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  1. SirT1 activators may be good for diabetes but may cause cancer due to p53 inhibition, SirT1 inhibitors may protect against cancer but cause metabolic disease, and there is evidence supporting the idea that both activators and inhibitors of SirT1 can confer protection against neurodegeneration in different contexts.

  2. My asthma has disappeared after I started drinking superberry juice. Had it since i was a boy (53 now). When I looked at ingredient s of the juice it was mostly red grape juice. So I started putting 2 handfuls of grapes into a blender with water and it works fine. No inhalers needed. Anyone with asthma should try eating some red grapes daily. Even if it only cures 5% of suffering people thats thousands!

  3. 100 glasses of wine a day. Thats it. I currently live in wine country. Im gonna live til the sun explodes. Challenge accepted!!

  4. I started drinking red wine when I was a soldier in Julius Caesar's army. I was 20 then. I'm 2070 years old now, still look aged 20-30 and still drink a lot of red wine every day. I lie to good looking young women all the time and tell them I'm 25 because they freak out if a guy's over like, you know, 35 or 40, much less 2000 years old. Anyway, reservatrol is great and JC was a pretty cool dude!

  5. Supplements i take daily, Fish oil, Alpha GPC, Resveretrol, L theanine, Lions Mane, Sulforaphane, and NMN. I do a 12-16 hour fast day to day and exercise in the mornings before i eat anything i feel this works best for my lifestyle.

  6. Interesting I try to extend my time between last meal of the day and first meal of the day. I see a lot of One meal a day people around also.

    I think annually fasting is probably incredible for anybody wanting to maintain health. There is a reason that ancient religions incorporated it into there lifestyles.

  7. Resveratrol supplements sure worked for me! I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t more readily available and people stop talking about it. It was the only supplement that gave me immediate results, as in when I worked out it was so obvious that my endurance was many times what it had been without it. I stopped taking it for a while but now I am taking it again. I also purchased the supplement NMN to see how that feels. I like the endurance part but mostly I like the part of feeding my blood vessels with extra energy that will help them grow anew.

  8. Fasting is no fun and not easy if you’re on a fixed schedule and you commute. Besides that one enjoys good food or at least I do. I don’t eat junk food, I cook for myself and eat only whole plant foods. I like to nourish my body with whole plant foods and I don’t like to be watching the clock the whole time.

  9. Hey Doc, huge fan and grateful for your shared knowledge and diligence.
    Are NR and NMN equally effective for SIRT activation/ NAD+ upregulation, or is NMN the 'new and improved' version of NR?
    Is taking Alpha Lipoic Acid supplementation with carbohydrate- inclusive meals as effective for keeping blood sugar under control relative to the metformin option?

  10. I watch and learn from all of your vids. Thank you. However, I may be a little ahead of you in this area.

    You can find a very interesting lecture by Dr. Sinclair (among many) on YT at:

    Live Longer, Live Better Lecture Series — Why Reversing Aging is Easier Than Reversing Baldness

    Also he was on the Joe Rogan show within the last couple of days for a 2 hour interview.

    Here's a forum of both tech and experiential information on NAD.


    If you go to the internet page of Alive By Nature there is good explanation of NAD, etc and it appears that NMN works best taken sublingually.

    On YT if you search BBC report with Dr. Mosley, he talks with Longo and several others wherein you will find some surprising information e.g. high intensity training will give you full physical benefits but with much less time invested, same with cardio. Be sure to find the one wherein he talks to several people, all quit surprising as I said.

    Also look up Dr. Douglas McGuff–High intensity workout with weight machines, 20 minutes a week. It really works for me.

    I, myself, have been taking NMN for a little less than 150 days. Almost immediately my skin became very soft, all calluses disappeared, my knees which gave me agony when I would squat are perfect now and, and I hesitate to include this one, it appears my beard and mustache and returning to black.

    Good luck and God speed to all.

