(CONFIRMED!) Pearl Didn’t Belong To White Diamond | Steven Universe MEGA Theory

Hey look at that one of my two obligatory steven universe videos a month for those of you unaware I’ve doubled down
on making the universe begins because let’s be honest every single day in
theory under the Blazing Sun has been made regarding that show and I really
don’t want to over saturate the market any more than it already is
and if I see one more goddamn video about green diamond I am gonna lose yeah yeah yeah I know I look a little
off with my lion video and the people who are unaware of my channel please
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The Wanted special they act like they are reviewing from godlike information
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so rude and redundant for to all those idiots Thank You captain hindsight being
an internet troll must make your mother so proud now onto the video you’ve read
the title so you know where I’m going with this
what if pearl are pearl wasn’t buy diamonds pearls to begin with at any
point I share that as a question because I will never make the mistake of making
a definitive statement regarding any theory coz that I disaster just we into
happen now what are my points to support this claim well a few things popped out
at me that just seemed odd first we need to remember buy pearls on statements
Akane and so on to the sword and she was only a few thousand years old
when she joined rules in her abelian so it is safe to assume she meant she was
young then not really someone who existed for that long and wouldn’t that
in itself clash with some already established belief sorry for the way I’m
structure in this theory normally I’d like to let y’all think reach
conclusions by yourself and generally understand where I’m coming from well
right now my driver Steve universe is just this is I’m gonna tell you what I
think okay I’ll spoon feed you the information
and see if this method of theorizing is just as good as well
so what are the facts we know about pearl so far quite a bit actually but
don’t know enough you know who else we know relatively nothing about yep white
and the ominous leader of the gem race who still hasn’t even been mentioned at
this point who else is terrified by her mere
existence so anyway we know pearl was no pearl she used to be owned by somebody
all right or maybe not we see Paul in two separate occasions deny being owned
by anybody given peridot an angry reply and business a light-hearted humorous
one now we could take Howard literally or choose to view it as someone in
denial a person who hated their former and cherished being free now I’m sorry
to insert this so liberal Penry it’s been hinted at
that pearl used to belong to pink diamond I’m sorry what mmm the black
seconds okay listen these are not enough reason to convince
me of that point give me an over complicated plot
regarding this or something like the whole pink diamond assassination plot
but I digress cut to the chase before I get any more distracted Park could not
in fact be owned by white diamond at any point because she’s too young she
couldn’t have been the pearl who was owned by and served the highest ranking
jump on homeworld because one we have to assume my diamond was the first jump in
existence before all the other diamonds and even then how more like you couldn’t
have been established but you still have a pearl very early on in her career if
that be the case – what would possibly bring white diamonds pearls us remember
rose and pearl came to earth together and no to those asking rose quartz
wasn’t formed on us business statement of her being made right here in the dirt
isn’t metaphorical not physical so Clara stop asking me and three we gotta bring
up Jasper scoot on her being lost and defective I’m sorry I know it’s been
overused but it applies to this situation now people argue to just a
statement of defective making it seem like she made a reference for joining
the rebellion but if you do take a gander
I said gander aye pearls gemstone you do see something off it’s a little too big
I’m ballsy compared to yellow and blue pearl small more uniformly spherical one
other people have pointed out Pearl Jam be more oval being the reason why just
recalled her defective as opposed to the circle shape it’s supposed to be all my
god blue pee did you see the way that pearls
gemstone looked she saw a rat still not convinced doesn’t matter let’s
dive deeper we should also reference the lost part of Jasper statement we do know
that pearl wandered the galaxy but did she do it because she was
alongside a diamond or was she acting alone now here’s where things get
interesting because you know I think I write up these scripts up my ass
what if pearl was made as a gem up for white diamond but a part of white
diamonds court only to be added to white diamonds many pearls because she might
have more than one not far stretch if normal high-ranking gems can have pearls
and yellow and blue them and only have one respectively why diamond should have
multiple in my opinion objection ma what do you want pearls with gemstones a
symmetrical to the Diamonds of the same color card can only belong to that
diamond you dumb bitch the word you’re looking for is three metrical can you at
least read the definitions of the words of your word a day calendar regardless a
pearl was definitely owned by white diamond because they just share too many
similarities which are they’re both white and the gemstones are in their
heads and that’s it get the fuck off my channel you can’t get rid of me I am you
I am you the depths of my insanity ladies and gentlemen but to everyone
think in this way prepare table your mind
balloon hopefully I call rooinek to stand cat we know for a fact she’s half
pearl with a gemstone on her chest Morgan we know that wash your face is a
ruby and pearl fusion just imagined love story behind these two now we don’t know
the color of the purl side of the fusion but I went all the way to the fucking
color spectrum to see the possible colors this pearl can be yeah I meant
there when you make this series you commit so we know the natural mineral
colors of a row tonight are red pink orange red and brownish red
master specimens often have black beans running through them some rhodonite
specimens tarnish black or brown upon to air but the Steven universe we care
