DIY Herbal Birth Control – Is It Ever Safe?

let’s talk birth control a lot of options available when you go see your doctor but now women are actually turning to more natural methods using herbal birth controls and these DIY birth control they use oils they use herbs a lot of online blogs promote these online outlets claim that these products work and they obviously sell them like hotcakes and there’s a couple in particular so what’s up with this Queen Anne’s lace so that’s a flower right it’s a flower it’s it grows in the United States and in other parts of the world and it’s used for a lot of women as emergency contraception so if they have unprotected intercourse then they will chew these seeds for the next week and they say that chewing the seeds will impact the uterine lining and it will make it so the better fertilized egg won’t be able to easily implant into the uterus so they’re saying that’s how it works now science to back that up we don’t have adequate studies to back that up and of course we always worry about the safety of these things as well yeah exactly I gotta tell you if you’re taking a seed and number one you don’t know the dosage you don’t know potential side effects and if it even theoretically is working appropriate and it’s preventing implantation in the uterus it’s a powerful seed I’m sorry but if I eat a few of these seeds and it’s affecting my uterus and that way I I would be extremely worried I mean number number one maybe the worst case scenarios get pregnant number two who knows are the other factors you know we don’t know so they’ll think we don’t know and plus like I said we don’t know exactly how effective it is and that’s when you take orally right this is yeah neem oil and people are using this as a DIY spermicide yes so they basically will apply it to the inside of the vagina before sex the issue with this is of course we don’t have the research to back it up and we we can’t say that this it’s a little funky admit I heard it smells how does it smell Oh really oh I’m taking all my doctor hat women I would not put this in your vagina Dino would never smell this that you don’t mind that well I’m trying to figure out what it smells like you know the job that’s broken if you put it in your vagina a rusty or musty smell yeah and then they tested it on rats they didn’t even test it on humans to make sure it was these neem oil where’d it come from this is the acid errata indica seed so if you don’t want to use hormonal birth control we have other options don’t offer these herbal supplements because number one you might get pregnant and number two we don’t know if they’re safe so just make sure you are talking to us if you do choose to do these things make sure you tell your doctor you’re doing them and also make sure you take your prenatal vitamins with folic acid because I can’t tell you that this is for sure effective and I know that birth control pills aren’t for every woman and that that’s an issue IUD is a great option and we have not a non hormonal IUD and of course there are risk and benefits to everything so some people even with the non hormonal IUD they may say we don’t really like the bleeding profile or anything like that but we have other options as well you just want to be safe that’s why we have working on the rail spend their entire career specializing this that’s why I like to ask the OBGYN you

9 thoughts on “DIY Herbal Birth Control – Is It Ever Safe?

  1. Seems like that DR.'S should have had a little more respect for the female doctor when it came to utilizing the word VAGINA on this episode 🤔

  2. I've met some people who are iffy about birth control .. then that's what a condom is for. Don't go shoving some random oil up your vagina 😖😳

  3. the fact that women think that flowers or seeds will prevent them from getting knocked up is fucking hilarious

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