CoverGirl Olay Eye Makeup & Foundation Review, Simply Ageless Anti Aging, Women over 50

Hey awesome ones. Heather here. Have you
been hearing about that Covergirl Olay anti-aging simply ageless makeup? Well
I’ve been hearing about it too and I thought…….
sounds like a review to me. So just stick around and I’m gonna do a review for you.
It all starts in just a few seconds. So I actually did a couple of
commercials for Oil of Olay and I’m going to talk about that a little later
on in the video and let you know how you can check one of those out. Now what I’m
going to do…this review it is a non sponsored review which means that I
bought all the makeup with my own money. I also have a give-a-way later on. I
bought that with my own money as well. So first of all let’s do a presto change-o
and see me without any makeup. So you know I like to keep it real for all of
you .So here’s my sixty three-year-old face with no makeup on, but let’s start
this review and see if it will make me simply ageless. So let’s start with the
simply ageless foundation primer. I love this primer. I have been using this
and enjoying. I’ve been using it with Estee Lauder with L’Oreal, with the
you know…the powder foundation mixtures as well. So really really love it here. So
as you can see, it has a really nice dewy texture and I just sort of put it on
just like this…just around and underneath my eyes a bit, on my cheeks.
I love this primers… can’t talk when I’m putting it on again.
I love this primer so much I’m doing a giveaway in a draw for you guys. So all
you have to do is you just have to be a subscriber. And hey if you’re not a
subscriber just click on the subscribe button below there if you’re liking the
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this primer is you just have to put in the comments that you want the primer
and your name will go in the hat. So as you can see it’s…..well
you can’t see, but it’s so dewy it’s so soft, really love it. Alright so…by the
way the draw will be next Friday for that primer. Forgot to tell you that. All
right let’s get going with the concealer now. I quite like this concealer. I’ve
only used it once. I did a practice run. What I found with it, is it’s a
little bit thin putting on first. So what I’m going to do is I’m gonna go
right into…you know…this purpley part of my eyes and down along like that. I’m
not going to put it back into the container.
I want it to dry out a little bit. So remember…oops almost poked my eye out…remember it goes this way. This is a concealer brush. I talked about that in other videos. I’m just
going to go right up in the purple part and there you go you can sort of already
tell the difference between the two sides. I’m going to finish up this side.
You know if you’ve got any dark spots, which I do, age spots. Make sure
that you’re using it a little bit dried out and you see those spots there. I
don’t know if Bill can do a close-up on those spots there but I’m just gonna dot
those nasty little spots there and blur them away. When I put the foundation
on its gonna do a nice cover-up. Oh and the color of the concealer that I use
since I’m fair is…called Fair. So just in case your’e wondering about that. And also I kind of gave a teaser in the last video or two about the fact that I have done an
Oil of Olay, actually I did two Oil of Olay commercials way back in 1984. And you
don’t have to leave the video right now, but you might want to jot it down or try
to remember. All you have to do is look up Oil of Olay 1984 and you’ll see a
bunch of videos on YouTube down the side. Look for the one where somebody is sort
of touching a jar of oil of olay and check out me about…oh my gosh…how many
years now? Like 34 years ago doing that commercial. So I just thought I’d bring
you down memory lane with me on that one. So I guess now it’s covergirl slash Olay.
So yeah and I gotta tell you these products that I bought they’re really
really reasonably priced and you can get them at a drugstore or most department
stores. And of course we have links for them underneath here and we’ll probably
also have them at awesome…no sorry… Our
Amazon storefront for you. It’s only for USA people. So if you’re anywhere else in
the globe just click on the links below for the Olay slash covergirl products
and I think you’re really going to like them. Now the other thing I wanted to
mention at this point is I am buying all my own products for reviews and for give
away’s and also I don’t know if you can tell but we got an upgraded camera. We went and
got this new camera. So I don’t know if you can tell that it’s a little less
grainy than the camcorder we were using. We also have a patreon account and
it’s It’s kind of like a tip jar. I don’t
like asking like this and I just…you know…if you don’t want to…that’s cool. No
problem. You know we have that and I think it’s
five dollars a month if you wanted to participate in that. And it just only
makes us better. We just want to get the best equipment the best lighting the
best product reviews everything. Clothing we want to buy at malls and that sort of
thing and just be the most awesome over 50 channel that you can get. As I’m
rambling on of course my concealer is dry now. Let’s get to the
three-in-one foundation. So next is the simply ageless three-in-one foundation
And the color I’m using on this is…ivory. And it’s 3 and 1. What does that mean?
