conveniently located at 3773 Cherry Creek North Drive.

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