28 thoughts on “Do Eye Makeup like Jennifer Aniston | Makeup Lessons

  1. OMG that "make up expert" its a joke, there is so many wrong things in this video i wont even write them down, what a shame!!!!!!

  2. This women has a really unsteady hand, also she said something about how she always does in on Jen! I doubt Jennifer Aniston would touch her with a 10-foot pole!!!

  3. I wanna drink to every time this b-tch says "shimmer" ……….. I think I might need to stock up on some more alcohol -__-

  4. Ladies, if anyone is watching this and thinking that they can learn from this woman, stop the video and go find yourself a real makeup tutorial, don't do what she's doing.

  5. WHY is she blending the eyeshadows with a sponge?! Wtf..I think she should of googled 'natural eye makeup' before doing this. Oh and 'how to apply makeup' whilst she was there. These videos are comedy gold, honestly. Eyelid = eyeball. You heard it here first! Hahaha she even managed to gloop mascara on her lid! Why am I watching these videos?!

  6. oh come on this isnt so bad maybe she isnt the best make upartist in the world but shes ok
    u dont have to make her that bad i think there both beautiful and there both doing a good job

  7. When she says "I don't use a harsh line on Jen" …. Does she mean she has done Jennifer anistons makeup ? :s surely no ?!

  8. Would love to know what contact lenses Jennifer uses. Not many people know Jennifer has brown hair and eyes, so would like to know how to get the "blue" colour she has (she actually uses grey but not sure which ones)

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