Hi guys and girls welcome to my channel today we are testing a new foundation by D&g GLORIOUSKIN these are the lightest shades 120 nude , 200 cashmesere, 210 cream Gloriouskin has a SPF 20 so higher of other foundations so it’s a good thing formula self care infused skin is beautiful for at least 8 hours it contains a special complex technology by D&G the mediterranean glow complex with natural extracts : Mediterranean fig italian bio olive oil and hyaluronic acid nutrients and hydrating ingredients great technology innovation it is a creamy foundation it is buildable so if you want it gives you a natural radiant look super easy application extreme comfort luminous radiant natural look apply by fingers or brush i use this foundation brush by zoeva 104 buffer this shade is too dark for me i’ve got a pale skin this shade is too orangy it’s so smooth like silk very delicate and perfume free delicate and gentle on skin it blends beautiful and easy medium coverage but buildable for natural radiant young glow finish blends wonderful so fast and easy compared with other foundations this is the best i ever tried no marks no line from the brush application brush application always leave lines but this one doesn’t i put a bit more foundation to cover this spot here blend also up to hair line,jaw line and neck ears neck i know that’s too dark look under my neck i am more pale of course i need shade 1 but i am interested not in the colour but in i am interedted in the quality and technology if it is worth the money if it is hydrating natural radiant finish and self care infused feature to have your skin but better i love to apply foundation in the eye area to be more polished texture is so fresh and fine look at my finger no thickness no powder it is a very fine layer super fine product that blends perfectly i love it never tried before a so expensive and performant foundation advanced technology mediterranean glow complex a recipe of natural ingredients that inhance beauty researched by D&G i can’t believe at my skin and watch in the mirror and i’m shocked i never worn such a marvelous foundation i always have spots on my face blackheads and pimples lines so when i put my foundation on and i alwasy use luxury brands Dior,Lancome,Chanel.. they are great but they create a bit of layer on my spots like a light powdery finish this one doesn’t for my skin i want the best foundation can last up to 1 year i don’t wear everyday foundation 3-4 times a week so it lasts more than one year and when i spend money on it i know it is something that lasts i’m not joking really for that i prefere to buy best foundations on the market for the happyness of my skin but i never saw a foundation like this it blends perfectly like a second skin but better no layers no thickness no cakeyfinish not even on blackheads i don’t go to expert to get rid of them because when i go then i come back with millions pimples so,,, i prefere use strips at home but they don’t work very well so i prefere blackheads and not million pimples they don’t bother me that much but what happens? when applying foundation on my blackheads i can see like a thin powdery layer with D&G foundation instead my skin is so hydrated and luminous and radiant if you’ve got oily skin maybe you don’t like glow and hydrating foundation if you have combination skin like me and love glowy and young finish look definitely you will love this one wow i am speechless no lines no powdery or cakey look .. i just used a brush so i did not worked or warm the product by finger and there are no brush lines this is high technology when i use same brush with others i’ve got plenty of lines so ia m so happy with this gloriouskin foundation easy and fast application i like it my face looks so radiant,hydrated,plumped,young no mask effect but natural couvrance so so happy i will buy it with some discount offer look at the spot, almost covered not good shade for me but i wanted to see the quality i am too pale like a ghost wow that’s beautiful glow amazing both in summer and winter when skin needs more hydration and care the only bad thing in all this wonderful product price is a bit high but in my opinion it worth the cost because of its ingredients high quality and technology its price is more than 100€ but you can wait for offers to get it at more affordable price but it worth really after making this video in the next days i bought it during the blackfriday sale when i receive the product i will try it better every day so i will make a better review and make a more complete review ask for a sample and try this wonderful thing here i love it and maybe you too and that’s all tomorrow you will see the only one lipstick in DGAMORE lipstick so thank you for watching and see you soon big kiss and remeber to put a like and sub follow me also on IG thank you leave comments thank you bye!


  1. Buongiorno amiche, come vi dicevo volevo farvi vedere l'applicazione di questo fondotinta,è incredibile,mai visto un fondo così sottile,seconda pelle,luminoso,setoso e che non crea assolutamente spessore né sui punti neri né sulle imperfezioni e non va nelle linee della pelle. Contiene acido ialuronico e l'innovativo Mediterranean glow complex. Ieri ho approfittato dello sconto del 30 e ho acquistato la full size quindi appena mi arriva vedrete la full size. Dopo di che provandolo per molte ore al giorno vi fornirò la mia review completa. Un abbraccio 💖💖💖💖

  2. Bellissimo,descrizione accuratissima e impeccabile. Complimenti, meriti davvero tanto per la cura che metti nei tuoi video. Sei una persona stupenda. Ti abbraccio forte e appena esco vado in profumeria a provarlo dal vivo.

  3. mamma che bello mai visto un fondotinta con questa tecnologia , mi hai incuriosita , adesso lo devo andare a provare. Chissa' se me lo danno un campioncino , visto il costo sarebbe bello provarlo in prima persona prima di fare questo investimento ma visto che ai comprato la fullsize aspetto la tua recensione completa per vedere se adistanza di ore si comporta bene o svanisce . grazie

  4. ciao tesoro sei bravissima, adoro i tuoi video di makeup perchè sei tanto dolce e precisa! non come gli altri che ormai fanno solo smorfie e rumori strani con la bocca. sei una persona seria e naturalmente simpatica. resta come sei e non ti omologare

  5. Ciao francy ma che bello questo fondotinta! Tu bravissima nel raccontarlo. Vorrei anche dire alle persone di lasciare più like perché te li meriti. Io lascio like e condivido. Hai un canale che merita tanto.

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