Well apparently it reduces the signs of wrinkles. It improves tone and
it moisturizes. So…whew!… we can really use a lot of that. I’m just gonna do
the old squirt here as you can see it’s a nice consistency. And let me grab
my Beauty Blender and get going with this. All right so I used my hand like
a little pallet here and I’m using my Beauty Blender and don’t forget you have
to dampen your Beauty Blender ok. So just …and I do wash it every single night. I
know it looks a little gross but anyway… O.k so what I do with the Beauty Blender
is I just sort of put it on and then I just start to smooth it out a little bit.
So let’s just…sorry I’m using a mirror in front of me here so hopefully I’m
giving you a not too much of a sloped look. You get the drift. I’m sure a lot of
you have put foundation on before but ok let’s just keep going here. A little bit
now on the cheeks because I have all those little spots and that. I put it on
a lot thicker a lot more dabbing on that side and the same with over here. I’m
going to put it on a lot thicker. Ok alright so I’d like to let the
foundation kind of dry a little bit and while it’s drying I’m going to work on
my eyes .So first of all I have this eye liner and it’s called: A Perfectly Point.
And it’s in onyx black. So let’s just sort of see how the eyeliner works here. That’s working out nicely. I think it’s
also water-resistant probably not waterproof but and you know how I like
to do a little swoosh there and what I like about this is it’s got that little
smudging thing on the bottom of it. I can sort of smudge that up a little bit
to give me….you know about the hooded eyes. I have hooded eyes. I’ve also done
a video on hooded eyes and what I’m going to do is put the link up there.
It’ll give you a little bit more in depth on how to do the swoosh but let’s
get to the eye shadow. And this is the covergirl eyeshadow that I chose and
it’s, True Naked Nudes. Okay there you go. Very interesting name there and what I
like about this particular one is it does have its own applicator. So it’s got
an applicator there for the light and then it also has an applicator for the
darker one. So what I think I’m going to do… it has some sparkly ones in it as
well but what I’m going to do is use the matte if I was going to a party or
something I would definitely use the sparkly but I’m going to use the matte.
So let’s go ahead using this matte one here and all I’m going to do is put it
right there on my eyes…oh that goes on very very…wow that’s that’s a thick sort
of thing and we could just…gonna lightly put it up there because that went on
very thick as a matter of fact gonna smooth that out with my fingers a little
bit. Okay so as far as the inside of my eye inside
of this part of my eye. I’m going to use hmmm let’s use this brown here with this
side of the brush and away we go. Okay so goes on really dark and I also like to
put a little bit very carefully… don’t go too thick… put a little bit underneath my
eye because I’m not going to put a liner underneath my eyes. A lot of times if
we’re older it makes us look pretty harsh when we put the black liner
underneath there. So your going…Heather that looks terrible. Of course it does.
I’m not finished yet. I’m gonna use this brush here to smooth
everything out. See what I’m doing here. I’m just gonna smooth smooth smooth
so that it looks a lot more natural and then I’m also going to do the other eye.
