DIY ROSE Moisturizing WINTER Cream For Dry and Damaged Skin

“In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful”
Assalamu Alaikum Welcome back to my channel FashionTips viewers today in fashion tips I’m making skin moisturizing cream it is very moisturizing and effective not only will make your skin glow and fair but will help with different skin issues as well as I am making this with dried rose petals you can buy these from market either rose petals are dried or fresh they provide many benefits it can solve most of your skin problems rose has a huge amount of vitamin C and E and they both boost the elasticity of the skin to generate new skin along with it removes acne scars and blemishes as well shrink open pores and moisturize your skin gives your skin fair and glowy look as well it has many multivitamins in it , antioxidants and minerals it has its own essential own which repairs dry and dull skin it is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which helps to kill bacteria on the skin reduces skin redness and give your skin fresh and younger-looking boost also removes dark spots and age spots so the first thing you need is obviously dried rose petals grind them and make a fine powder of it after grinding strain it with a fine strainer or cloth and take the extra fine powder as shown in the video after that, you need any sunblock you normally use I’m taking mine from ponds if you don’t own any sunblock you can use any moisturizing cream you have instead nextly we need is sandalwood oil if you don’t have it you can use almond oil as well nextly im taking Aragon oil with vitamin E you can replace this with vitamin e capsule as well and the main ingredient of our tip is butter you need shea butter or mango butter but it’s hard to find here in Pakistan so you can take any unsalted butter let’s go and see now how to make our cream add 1tsp of sandalwood powder and warm it up a bit then add powder of dried rose petals 1tsp dried rose powder and now mix them now leave it for about 10min this is 25gram cube of butter but we don’t need to add this much amount we need about 10grams of butter warm it a bit add 5-6 drops of vitamin E or Aragon oil so we have almost 2tsp of butter here add 2tsp sunblock now to add our rose material in it add half tsp at first and mix it add the remaining rose material left store in a container for later use a very effective day and night rose cream here, our rose cream is ready to use now take a small amount f it and apply it on your hands and face will help with different skin issues and will moisturize your skin … … it’s good for dry damaged and combination skin types so if your skin is really oily avoid using this cream you can store this much amount in room temperature viewers don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my video and the ones already part of the family, thank you for your support see you guys with a new video, TC

26 thoughts on “DIY ROSE Moisturizing WINTER Cream For Dry and Damaged Skin

  1. A.a mame Api hmein to bhot c chzein jo mil n pati……to keya makhn hun ghrelo use kr skty hein ….r riwaj walon ka sunbolck bhe use kr skty ….???

  2. Api meri skin unequal ha spoted hn brown se dull skin.kuch b use karo koi anar nai hota even k koi b skin polish b itna effect nai karti .Phr eyes bags aur laugh line par gai hn skin bht rough ha ..Plz kuch Batain

  3. Aslamoalykum Fashion tips ,,kesi haiy ap ?
    Apki sb videos bht bht awesome hy
    Plz plz plz herbal hair dye for grey hair b bta dey
    Qnk apki sari remedies bht zbrdst h
    Chemicals hair dyes bht dangerous h jesa k ap mujh se zyada better janti haiy
    Plz meri request accept kray plz

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