DermTV – Syringomas: White Hard Bumps Under Your Eyes [ Epi #224]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. Today’s topic comes from one of Siobhan’s
viewers from the YouTube LetzMakeUp channel, that’s L-E-T-Z M-A-K-E
U-P. And the question is what are those white hard bumps around the eye?
They don’t act like pimples and they don’t respond to treatment like pimples.
There’s a very good reason- they’re not pimples. They look like whiteheads
but they’re not. First of all, they’re usually below the eyes, not
next to the eyes or above it, it’s usually on the lower lid and they can be white
or yellow, they can be round or oval and they can be flat topped or sort
of dome shaped. They have a special name; they have nothing to do with
acne, they’re called syringomas and syringomas are really enlargements of
sweat ducts, having nothing to do with oil glands. Let me show you. This is
our favorite diagram of the skin and this sweat gland is down here in the middle
of the dermis, the middle layer of the skin and when it makes the sweat
it has to get the sweat up to the surface of the skin. So it sends it up
through this tube which is called a sweat duct and as it comes out of
the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, it enters the epidermis, the upper
layer of the skin. And when that duct, that tube, going through the epidermis
becomes enlarged, it forms a syringoma. The enlargement of this
part of the duct forms that white, hard, round bump. If you squeeze them,
nothing comes out, if you put a pin in them, nothing comes out because they’re
solid, they’re just enlargements of those tissues and cells that
make the channel. How do you treat these? No creams or skincare products
make any difference. If you come to a dermatologist’s office, each one
individually has to be operated on, either electrically cauterized or cut
out but there’s no cream that’s going to make a difference. So, if you have
these little, white, round bumps of the lower lid and they bother you,
see a dermatologist and he or she can help remove them but no cream is going
to help take care of this one.

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  1. Great information! Is there a way to prevent them from becoming enlarged in the first place? Thanks!

  2. @TheJnervous Milia look like tiny white dome shaped bumps that appear to be "sitting on top of the skin". On the other hand, white bumps which are larger in size, flat-topped, and usually under the eyes are syringomas… but they can be difficult to distinguish from milia. Since the treatments for each are so different, if you're concerned and want either removed, see a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.

  3. @philosophyofbeauty They can appear in many different places on the body, but the large majority are below the eyes. No one knows why they tend to be mostly below the eyes.

  4. @loveNlipgloss Milia occur all over the eye, though. Wherever skin is frequently rubbed together. And if you look up pictures, syringomas look more like skin tags, almost, whereas milia look kind of like itty bitty pearls beneath the skin. Plus you can lance them and remove them, whereas syringomas you can't.

  5. @faith120604 Unfortunately not. They are determined by your genetics just like your height and eye color. Thank your parents!

  6. Hello there, i had a large one of these removed the side of my eye but it came back. If i keep doing this will it eventually go away???

  7. I was going to ask you about this and I saw your video, I am having white hard bumps around my cheek for soooo many years first its white for few month then get bit black then I remove them so when I watch your video I said I am having Syringomas but I read down in comments some one wrote about Milia so now I dont no what's my one called and what we can do to stop them regrow?

  8. I have them and you really don't need to see anyone doctor about it because all you need is one of those spot stick (I think that's what they're called) from body shop, they are long, there's two ends to it – one is pointy , the other has a small loop.

  9. @olderthan1875 Depends on whether they are milia or syringomas. Milia can often be removed in 1 to 2 visits (traditionally $200 to $250/visit) but syringomas are more complex and require first a sample removal ($300), then a wait to assess healing, and if interested in moving on, removal of the remainder of syringomas below each eye at separate visits. Cost depends on number and of course doctor as well.

  10. actually i got one out i pinched it like it was a pimple and it just came out i has hard but i got it out myself haha not even kidding

  11. I have learned so much about skin since I subscribed to your channel. Very helpful in separating the truth from the beauty hype just to get us to part with our money.
    Thank you for taking the time out of what must be very busy days to do this for us.

