Hi, SILABG team we are going to talk about CVETITA HERBAL’s most popular products, TRIBULUS MAX. Cvetita Herbal is specialized in natural herbal liquid extract products and their products are with high concentration of healthy substances. As we said , today we will focus more on their most popular product TRIBULUS MAX it is nautral herbal extract of tribulus terestris The Raw material used is Bulgarian, as you may know it is globally recognized with its phytochemical composition. The main advantage of the products is is that it is in liquid form, which makes it easier for absorption. The main purpose of the product is to stimulate the 2 genotropic hormones Folicle-Stimulating Hormone and Luteinizing Hormone. Luteinizing Hormone plays main role in the natural Testosterone levels boosting. So, this is the reason for for all the advantages like: faster muscle building boosted libido, more strength, bosted endurance, faster macronutrients absorption and you will feel energized throughout the whole day. Folicle-Stimulating Hormone on the other hand, plays main role role in the ripening of spermatozoa their abundance and their mobility. As you know, Tribulus is used by women also, , because it helps for different women problems. We can sum up that CVETITA HERBAL’S TRIBULUS MAX is a unique product with unique formula. We hope that we were helpful

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