defines her as a gem with reddish skin so let’s go with that we can deduce the
red comes from the Ruby’s head of the fusion not racist
just an assumption based on the fact that all Ruby’s you’ve seen so far are
red and all amethyst we’ve seen are purple and all the courses gems are pink
now red is a dark color so it’ll have a stronger influence on any color it mixes
with butter like black now I’m know colorologist color psychologist shut up
but it’s red being a primary color we can’t really make it with other colors
but from studying thousand or just you know a lot of color mixtures and palette
the closest thing I can see to make a really nice gem color are either a
really dark shade of red with a pale shade of yellow mixing magenta and
yellow or when you mix red white and blue you get you could get something
similar but I’m leaning more towards yellow because it looks more correct and
the frilly things on rhodonite shoulders can be associated with yellow power more
than blue so everyone egg was made of a yellow pearl white is he serving yellow
diamond we explicitly hero tonight was owned by a gem called morganite so it
couldn’t have been yellow diamond exchange her she was
owned by morganite until she was replaced key word replaced meaning
pearls can be interchanged if there are incapable of their work or defective now
back to Jasper’s statement the dictionary defines effective adjective
imperfect or faulty lost verb past and past participle of loss adjective unable
to find one way not knowing one’s whereabouts that has been taken away or
cannot be recovered hmm taken away you say huh what if I mean a big freakin if
what if pearl was made in white diamonds called regardless for white diamond or
not and because you came out defective she was assigned to another diamond
remember the garnet says by the end of season 3 that one the reasons for rose
sharing pink diamond was superb could be free I’m pearl wouldn’t be the only
defective gem that pink damn one would have owned the gas statement that
blew them and kept all of pink diamonds effective jump in service and this
statement is backed up by Holly blue aka the best gem in the series calling some
of the gems in the zoo hideous of colors even you hideous off-color betas it gets
out of your copies and to your places the least you could do for the diamond
vachetta worthless sorry gems and service and we know from the rutile
twins all statements that off colors are your off color like the rest of us
what do you mean off color you know wrong not right flawed but again litter
in the same episode we get the statement what happens if they find you will be shattered for the summit of colored gem
get shattered and if so then why does Kingdom and half off colored or
defective gems in her service does that mean that when pink diamond was alleged
she was given all the off colored gems and after her death all of colors are
killed but if Jim seems to be around for a long time but have been hiding because
they knew they’d be shattered man I initially titled this assuming Universal
mini theory but it became a mega game-changer what instead F parallel
wasn’t off colored but perspective then maybe she was sent to pink diamond
instead of a pink pearl being made for her we see the looks on blue and yellow
girls faces and zircon asks where was pink diamonds pearl they must know something regarding this
information because the other pile quickly looked at blue pearl now blue
pearls mouth was open the second time merkon mentioned pink diamond pearl but
again we need to put into account peril doesn’t know these two which brought
back to my statement of probably too young these pearls obviously seen from
my perspective haven’t been with the diamonds for a long time as a brand by
blue pearl being beside through them and in the answer and blue and yellow Pro
obviously seem to know each other so why then those Pro clearly say in message
received and a pearl who is she not all pearls know each other Stephen she was
sounded offended by Stephen accent the question of her prow doesn’t know blue
on yellow pearl and that would be impossible as probably loaned to white
diamond her even pink but a pearl must’ve been with pink diamond cuz
yellow diamond yells they were with her of course the whole thing the pink
diamond must have had a pearl at that point one that wasn’t yet maybe familiar
with the other two pearl from one new man if you have confused at this point
which means this theory is Keller anyway comment below to let me know if this
theory I don’t know confused you as much as it did me but so far all the facts
present show that a crowd is too young an imperfect up ever serve red diamond
be just because approached gemstone is in the right position and same color
doesn’t mean that pearl belong to a diamond sea proud definitely has some
sort of association with pink diamonds the insignia on our space suit the ones
who presumably traveled around with garnet statement and finally the moon
base problems only one with the knowledge and made mention of the moon
base in it could have been great and do you know who built the moon base pink
diamond wait the pole actually blocking diamond
no I don’t believe it but King Diamond was also a junk diamond so it could be
no I reject it please let me know what you think in the comments my very being
wants to reject the idea of pearl belonging to pink diamond I want
wholeheartedly to believe she two white but evidence you guys trecey
card my head is tingling also one last thing we see a damaged insignia on Rue
des Knights belly she served in pink diamond Court
look I’ve noticed that wherever a gem damn it is situated is the rank of the
diamond be served pro suit and Alexandra shoes don’t count I love this gown could
be considered the diamond could be considered to be on her chest neck just
something I noticed goes rutile’s diamond seems to be on her head just
food for thought anyway I’m pulling the plug on this theory again let me know
your own thoughts I love reading through the comments you
guys leave some of your are smart as all hell also big shout out and thanks to
the hordes of you guys going on following me on Wattpad please remember
I follow everyone back there my picture and it’s still a thing that exists
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100 thoughts on “(CONFIRMED!) Pearl Didn’t Belong To White Diamond | Steven Universe MEGA Theory