  11. I have been on alternate day fasting ADF in the last 5 years (40 hrs fast and 8 hrs eating), before that I was on intermitent fasting IF (18hrs fast 6 hrs eating) for 20 years, ADF lowered my cholesterol to 150, my glucose to 73, something IF did not, besides I take resveratrol, melatonine, theanine, carnitine (I can make a lot of exercise), my pressure has always been 60-100, my main fear is cancer, I hope that with ADF I defeat it, I don't drink any wine or take any drug

  12. I overcome the 100 glasses of wine by taking resveratrol supplements daily to activate Sirtuin 1, I also take Nicotinamide Riboside for the Nad+ boost, which by the way my energy levels at age 53 are thru the roof. I also take Astragulas shown in studies to lengthen Telomeres in Chromosones. I also take Pterostilbene is a stilbenoid chemically related to resveratrol mostly found in Blueberries, much more easily absorbed by the body than resveratrol due to it slight difference in molecular make-up. I also take Vitamin K with D3 to increased absorbtion. The japanese have much higher Vitamin K in their diets do to their types of diets! Several reports indicate a major important role for vitamin K in bone health, teeth health as well as blood coagulation. The Japanese tend to age very slowly, this has been attributed to the excess of Vitamin K as well….. School mates my same age have verbally recognized I am looking much younger than they. I do also exercise once every 2 or 3 days which takes me 2 to 3 hours to complete. I also strictly practice Intermittent fasting 16 hours a day everyday as a lifestyle. Only having an 8 hour window in which to eat. Which we all know the age defying benefits of calorie restriction. I haven't gotten sick for quite a longtime now. when I was younger I could expect to get sick every winter and sometimes during the warmer seasons. Not anymore! This is what keeps me going on keeping up with my supplements and lifestyle…..God Bless!

  13. Wow great video – and thanks for turning us on to David Sinclair. I watched his recent YT interview with Joe Rogan (1/29/19) and he says he takes 1 gram of NMN each morning. I'm only finding it in 150 mg caps and with a powder you only get 12 grams for $150 bucks!
    Anyone know how to get it in 1 gram doses (or 500 mg caps) without having to take out a 2nd mortgage?
    Thanks Dr. Brewer!

  14. NMN as well as NR convert to NAM in the liver. I’ve yet to here or read any good reason to use NMN or NR when you can just buy NAM for a fraction of the cost.

  15. Sinclair is a millionaire huxter. Look at the resveratrol situation, he says it extends life, but multiple other studies found no such correlation and largely concluded that its likely the ethanol in wine that likely helps to break up low density lipo-proteins.

  16. Ok, i didnt get the name of the other doctor who is trying out metformin for longevity. Could you please repeat that, thank you!

  17. Fast…You'll get the same or better results. It's also free plus there's the lack of a grocery bill. Oh, I forgot, there's no effort required in a pill. Hard dry fasting is even better. Oops! That requires discipline.

  18. It shouldn't be surprising that doctors and researchers don't know all about everything, especially when they can't spell the compounds they are discussing.
    – grapes have more resveratrol than wine, per Calorie.
    – grapes also have additional phytochemicals, anthocyanins, in addition to fiber.
    – it is stunning that doctors and researchers can believe the body and its longevity can be reduced to a couple of compounds.
    And there's more critical anti-oxidants than resveratrol for the central nervous system, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.
    As usual, longevity advantage will never be a cocktail of molecules.
    Any scientist or medic who genuinely understands human physiological systems will realize this.
    And know stressors that compromise homeostasis trump nutrient intake.
    What's the point of optimal nutrition and billion dollar compounds if your gut is dysfunctional and you malabsorb, or you are psychologically conflicted and your brain is not flushed of metabolic waste regularly and deeply?

  19. Hi Dr Brewer! Nice video! I’m convinced that astragalus is a wonderful adaptogen that inhibits telomerase and helps preserve telomeres. This mechanism should promote longevity. I’ve been taking Dr Ed Parks product “Recharge” for several years now and feel better and stronger and look younger than my cohort. Any thoughts on Astragalus?🤔

  20. Resveratrol is only about 10% effective alone . The whole raw seeded grape has to be consumed to work. Stripping chemicals one by one from food is what's wrong with all supplements and prescription meds . They work when taken whole raw and together .