So have a little bit a little bit lighter of a work with this because it
does go on pretty heavy. So next is for the blush and check this out this has
got the blush, it has the contouring slash bronzer and also the highlighter
all in one. Now it’s a little bit…I notice it’s a little bit…a little bit
powdery but I went for a pinky color. I think it’s called 510 and I use a brush
like this and I’m just going to put…see very very powdery. So you gotta be
careful with this. I’m gonna blow some of this off because I don’t want to be and
I’m gonna dab on really lightly. Oh wow see if I would have put that on too
thick I would have done the kind of clown look as far as my cheeks are
concerned. All right so for the contouring we’re going to use this kind
of bronzing here and again really really really light on this guy’s because this
powder goes on dark. The thing that I really like to do is I really like to
look natural and not fake. So even though I want to do a nice cheekbone I don’t
want it at the expense of people going wow look at her blush and her bronzer in
there. So I put a little bit under my jowls here. Jowls whoa
hate that word. And a little bit up here and oh you know what I’m finding also
when I put on a foundation? I always have to put a little blush under
here and just a touch up here just to make it all kind of smooth over
and oh yes don’t forget the sides, you know our noses are growing. It’s one
of the wonders of aging. I’m gonna put a little bit of contour down
the side of my nose here and along here as well. What about the highlighter?
So here’s the highlighter right here and again kind of powdery and I’m going to
put the highlighter…I know everybody thinks it makes you use youthful looking
but you know what if you put too much on well what can I say. It’s just too much
highlighter. So maybe a touch here and that’s about it. Some people like to put
a little bit there… at the…do they call it the Cupid’s bow right there? But
anyway yeah. Oh Sparkle can you really see that sparkle there? Bill can you do a
little close-up for the sparkle. All right so now it’s mascara time and we’re
using the black exhibitionist. Okay okay these weird names, but exhibitionist it is.
So and one thing I noticed about this is it’s got a beautiful long wand on it so
we’re just going to touch those eyes up here. I must say it is going on quite
nicely. Usually I would put maybe three coats of mascara, but I think with this
one I’ll just need two coats and just one coat on the bottom. so I’ll go ahead
and finish that up. Now for the lips. I thought I’d use this kind of pinky color
this time. I’ve been using some red lipstick lately but this is really
nice for the warmer weather and it’s a two part system. I’ve used this before
and you just sort of…you know I don’t like goopy, but this isn’t really goopy
because you put it on your lips. I’m not even using a liner because it can…..
you can draw it on yourself. Okay so that actually dries to a matte
finish. So we’ll give it a little bit of time here but it really is drying on
your lips so you’ve got to use this part next. This is a sealant and it’s
almost like a lip balm. Make sure…they say it’s all day lipstick but you know
what, it’s kind of okay for me after one coffee but what I also like about these
two lipsticks together is you can kind of put them in a back pocker pair of jeans or
something like that. They’re pretty unintrusive. Now there you go it’s mmm I
can feel it almost sticking together. Now time for the sealant and the sealants
super easy. All you do is just go over top of it like that
and you’ve got a nice shiny lip going. So next let’s work on my disappearing brows.
They seem to be falling out there but what I decided to buy was
the Covergirl pomade. Now the eye shadow and some of these eye products are not
age defying. They’re not called that anymore but this little pomade I thought
it was really cute. I bought it in a honey brown thinking that that would be
my color but it’s really kind of dark. So just a pre warning about that. It has a
little brush inside of it so that’s really nice. Now if you want to go to the
you know to the actual liners, Covergirl does have liners as well for just, sorry
pencils for eyebrow pencils but now you should have a spoolie somewhere in
your makeup kit. If not maybe an old mascara wand, but what I want to do is I
want to brush up my hairs a little bit like this and for this endeavor I’m
going to use the stencil. And if you saw my last eye-brow
makeup one….I’ll put the link up there for you…these stencils are amazing.