  12. @memabige I'm not totally sure so simple answer would be to say they just went over time ^^
    I'm 20, had them for about 8ish years probably, but don't have any on my face anymore, they never bothered me too much so didn't really remember when it was they went but i never used anything specifically for them ^^

  13. I have just a tiny amount. I had always thought they were whiteheads. No wonder they never went away no matter what I tried. Thanks mom and dad lol!

  14. @utubesearcher89 yeah i only did that cause i thought it was a pimple but i have another one im going to let it go

  15. Thank you very much for this video! I have always remembered what was under my eyes, but every time I googled it "milia: would pop up and I could tell from the milia pictures that that wasn't what I had.

    Thanks again! I can't afford to get them taken care of (I'm only 19), but I'm happy to finally have a name for them! Since there is no getting rid of them maybe I should make up nick names for them!!! 🙂

  16. Great information 🙂 My friend has only one of these beneath her eye and its quite large? I googled images and it looks pretty similar – I was just wondering do they go away on their own?

  17. @memabige I have had consulted with a dermatologist in the past about milia and I was advised to avoid heavy creams/serums in the eye area as they can build up as little oil pockets, which is millia.

  18. Dr Schultz,
    Could you tell us the effectiveness of the different removal methods. The two I'm most curious about is Electrosurgery and Laser treatment. Does ethnic skin benefit more from one or the other? Also, after removal, what are the chance of re-currance or redevelopment of syringoma? My derm advised me that there is no chance, but I've read otherwise. Which is it?

  19. my dermatologist recommended laser treatment, how effective is this? she said that they wouldn't recur but over the past 4 years, the amount of syringomas has increased, i have read online that people haven't had much success with the laser treatment.

    is there another treatment this is equally or more effective?

  20. my dermatologist recommended laser treatment, how effective is this? she said that they wouldn't recur but over the past 4 years, the amount of syringomas has increased, i have read online that people haven't had much success with the laser treatment.

    is there another treatment this is equally or more effective?

  21. michelle pham is going to do a video how to extract this and hopefully get rid of it… this doctor just dont want to tell us…

  22. @dumbesthmong i know right! i hope she makes a video for it sooooon. after i watch her last, last video… the one where she does her fav products of the month… she introduce khiel's avocado eye cream and said its like her holy grail. since then i purchased the product and i am loving it, another surprise is that i did have one of those Syringomas and it completely went away after using that product for 3 days. no joke… i wonder if michelle experience the same thing, hence her next video?

  23. I had one on the very top of my right cheek and one on my lower left eyelid. I just clipped through them with nailclippers and gave them a good squeeze. I always remove lumps and bumps in this way.

  24. @dermTVdotcom $300? O_O. I just went to get a facial and she got rid of them for me…it was $35. Admittedly, it was one on each eye, so i'll have to come back to get rid of the rest, but still….

  25. @1478Sarah Same here. I get one every so often. What this video doesn't talk about is just letting them resolve on their own. That's what I do!

  26. Can you get these any where on the face? I have something that sounds similar on my eyelids and on other parts of my face.

  27. I had one under each eye, and I removed them myself. It hurt, really badly, but I poked at the skin with a clean needle until I could get the top layer of skin off, and removed a white core from them. They stayed away for about a year and now they are both back. I never knew what they were until now.

  28. so i have these ( i also have milia, but get them removed). My dermatologist says she can't do anything about this but they might be able to do it like at the beauty clinic. However, I started massaging them every night with either eye cream or olive oil ( i like them both for this) now its been three weeks and i can see a huge differene in size!! Deffinetaly will keep doing this… Try it! Its free and painless 🙂

  29. Would they leave if i keep washing them reguraly? I really dont want to do a surgury can they just leave by time? If so how long? (for for my spelling lol im french)

  30. @367candycane what my mom does is she takes her wedding ring and rubs it against that syringoma and after a day they're gone

  31. @theheirdryer, did u have syringomas?? did it really worked? i also am suffering from syringomas and im looking for a cure. what surgery did u go through that did work for ur syringomas. i hope to hear from u soon ! thank u!

