welcome to Robert Vaughn watts Roy channel channel of alternative treatments in a natural way don’t forget like share comment and subscribe once upon a time is how all the stories begin but adult stories should begin like this it was and always will be the story of every woman girl or man as the face always remains young without pimples without acne without blackheads and of course without wrinkles and the story continues to be one daily story for us written by the countless internet searches combinations of chemicals made by researchers or beloved method of combining plants fruits herbs oils in hopes it will work and the story will have the happy ending the battle with old age and indeed miraculous cure exists it is everywhere around us it is about Terra or better set Green Earth’s pharmacy where there are over 500,000 species of plants of which phytochemicals quietly awaits us to find them to follow our dream dream in which dragons old age wrinkles dark spots pimples and acne can be defeated one tale princess anti-aging is guava my story today is about guava leaves which due to phytochemicals component acts as a winner in fight with the old age wrinkles dark spots pimples and acne here are a few variants of face masks based on Wafaa leaves and in the end I will tell you my personal recipe which from my point of view as a woman aged over 40 years is very effective the recipe I conceived it based on some plants dear to me and personally I love this face mask because this my baby against old age wrinkles dark spots pimples and acne born of my mind the leaves of guava contain antioxidants such as to increase durability of our skin caused by free radicals attacks but also to remove blackheads and pimples from our face however when using this method makes sure the skin does not develop any allergic reaction bitching and burning in case which is first time when you use and does not causes allergy reaction you can use safely because mask from leafs guava matches with your type of the skin researchers published studies what showed that the leaves of guava are very useful in combat of microscopic organisms that cause acne because leaves and guava have very strong antibacterial properties the first version of the face mask contains fresh leaves of guava if you can pick young leaves that are light green to pale yellow and has a softer texture if in your area there are no trees of guava or do not have access to purchase fresh leaves try version of dried leaves teabags guava leaves which you will surely find in specialty stores for teas herbs and plants so how do you use guava leaves take five six leaves of guava wash them thoroughly under running water then boil to a cup of water when water boiling can add leaves boil them with water until the water gets brown and gain density then turn off the fire and let water to become cool using a cotton swab sterile bandage or cotton pad and apply water decoction of guava leaves on entire face let stand for 15 minutes on your face after which you can wash your face with cool water for maximum results you should repeat this procedure twice a week the second way to make remove blackheads is to apply guava leaves as the natural exfoliating which is pretty easy prepare jung hwa the leaves then wash well put fresh leaves in a blender and add a little water mix until it becomes a smooth paste before using leaves were ex foliate it you must wash the face first while the skin is damp start to rub the nose and cheeks or other facial areas that have blackheads make sure you rub gently so as not to produce skin inflammation and redness once you’re done scrubbing rinse your face with cold water then dry with a towel immediately face slowly the third variant is identical to the second only that facial skin does not rub with mixed leaves but stretches on the skin of the face evenly let the masks sit for a few minutes on the face so the composition of the nutrients from math can be absorbed into the skin for maximum effectiveness remove the mosque by rinsing with cold water until the total removal of the mask this same process is repeated every two weeks and then your acne on your face will dry up and disappear face mask created by me consists of five young leaves GRA viola known as the soursop five young leaves guava five leaves let body known as salon spinach Malabar spinach one stem with leaves peppermint 1/2 spoon of turmeric and half a lime one glasses of water where I grinded a few petals roses all these plants have a known effect on facial skin from all points of view old-age wrinkles dark spots pimples and acne and whitening face now after I have explained why I chose my own combination of herbs I will tell you how you prepare it’s very simple wash the leaves thoroughly to remove dust particles from the leaves put all the leaves of guava soursop a lugg body peppermint half a teaspoon of turmeric and pot of blender squeeze lemon juice and I play very well until it becomes a smooth paste content apply the mask evenly on face and let the mask to act for 10-15 minutes after the time has passed removed by rinsing with cold water all traces of mask finally rinse your face with water in which was ground few rose petals masks can apply once every two three weeks when needed but not more than two times per month this is my story about the battle with guava leaves aging blackheads acne and wrinkles remember Channel Robert Vaughn Watts ROI awaits us wonderful information about alternative treatments until next time when I will show the effects of rapid maintenance hair masks hair created especially by me for hair loss hair growth volume of hair glow hair and hair coloring 100% natural I thank you for attention and I wish you maximum health have a great time


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