  1. ive posted this in some elses video about pearl,maybe oval shaped pearls are made for high ranking gems that are not diamonds. I mean if there was a problem with pearls gem shape,why didnt peridot say anything about it?All she implied or asked was that she belonged to someone,someone being any gem that wasnt a diamond.

    Still nice video.

  2. Morganite's beautiful, feminine colors are a result of the presence of manganese.
    Morganite is a pale red-purple, rose, salmon to purplish red, slightly pink, cesium-bearing variety of Beryl.

    The Beryl group of silicates includes the important gem varieties emerald, blue aquamarine, pink morganite, and red and yellow beryl.
    The color of morganite is usually a soft pink without any overtones. It has glassy luster, like other beryls, but its pleochroism is not noticeable. The pink color is caused by trace quantities of the element manganese. Heat treatment turns its color to yellow.

    Rhodonite can be Rose red, pink, brownish red; often veined by black Mn oxides. In manganese-bearing ore bodies or in their vicinity. May contain black dendritic inclusions of manganese oxide.

    So we need to find a dark manganese-filled gem that could fuse with "Morganite"…
    a relative of Rhodonite and close candidate could be "Fowlerite".

    In freshwater pearls, the manganese is slightly higher than saltwater pearls.
    Freshwater cultured pearls can be created in a spectrum of colors. Many popular Colors – white, pink, orange, and other pastels – can be achieved through natural means, including the pearl mollusk's genetics, what they eat, and the amount and type of trace metals in the cultivating environment.

    Manganite is a mineral named for its dominating manganese content. It forms in manganese deposits, where it is more common than perceived as an uninteresting mineral. However, several localities produce very aesthetic, well-crystallized forms of Manganite that are highly lustrous. Colors- Dark gray to black. Streak- Reddish brown to black.

    So could that "Ruby" that made Rhodonite really a "Manganite"?…

  3. Yes but what if the diamond needed a new Pearl it is possible that pearl served her for a little time and she hated that time that's why she's in denial but that's just what I think

  4. Pearl is not white diamond or pink diamond's pearl because they don't even match that much only thing white is her skin and gem and only thing pink is her hair, I believe that pearl's owner is rose quartz idk how rose quartz earned her own pearl but I just have a feeling that pearl is rose quartz owns pearl, AND I forget the name if the ruby pearl fusion and I think the pearl in the fusion is pink diamond's pearl, but I think that pink diamond's pearl became a off colored or whatever it's called because I saw that all diamond's pearls have their gem in the same spot the diamond's have their's and the fusion pearl's gem does not match the spot where pink's gem is. whew that's a lot of typing.