  21. I was discharged from the Air Force with mitochondria dysfunction, my ability to do cardio abruptly changed with no explanation and 7 years of extensive cardiopulmonary work up. Wonder how this would effect my genetic mutation?

  22. MD/Triathlete X 42 years
    doing longevity X 20 years
    have seen many stock pump and dump promoters like Sinclair
    bluezones.com to increase chance of making it to 100 by 500%

    David Sinclair takes 500 mg of NMN and says his biological age went from 58 to 32

    Posted on April 28, 2017

    by toddkreider

    David Sinclair of resveratrol fame told The Washington Post at age 45 in 2015 that he was taking 1000 mg of resveratrol a day in 2015 yet in an interview printed yesterday, he said before taking 500 mg of NMN a day that his blood work showed that his biological age was 58 and that a few weeks latter was that of a 32 year old.

    Sayonara to resveratrol.

    NMN is supposedly very similar to NR that is sold by Chromadex to vendors like HPN and Elysium, yet it is currently not cheap. Sinclair said that 500 mg of NMN costs him around $20 a day where as 500 mg of NR would cost just under $2 a day.

    Sinclair is a multimillionaire so has enough loot to take $20 a day of a 500 mg capsule but if NR is superior or equivalent to NMN than why pay 10 times as much?

    He says that he is testing NMN on human subjects for 6 months from this fall in Boston and estimates it will take 3 to 5 years to develop this “drug” that is already available as an expensive supplement

  23. Thanks.
    Am a regular user of: resvetatrol, alpha lipoic acid, astaxanthin, green tea extract. Daily shotglass of honey and apple cider vinegar. Finally, couple of times a week of wheatgrass shots.

  24. Would love to try the NMN but can’t afford it at this point. I checked amazon and at 1 gram at day it works out to $180 a month.

  25. This is where I commented the other day on one of your other videos (about the interview with he on Joe Rogan's podcast). NMN, Metformin, NAD, and NR were being discussed.

  26. Soo…what changed in the middle ages?! You opened with that and never addressed it. My guess would be, sugar intake?

  27. Don’t get me wrong, very informative video, I liked the content. But, why don’t you just video capture your screen rather than showing those printed sheets? A couple of tree friends I know say they will be very thankful!

  28. A lot of talk about mitochondria of late. Sugar, simple carbs; cut them out and very obviously boosted immune system. Out of the states for years. Upon returning, really notice how much sugar, fast foods, meat, fried foods, etc. people eat. My body can't handle it anymore. Little desire for it either. Probably good, as I remember craving it. NMN is big news right now. But have to wonder if it will pan out to be as great as expected. Also Stem Cell and Telomere boosters. How effective are they? I guess time will tell. Learned a lot about Asian and Eastern Medicine. Interesting that it works as well as Western Medicine, sometimes better. Also the Placebo Effect. Think some day we will figure out we have the ability to heal ourselves. Looking forward to it.
    Will be interested to see how the results of the research on NMN. On some of the other new health products popping up.

  29. Considering that in the CFS there is a "problem" in the electron transport chain (V complex) and the research is currently unable to give a cure … could acting on the NAD help? What do you think of this hypothesis in the CFS as the main cause?

  30. Hi, i'm 32 and would like to start an anti-aging routine; can someone list supplements i should be taking?


  31. Dr. Brewer, I really appreciate your channel given your training and experience. You represent the best of both worlds – an independent thinker and voracious learner who is also formally trained. Thank you.

  32. Drink quality red wine at night before bed. That’s what I got out of it. Better than a pill. Plus you get your wife or girlfriend drunk. Women operate better drunk. Improves service problems. Win/Win

  33. Dr Brewer. My father had Type 2 Diabetes which he didnt know till he had nerve and retinal damage. Heres the Kicker: When they put in his pacemaker, he dropped 40 pounds water weight in one week AND his high blood sugar/type 2 totally went away. Never to return. He eats what he wants… his diet includes high fat of lard and butter. No cooking oils. So your video explained why to me. For lack of better words im gonna just say as we age, that our heart isnt producing enough electrical current. By the way: his pacemaker has never gone off ever, in the 10 years he has had it. Just it being there cured him. He is not on any heart meds anymore. His blood sugar is fine and BP is fine. He is 90. Im 58 have chronic fatique and gonna ask my doctor for a pacemaker but i doubt they will give me one.