  32. i poke at them evey night with a needle and then finally the skin gets thin and im able to cut through and it comes out.. hurts though but keep poking at the skin..

  33. I had many of them on my upper lid, so I went into my doctors and he took a lazer to them. But I find if I can use a pin I will do that.

  34. Actually, i had 2 of those under my eye and i kept applying coconut oil on them and they disappeared after a while.

  35. same here. my country sucks. the only country in the world with three presidents. i wish i could remove this shit around my eye corners. stupid make-up…and the society that makes women wear make-up :S

  36. i sufferd from this as a child and sill do and i hate it everymorning i look forward to waking up with intesnse burning sensations that just dont stop. I miserable and just with i can just rip them out because theyr ruining my life.

  37. in the last week, i started to develop little skin colour bumps on my cheek, it was barely noticeable unless you touched my cheeks and you could feel them. its almost a week later and there still there but now they have gotten red and irritated PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  38. I have many tiny ones on my face. Mostly on my nose bridge, where my glasses nose piece, between my eye brows, two on my upper eyelids and one on my cheek that has muliplied into like 3 or 4 now. When I had removed them by picking at them they hurt & then they bleed. So what this guy is saying about that they do not bleed is false.There is a blood supply in them. They are less bumpy in the winter months. They plump up when warmer and shrink when cooler. Anyone notice the same thing ?

  39. I had these once, but I accidentally hit myself in the face with the end of my cell phone (long story) and it got popped and disappeared. Though, I can't say I recommend doing that. ^^

  40. I kinda have something like this video. But not like a bump. Right under my eye just before my check. If I look close and pull the skin tight. I see white circles. Is this the same just not bad I'm 36. Should I stop using eye cream???

  41. Thank you for your video doctor. My eye doctor actually said he would be able to remove the syringomas I often get by my left eye. Do you recommend that, or should a dermatologist only remove them? Thanks!

  42. I have syringomas under my eyes and i use jojoba oil and it works really well ( i'm 100% sure they are syringomas my doctos gave me the advice to use jojobaoil)

  43. I have a white thing that seems like this on my eye lid. It is somewhat sensitive. Like when I put on my eyeshadow it's a bit irritating but not PAINFUL. Does anyone know if that's what this is or is it a milia? I've tried, not really all that hard, but tried nonetheless to pop it and poke it but it doesn't do anything. The reason I'm questioning it at all is because he said it is usually below the eye, not above.

  44. I noticed a few in the outside corner of my eye..I was able to remove a couple of them by picking at them with a needle……once the skin was picked open I was able to remove the little hard bump with the needle….

  45. I have cutted one my self , that was on side of upper nose close to eye , but the other one that is on my lower eyelid I can't do it , because it's dangerous and its hard bcs there is no bone beneath.

  46. можно на руском языке обьяснить как можно избавиться от точек вокруг глаз

  47. Dr 2 time i have removed it from d Dr but for some times it get remove after that it comes again… What can i do.. It look really bad in my face… N it's in my eyes upside where grls apply eye shado and down side also

  48. I found something that works. Two things actually. The first was 70% glycolic acid for the lower and smaller ones. Then I put some acne/skin tag patches on the biggest ones that had grown into clusters. The biggest one went away almost completely within 24 hours. I had been trying lemon peel product on them for about a year. I didn’t use the glycolic acid too close to my eyes but the patches yes. It was painless and pretty effortless. The patches are clear and comfortable. My dermatologist didn’t wanna do anything about them because he said it had to do with my blood sugar. And my insurance wasn’t going to cover it because they’re not harmful. I was very happy with the results of the glycolic acid for all of the surrounding little bumps and patches for the ones that were resistant

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