Dr. Phil To Mom Of Sexually Active 14-Year-Old: ‘Your Daughter Is Not Capable Of Giving Consent’

I want to be very straight up about this what what dr. Sophy is saying is absolutely correct by definition of the law your daughter is not capable of giving consent because until she reaches a certain age that’s why we have laws like statutory rape when a child is a certain age they don’t have the capacity to give consent that’s why adults are charged with making those decisions for them and protecting them you’re supposed to be able to see around corners and when you say I’m giving her dope because all kids smoke dope anyway that’s absolutely unequivocally untrue listen you can you can roll your eyes and you can be sarcastic all you want you are committing a crime you are committing a crime and you can tell you can hear me or you can tell it to a judge but you are committing a crime this is the medical director of DCFS this is the man that makes that decision you are committing a crime this is not a matter of opinion you are providing your child with alcohol you are providing her with marijuana you are allowing her knowingly to have sex you these are crimes do you not understand that that by my statute is a crime okay do you not understand that I do understand that yeah that’s your but I explained why why I do it if you want to if you want to have a crack at her I but you’re breaking the law okay oh yeah okay what did you just say what’d you say she’s worse than I am what’d you say I said oh oh you think this is a joke yes okay you think this is a joke because this is not gonna be funny in about five minutes scared [Applause] because your complete and utter lack of respect here you say people get in your way you just run them over you’re gonna get that chance because you want to be disrespectful and make a mockery of this whole thing you’re gonna see what you’ve created here what you’ve created is a disrespectful young child here that that just thumps her nose at anything that has to do with responsibility and respect and she’s getting ready to get a rude rude awakening because you have taught her that she doesn’t have to be accountable Oh okay and let me tell you he’s saying that she’s allowing this I asked you when we started what the hell are you thinking you said she’s doing all of this and you sent her there right you sent her there what if if all of this is true this is what you believe what how do you do that how do you send her into a situation where you know that’s going on just think you didn’t know what else to do some mental health treatment did you call a doctor did you call a doctor okay did you go to a psychiatrist okay did you call your attorney to try to get custody from her get custody from her from her well our divorce agreement I have primary takes her back to well then why you turn you’re sending her into a both of you both of you did not love her enough

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