  34. David's Sinclair's research – has it been peer reviewed, published, in any recognized reputable place like JAMA?

  35. Been taking Nmn and resveretrol for 3 full months. With nmn about 2 of the 3 because of supply. Finally stocked up now. I have had breathing issues for 2 years. Basically i probably have COPd or possibly LC. Still have a cat scan this September and hoping for best. Im 48 and past smoker. Even thou i quit almost 20 yrs ago i smoked heavily. I tried so many vitamins . I was impoving slowly after a year. Although still felt very tired and lazy to get going. CBD was talked about so i tried some drops but didn't notice any difference. Tried some THc ( cannabis) very very small amount and i felt better almost instantly! I take thc edibles and vape very little. Probably 10 mg tops a week. Estimate i felt 60-70% normal. Still forced myself to play sports (tennis) and go to work. I was still feeling small amount hard to breath fully. Began taking resverotrol and nmn and in less than a week was feeling substantially better. After a cpl weeks i noticed my breathing during a tennis match was 95-100 % normal. I broke down in such joy! I want to start light jogging which i was trying to do before i felt sick. I work construction as a finished commercial carpenter and am amazed how good i feel the more i exert myself. My wife noticed i have less grey hair and my hair ( although receeding) feels thicker. I take 700 mg resveretrol and about 1 gram nmn now. Nmn dosage was about 500mg on average first couple months because of supply issues

  36. Hi – found your channel recently as researching husband's high CAC score – I started on your first videos made a couple of years ago & worked my way through to present – thought you may like to know that you look SO much healthier in your recent videos … whatever you're doing is working … handsome too ;0) … thanks for all the great info.

  37. My father-in-law had a glass of red wine every day at dinner for the last 30 years or so, he just died at almost 96. His wife did half the amount and died at 93, both smokers, but he quit about 20 some years ago. No diabetes, no major health problems, no dementia. Both controlled their BP with pills. They ate home cooked meals, nothing big, but there was always a salad and veggies. He liked to have a slice of bread with his dinner. Their mornings would consist of black coffee and some graham crackers, lunch was light, maybe an egg omelet with some greens and a slice of white toast. Dinner was a small piece of meat (variety), red potatoes, or rice or some pasta again with veggies, salad with vinegar and olive oil, and always red wine (only). Desert was a piece of chocolate or some ice cream, a cantaloupe or watermelon, etc. She loved pumpkin or sunflower seeds and other nuts like walnuts, and every Monday she would make chicken soup either with rice or noodles. She had a schedule and she stuck to it. They didn't eat a lot, but they took time conversing at the dinner table. Hardly ever did they get sick and if it wasn't for her unfortunate fall, she'd probably be still living. Two different DNA's. I really believe it was their diet. There wasn't much exercise going on, very little walking, watching tv, and just doing their usual daily routines. My husband and I started eating the same way and see the difference already. We've eliminated all processed garbage food and replaced it with healthy. It's hard to make a change when you see all that candy, all those cakes, cookies, etc. everywhere. My husband was not a veggie eater but lately had to switch due to his heart and liver problems. Every time we went out for breakfast he would order pancakes or French toast with syrup, but now he knows better not to even look at it. Great video doc. Keep us posted.

  38. Eugenics and big pharma/bio/agri. Engineered food, lifestyle, societal norms. All leading chronic illness. And lots of new customers. Profit all the way to the grave and less pension payouts

  39. hey doc, question, i recently purchases nmn and resveretrol. Im in my mid 20's and I exercise almost every day. I also do intermittent fasting everyday, I fast for 16-17 hours daily. Would you recommend I take these two pills daily and continue my intermittent fasting?

  40. So Doctor, do you recommend that people take NMN?  It appears to me not to have any downside and potentially could have an enormous positive effect.

