Day In The Life Of A Meme Boss (Xiao Ming) | Battle Of The Alphas Special

[ Drum roll ] [ Comedic trumpet] Good morning guys! So you know every morning I don’t need to set
alarm clock cause Simba will be meowing non-stop until I wake up! Right Simba love? Right? Simba love! [ Cat meows ] [ Sniggers ] [ Cheerful music ] So anyway I’ve never done
this before but today I’m going to
show you guys a day in the life of Xiao Ming! Or… a day in the life of
the meme boss as what the video title says! So, yeah! Wow. My bed hair not bad uh! The first thing I usually do when I wake up in the morning is to feed Simba and Dusty, my cats! Every morning is
when Dusty would be super manja and she will be following
me everywhere! You’re here already! Okay, is it breakfast time? [ Cheerful music ] Breakfast time! Breakfast time! Oh my god, you look at Dusty! She’s like so manja! Dusty love! Yes? What do you want? Hmm? [ Cat meows ] Huh? Why do you look so sad? I’m going to go to work already, okay? Bye bye! Bye bye Dusty love! You’ve got to look at Dusty’s very very pitiful face! Dusty love… Oh no… Okay.. No [ Laughs ] [ Emotional music ] ♪ CAN ♪ YOU FEEL ♪ THE LOVE ♪ TONIGHT… Contrary to popular
belief right, we actually have
normal working hours at SGAG. So I mean like
9:30am to 6:30pm kind of thing la! Oh my god, Mark is late again. Have a look! Mark! Why you late again! Errr… I’m bringing this for shoot. Ya right! Everyday… Everyday bring things
for shoot ah? Excuse me… Don’t anyhow accuse people,okay! Look at this guy who’s late! Eh! I’m being harrassed! Call Police! Annette: What is happening?! 1 of the things I
obviously do at work is to create memes! And this is the meme team! [ Cheers ] Everyday you know I’ll look through
what’s trending in Singapore and
see what interesting memes I can make. The most amazing thing
about memes is that you can actually
do most of them without photoshop. Okay let me show you my Keynote that’s full of them! See, there are tons of memes that I’ve done before. Right.. Here you go… Oh woah! This one is my favourite! Get it? Mulan over here, and Dulan. [ Evil laughter ] So here at the SGAG right, Pfft.. here at “the” SGAG… what the… am I talking about. There is this random
room of people singing right now! Alright! Let me show you! ♪ I’m alive Look at that! ♪ My! ♪ life! So every lunch time right, the office turns into
like a mad house! like those people
playing foosball like over there! And I used to be… quite okay, quite good ah. But too long never play already! Busy you know, doing work! But today I’m going to join them to show you guys ya! [ Ball knocking ] Oh my god! [ Ball knocking ] [ Ball knocking ] Arghh! I used to be.. “quite good” ah.. We only got 1 goal [ Laughs ] ♪ Ole at the wheel Ohhh! That was accidental. [ Laughs ] Comeback starts now! [ Laughs ] [ Screams ] Woooh! Haa! [ Violent knocking ] No la, sore loser. [ Clapping ] Go back make memes ah! [ Laughs ] Here I am with my lame a** partner in crime, Calvin! Yo! Ya! So we’re ideating for some Christmas jokes! Calvin, got anything or not? Now? Ya.. Er… Can lah, come! Something! Ermm okay! Why was Santa Claus sad when Christmas was over? Huh? I don’t know..Cause no more presents to give? No, because it’s a he’s a very Santa-mental person Oh my goddd! [ Laughs ] Hey Chiou! Yes? [ Laughs ] Oi! You want to lose weight right? Yes! Ya huh! Hold this. Ligh… Lighter. You’re lighter now. [ Hysterical laughter ] Technically I’m Chiou Huey and a lighter. [ Laughs ] Okay guys, so it’s about 7pm right now and you know what that means? Pang gang loh! So what I do
usually every evening, is I go for “F45” So for those of you
who don’t know what “F45” is, it’s 45 minute of high
intensity training where I just hammer myself and just sweat it out! So… Yeah! Let’s go get sweaty! Right! Gaaargh! So I’m alittle bit
early for gym, ermm I’m going to do something like super embarrassing! I’m going to go catch
some Pokemon! [ Human punch ] There’s apparently
a raid nearby, since I’ve nothing to do I’ll just go and catch la! I know it’s very
uncle and stuff! Erm but… you know sometimes when you
have nothing to do and you just want to play with your phone, then just go and catch some Pokemons lor! [ Comical impact ] Alright here we go! [ Pokemon Theme Song ] ♪ I want to be the very best ♪ No one ever was Yeahhh! Die you b****! ♪ To catch them is my real test Wohooo! I caught it! YASSS [ Upbeat music ] Arghh! It’s the… selfies that burn the fats, not the workout. [ Upbeat music ] Oh my god guys! I’m finally done
with my work out! I’m so… Tired! You know sometimes I don’t even know why I pay money to torture myself like that! Sometimes I just think that I really really really REALLY LOVE PAIN? I don’t know. But it’s so tiring! [ Crying ] Okay guys, so you know I’m almost home
and I just wanted to share with you guys something interesting! So like the cats would do the same thing EVERDAY when I come home! Simba would be meowing
at the door once he hears me, and then he would come out and scratch the mat! And Dusty would be
lying on the floor outside with her belly up! So let’s see if that
happens today! Simba love! [ Cats meowing ] Simba love! [ Cats meowing ] Oh man! Can you guys hear him? Okay! Simba love! Dusty love! [ Cats meowing ] Yes….? [ Cats meowing ] Why you guys all not [ Sniggers ] So the last part of like.. the day in the life
of Xiao Ming, I’m just going to show you Simba is going to every night when I
come home right he will run towards the room with me. Okay come! Simba love, let’s go! Come here! Come here! Good boy! Good boy! Good boy Simba love! Okay and… that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed this video! If not then… too bad for you! But thanks for watching! Bye! Battle of the Alphas is
brought to you by 100 Plus Singapore’s favourite way to
stay hydrated [ Water splashing ] [ Birds chirping ] Eh! I thought we editing
in the water effects?! [ Coughing ] [ Water splashing ] If I were to describe like
the whole performance Stunning. A circus. [ Laughter ] Super unstable this one. Got earthquake here. [ Whip cracking ] Whip you guys into shape. Sit down! Sit down and stretch now! [ Bones cracking ] [ Upbeat music ]

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  1. A buff guy who wears sunglasses (Who looks like an asshole on the outside) makes memes and dad jokes aswell as plays pokemon go. Don't judge by looks guys.

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