23 thoughts on “Do Pimple Patches Help Clear Breakouts? Hydrocolloid vs Microdarts ✨

  1. I’ve been interested in trying these but it is so pricey 😢 I’d only ever use it for pimples half under and above the skin.
    I still really love my cosrx patches but I may try these ..

  2. I looove pimple patches. I use them all the time. Wearing one right now. Theyre the only thing that really work.


  3. ZitSticka is way too expensive. Also I don't need an individually packed disinfecting wipe. Paying $29+tax for 8 tiny patches seems excessive… If there was a simpler, cheaper option with just killa patches, I would try it… I've tried all other options mentioned and will probably stick to them for the time being.

  4. I used the Cosrx patches, and they were OK. But I've been using my 'The Ordinary' niacinamide serum with the patch on top, and it works a lot better.

  5. god damn it, now i want those microdarts cause i actually have this one annoying inflammatory acne AND IT GROWING AND IT HURTS… but i know my bank account will scream…

  6. Love you guys! Can you please pleaseee do a video for the kind of face products you can and can’t use while pregnant eg can the acids still be used? can a cleanser with 2% salicylic acid be used? Etc thank youuu

  7. Can u guys show the right way after cleansing to makeup. Like i didn't know the correct order to put mosturizer, sunscreen n primer

  8. Hey guys! Can you do a video about rosacea? I’m not sure if I have it. I have a lot of redness, dry spots, bumps(not pimples) and acne. Thank you!💗

  9. These new patches are wayyyyy too expensive. If you only get a pimple a month, then ok. Otherwise you need to stop eating in order to buy them 🙁

  10. Alba makes patches with salicylic acid and they’re readily available in most stores. I find that they work but they do dry out the surrounding skin. They’re a great price too. I go through my entire routine, then use a touch of alcohol to clean the spot and increase adhesion. They stick around all night and day. The package does have a recommended time of use. I love them and some coupon apps also offer deals on them.

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