So let’s see if I can work this with just the two hands here. Just put this
little brush in here and I know this is dark but you know what? Darker eyebrows
are kind of in now. So we just put this little stencil over top of my eyebrow
like that and then we just color it. Oh it does look dark. Okay that’s fine,
it’s okay that it looks a little bit dark. You may s, wow looks way too dark,but what
I’m going to do is with that little brush that I had which I can’t find
right now, but I will, I’m going to brush the hairs up a little bit and make it
look more natural. So let me just do the other eye and I’ll do that and oh here’s
the brush right here. So…Heather the professional makeup person! So let’s just
do this. Okay here we go……. and maybe Bill can get a little more of
a close-up. So you’re saying oh that looks terrible, but watch we’re just gonna do
some brushing and see how we’re bringing it…just a lot more natural it doesn’t
look as harsh at all. Let me just finish the other eye and I’ll show you exactly
what I mean. So as you can see yeah they’re a little bit darker but once I
kind of brush them out a little bit they gave a nice framing and they’re
certainly a lot better than the no eyebrow look that I had before. So now
let’s sort of put on a little bit more of this exhibitionist mascara. I’m
going to tell you I’ll only need two coats of this. I love this mascara it’s
for the price I mean I told you before the prices of these products these are
probably the least expensive…maybe Burt’s Bees was a close second but
they’re really inexpensive and yeah just it’s a lovely lovely mascara. So what
I’m going to do is I’m going to wear this makeup for about six hours and yeah
I’m gonna touch up the lipstick here and there and then I’ll be back with little
Hurricane and I’ll tell you how it was. Okay so I’ve worn the makeup now for six
hours and I gotta tell you the mascara is amazing and the eye shadow all these
eye products were really really good. I also want to tell you that I did try…I
did a test run and I did try the mascara to take it off just with you know
natural soap and water and it came off super super easily. So yeah for that. The
foundation it wore okay but I am seeing my little age spots starting to pick up.
I don’t know if you can see it. I guess I’m just really sensitive about it and I
just saw some of the darkness kind of coming through a little bit. So didn’t go
on…it’s certainly not one of those Estee Lauder 24-hour types of things but
also it’s like half the price as well. So now the one thing is this highlighter
that I put on here. You know the sparkly yellow highlighter and boy did that dry
out my skin. I’ve got wrinkles there that I never even knew I had. I think it
just really really dried out the skin. So you know that’s just…that’s me and it
might be my skin but that’s what I found out about that. I have used this
lipstick the two-part lipstick before and I gotta say it was really good today.
I probably only touched it up… well I did… I only touched it up twice and of course
putting that little gloss over is a no-brainer. You can do that without even
a mirror or anything. So all in all I’m going to give this makeup a thumbs up. There
she is. And you know…maybe haven’t worn
makeup for a long time. You know you had your kids and you got out of the whole
makeup scene…this is a really good entry line for makeup. Also if you just want to
apply things a little lighter, maybe you don’t have all the stuff going on that I
do. Then it’s a great make up for you at any price. And yeah you know what, it’s
also a good beginner makeup if you’re just starting out. And talking about a
thumbs up, a lot of you give a thumbs up to our little Hurricane. Hey Hurricane.
Oh yeah and Hurricane is here…okay baby Hurricane is here to remind me to
let you know about future videos. I really want to do a future video on
questions you may have about fashion, about makeup, whatever you know just
awesome traveling or whatever you are thinking about and just put a comment
maybe below and don’t forget to mention that you want in on the draw for the
primer. That’ll be next week that we will do that and I think next week is oh what’s
the date of that it’s around March 30th I think. So
stay tuned for that and also for the Tuesday videos we have more
inspirational…Friday’s her fashion and makeup and Tuesday’s are inspirational,
travel, food, fun and we’re going to be going to one of the natural wonders of
the world so stay tuned for that that’ll be really interesting. And we’re gonna
have lots of fun there. Oh and also I’m going to do another makeup video on some
SPF products for the warmer weather and also what can you wear for makeup if you
want to go swimming. So stay tuned and remember that…you know…being youthful
it’s just a state of mind. It really is. And remember that. Keep a smile on your
face and as covergirl says, keep it easy breezy
and awesome. We’ll see you later.

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  47. Thank you, great video! I prefer natural makeup too. It suits you so well. I also watched the 1984 Olay video…you looked so beautiful…and you still do! Little Hurricane is so very cute….I love the puppy kisses!๐Ÿ˜˜

  48. Do you put SPF moisturizer on your face before the primer? I would love to be included in the giveaway!

  49. I have another question, Which do you prefer the liquid or cream for the foundation? Is there much of a difference? Thank you

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