  5. Why I Disliked:
    1.You have an annoying voice (Seriously)
    2.U Copied Rountable And SliceofOtaku (Really..?)
    3.Swearing (Not for kids..)

  6. hmm…could yellow and blue pearl organize the pink pearl's shattering?If the pearls wanted to kill pink one becouse their diamonds did not gave them as much care as her diamond did??or they organized the diamond's shattering to freethe pink pearl but ,,the killer,, did not care about pink pearl and kill her also????

  7. My theory is that pearl did belong to pink diamond and pink pearl is fused with ruby to make rhodonite.And pink pearl belonged to Morganite but was replaced.The pearl that belongs to white diamond is white pearl (different pearl).

  8. I honestly believe that pearl belonged to pink diamond.. Especially since she knew Rose.. And how close they were.She also had pink hair in the beginning of SU. And the pink diamond on her space outfit. And how broken she is every time pink diamond is mention almost as she can't handle the thought of it.

  9. Pearl could have belonged to some other high ranking gem that was not a diamond, maybe she could have been assigned to rose quartz

  10. Pearl could have been owned by WD if Diamonds swap Pearls when they see fit. They might have multiple Pearls but only one at personal service at time. When they want a new Pearl to serve them, they order one to be made and then replace the old one by giving her away to a fitting high ranking gem or they get shattered. In any case, I think that Pearl belong to WD but if she didn't, she at least was in her court un till she was possibly moved to PD's court. Which then she learn about Rose and decided to join the rebellion.

  11. It was great! but I think we might need a little more information on pearl and the diamonds, I think if Pearl did work for a diamond I feel like in order for her to become defective she may have told her Diamond about her being free. but then again the information we have is completely scattered. hopefully in the future we may learn!

  12. it was confirmed that you don't have to be a diamond to have a pearl by eyeball, she made it seem like you have to have been a high class gem. assuming rose quartz was high class considering her abilities, she was most likely given a pearl of her own. crystal gem pearl= rose quartz's pearl

  13. pearl belongs to rose quartz who belongs to pink diamond and rose quartz passed on the knowledge to pearl, pearl even said they talked about things that the other crystal gems didnt know about

  14. I noticed that the pearls belonged to Blue and Yellow Diamond have the transparent frills on them and Rhodonite has that too.

  15. Pearl didn't have to be that old to be weight diamonds pearl. I think I remember in the show that they said that only when a big enough colonel was created, then did they start using pearls as a personal item of luxury. I might be wrong, I might have gotten that of another video, I agree with most of your points and very much enjoyed your video.

  16. pearl is pink diamonds pearl she wore pink clothing then when she became friends with rose quarts she changed her clothes👗👢👜👑

  17. In the future could you credit the fan art you use in the video and thumbnail? I would love to look at more of these artist works

  18. What if pink was meant to be red and she was off colour because she was probably formed on earth and that explains why a massive chunk of Russia was destroyed and pink is a secondary color ish and red is a primary colour like the other diamonds ok mini theory done

  19. It's possible that our pearl could have belonged to a high ranking or heroic gem that was under pink diamond's court and that's why she has the diamond insignia on her space suit because we know that it's not uncommon for high ranking gems to have personal pearls as we've seen in "The Zoo" when sapphire played pearl off as hers for the heist with no questions raised and we know from eyeball ruby that gems can be rewarded with pearls for completing some sort of heroic task from her statement in "Bubbled"

    Also rhodonite stated in "Off Colors" that when both of her component gems' morganite found out about their relationship they were replaced so it's possible that the pearl making up half of rhodonite was that morganite's pearl and therefore would be somewhere from a pinkish brown, pink, or and orangey peach color to resemble her owner because as we know pearls are "made to order servants" as stated by peridot in "Back to the Barn"

  20. I personally believe our pearl was made in white diamond's court but was considered defective so pink diamond chose to take her

  21. Great points and love your cute accent. You brought up some things I overlooked especially regarding our Pearl and her timeline.