  41. I'm 19 would I have any benefit taking something like nmn, if so how much of this stuff should I take I'm trying to live a long time

  42. Hi Doc. Do you think taking the concentrated resveratrol supplement is effective?

    Also, what are your thoughts on nicotinamide riboside, which can be bought today?

    I’ve heard a biochemist and elite athlete say they thought nmn was better for overall longevity but NR was better for longevity + athletic performance.

  43. Totally fascinating. I lived in China for 8 years and when you start to cross ref. TCM it starts to look good

  44. well done, informative and makes good sense to the 'pedestrian' looking for more information about NMN. Thanks.

  45. Im a little confused, should I take NMN, and/or NR, and/or Resveratrol? what ratio?
    How about the role of B3, Niacin vs. Niacinamide, which is better?

  46. I do want to say on this video, because I watch all of your videos, drinking 100 glasses of wine is not a setup for a joke. My grandfather drank until he got Diabetes, and after that came Cancer. Drinking alcohol or anything with sugar for that matter is not an option for longevity. As you have seen yourself Dr and then go on to explain, repeated dosing of glucose kills you and leads to diseases.

  47. I think the doctor miss stated what doctor Sinclair really stated. NMN is the fuel for Resveratrol. That's what doctor Sinclair stated. Not that NMN was like Resveratrol. Big difference. They work together. Also you need to get the sublingual NMN. You can't absorb much in the blood through the stomach. Also you need alot of trans Resveratrol for it to work right. But don't just get trans Resveratrol make sure you get the whole compound as well. You want the Entourage effect.

  48. I smoke, I eat when I'm hungry. Tuna fish and balogna sangwiches. I was born Dec 1935 and look like I was born in the 70's. Not the best I know but I blame the lack of dolphins in my tuna.

  49. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us. I just wish you have a power point on the wall or an slide (available on phones now) projector to make your explanations more dynamic and direct. You can do great things with that and make your videos much much better.

  50. Doc, Sinclair isolated and has been producing under licensing agreement Resveratrol as a supplement for 30 years. Do not know what you mean by your statement that you cannot get enough of it on a daily basis? Sinclair takes a half a gram of Resveratrol, a full gram of in NMN, and prophylactic Metformin daily.

  51. Never bord Dr Brewer just in or of your wonderful presentation & patients with some that want a quick fix . Im fasting & living on little , the slower i go .Just doing Great Thanks 2 U My condition All Good

  52. " There's something going on" "it's happening to all our cells" to quote you and the reply is "it's the meat". You can get plenty of resveratrol via supplementation – 2 grams a day is the effective dose. NMN is very expensive so you can get the cheaper nicotinamide (1/10th) and if you take upto 1 gram spaced over the day it will do the same job because NMN is broken down during digestion and reconstructed by the liver same for nicotinamide. Take both Trans resveratrol and nicotinamide and you supercharge the process.

  53. You know you can buy isolated resveratrol. You don't have to get it from red wine or grapes…..which as you said would be highly impractical for getting physiologically significant amounts.

  54. Hi, why is the downregulation of p53 a good thing?

    From what I have learned it is a tumor suppressor gene that helps with the prevention of cancer, can someone please explain?

  55. I take pterostilbene, cycloagenol and ormus supplements. My skin changed alot after 1week. I am turning 30 next year. Im also using sun block during the day and i try to not expose under the sun, and i turned vegetarian one year ago.

  56. That was a slow explanation. And of course nobody can drink 100 glasses of wine for resveretrol, or eat pounds of brocolli for nmn or lutein. That's what supplements are for.

  57. I had a little chuckle at your production methods, perhaps try out OBS studio and/or Shotcut (both free), to directly show the images. Instead of printing them out.

  58. There is no panacea
    For every positive
    There is a negative
    But this is promising, i take resveratrol and NMN
    I am Hesitant about taking Resveratrol because it is closely related to estrogen and mimics the compound DES which is implicated in breast cancer. No I am not a woman, I think there is some concern about putting something that’s pro hormone in your body.

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