  22. if pearl's can be replaced then she isn't necessarily too young. though I also don't think she's white diamond's pearl, just pointing out a small flaw in the argument. the rest of what you said makes that irrelevant thkuhh

  23. she was probably going to be a new pearl beccause the old was not good enough or something probably slighty defective and pearl was more perfect

  24. 🅣🅗🅔🅞🅡🅨

    Remember when eyeball said that they would give her, her own Pearl? So we can suspect that when gems, regardless of their class, do something heroic are given a reward. So maybe Rose did something super heroic and she was either rewarded a Pearl. Also I also think lower class gems are only rewarded defective pearls, like our Pearl. So when pink diamond was (maybe she was) told by white diamond to colonize Earth, she took her quarte with her, like Rose and (dun dun dunnnnn) her Pearl! Resulting in her saying "my Pearl" and then coming to Earth together, then she asked Pearl if she wanted to join her in the Revolution. Now Pearl had never been asked about what SHE wants, starting pearls love for Rose. 💥


  25. she probably does but b/c she's in denial of having an owner at this point she was offended by his jump to conclusion and i bet she is old cause where would she get her mom-ish acts from..

  26. I have my own head cannon on pearl. So I think that there are standard pearls that are made for higher ranked gems (like rose and sapphire. not diamonds) so pearl wasn't made for a diamond but made for rose, hence why she isn't completely white. Pearls aren't exclusive to diamonds in the first place anyways so… yeah. (Holly blue didn't question why sapphire had a pearl and didn't question why it didn't match sapphires color scheme. Which also proves the point that sapphires can have pearls) this is just my dumb theory so don't take it personally, please.

  27. I honestly doubt that she belonged to pink diamond unless she was made for white diamond, and given as a hand me down. Pearls are always being made on homeworld, so perhaps she was supposed to be a replacement. She said "when i served… homeworld." and that hesitation leads me to believe differently.

  28. When pearl was defective she was took out of white diamonds cort and given to pink diamond and pink diamond must have gotten a second pearl that was not defective or already had a pink pearl when pearl was given to her but then pink pearl was redeemed as defective after falling in love and fusing with a ruby after pearl watched Rose shatter pink diamond and the ruby pink pearl fused with must be one of the Ruby's our ruby knows the one that fell in love with sapphire to be garnet and maybe the off colors must be shattered because they know too much and to explain why there is a green zircon I think pink and yellow diamond shared the same zircon because pink was the youngest and only had control over the moon base and earth!!!!!!!!!💝😀🙃🎁🔥❄️😎😍❤️🌈💜💙💚💕💖💘💞💫🐺

  29. about the first reason, I'm thinking she would have multiple, like how rich people can have multiple butlers and maids but sometimes have a main Butler or preferred Butler, which would be like the yellow and blue pearls, and then they can get new ones if they want whenever they want if they can afford it, which the affordability is pretty much taken out of the equation here because the daimonds are the only 4, now 3, true leaders so I'd assume they pretty much get whatever they want, whenever they want

  30. OUR pearl does belong to white diamond cause white diamonds diamond is on her four head witch pearls pearl is on her four head and blue and yellow have their diamonds on their chest as well as blue and yellow pearl gem is on their chest pink diamonds diamond is on her stomach as well as pink pearls gem is on her stomach case closed

  31. our Pearl belong to pink diamond she had a pink diamond on her space suit just like Peridot has a yellow diamond on her suit case closed #Savage

  32. First, about the age of Pearl, we do not know when Diamonds started having pearls, and there is the possibility that Pearls could have replaced an older Pearl that White Diamond owned. Heck it is an interesting idea that White Diamond may be the Darth Vader of Diamonds who frequently shatters gems who fail her. The whole "Not all pearls know each other" could be a lie. The line "When I served … Home world" was said to hide the service of someone important. The idea that she did not know Yellow Diamond is unlikely. Given that she has so much to hide including her rap career I think she is hiding this too.

  33. morganite is pink in colour so the pearl in rhodonite must be owned by a member of pink diamond's court

  34. I don't think pearl belonged to any of the diamonds specifically. She was likely under pink diamonds authority however. A few reasons I think this, the pink diamond on her spacesuit, the fact she fought alongside rose quartz, and it would make sense seeing how she's younger. It's possible she was Rose's pearl or asigned to Rose, but rose doesn't believe in owning people as far as we know. "pearl belongs to nobody" rose was a skilled general, makes sense for her to be assigned a pearl. and makes sense for her to be the first in Rose's rebellion, her pearl. if pearl is defective it also makes sense for rose to take her in and also for her to be under pink diamonds authority. anyway that's what I think. I really don't fucking know Ive been pretty screwed since 3 glasses of fireball ago I don't know what the fucks happening

  35. Well it would make more sense she would be Pink Diamond because Pink Diamond is younger than any other diamonds

  36. I think that pearl was Rose's pearl because of what Rose's hologram said to Pearl in the episode "Rose's Scabbard"

  37. "hinted that Pearl belong to Pink Diamond"
    I agree its going to take more than that, those hints implying Pink Diamond is the owner is a reach.
    -The first just hints that she belong to A Gem in Pink's court. Not necessarily Pink Diamond herself. We already know that Gems besides Diamonds can own Pearls. Rhodonite's Pearl component was owned by a Morganite, Sapphire pretended to own Pearl(without arising suspicion) at The Zoo, and both Peridot and Eyeball suggested the possibility they could own a Pearl(even if it would be considered unusual).
    -Shattering Pink Diamond would still free Pearl even if she was "only" owned by a Pink elite because, Pink owned Earth. With Pink gone, NO ONE owned Earth and that meant an elite that lost her Pearl on Earth would likely never have the chance to return to reclaim ownership.

    Im interested in why you think Rose couldn't have been made on Earth.
    Don't get me wrong Im not saying it isn't possible, just curious. Do you explain why in another video?
    If its just the line from "Rose's Scabbard" – "If we lose we can't go home." …
    I don't think that line alone is enough evidence, just like how you don't think Bismuth's line is enough to prove Rose was made on Earth. On top of that, there is also the possibility of MULTIPLE trips between Earth and Homeworld before starting the rebellion. Which is entirely possible during an Era when the Galaxy Warp was operational and active. And if thats the case, it kind of muddies either theory of her origin.
    …sorry for asking 😐

    The Beta Kindergarten was made halfway through the war and in desperation. We know Jasper emerged from that Kindergarten AFTER Pink Diamond was shattered, yet was still aligned with Earth and Pink. If the other Gems emerged around the same time(and it is likely since Holly referred to them as "Beta" Gems), then it can be presumed that Holly referred to them as hideous off colors and defective, not because they were passed off to Pink, but because of the conditions of their creation.
    (in fact passing them off to Pink is not possible since Pink was dead by that point)
    This suggests Blue keeping Pink's "defective" gems is not a reference to Pink being given or adopting defective gems, so much as Blue keeping the defective Gems that emerged from presumably Pink's desperately crafted Beta Kindergarten.

    8750 years ago – Pearl's "birthday"
    If the war started 5750+ years ago (The Answer), and Pearl is 3000 years older than that, then she is 8750 years old.

    5750 years ago – Garnet's "birthday" / escape from Blue Diamond
    Blue Pearl was on Earth AND was a witness to Rose and our Pearl's attack. If our Pearl was previously owned by a Diamond I think Blue Pearl would have recognized it. And while that doesn't mean we would get to see Blue's reaction to that, it WOULD imply that knowledge would be well known among the other Diamonds. Meaning likely our Pearl's reputation would have had different implications than just "terrifying renegade", or the "lost and defective" that Jasper called her. In fact, its not like our Pearl was being covert about her actions during the war, so it is likely MANY Gems would have recognized her if she had belonged to a Diamond…

    5300 years ago – Bismuth is poofed
    No need to create the breaking point if it is rumored that Rose already shattered Pink Diamond.
    Meaning Pink Diamond likely could not have been shattered before this point.

    5250 years ago – Approximately the half way point of the war / Beta Kindergarten is created
    Pearl said the war was 1000 years long in "Back to the Barn". And Peridot said Beta Kindergarten was made at half way point of the war. This is important because Jasper said she was "…fighting from the second [she] emerged from the Earth … because of what [Rose] did to [her] Diamond…" Implying Pink Diamond was shattered BEFORE Jasper emerged. Because we don't know how long it takes for a gem to "gestate" in a Kindergarten we don't know the exact date this Kindergarten was created. But gestation can't have been too long if the war was only 1000 years long.(an aside: kinda puts perspective on just how long Amethyst's 500 years late to emerge is… hmm…)

    This timeline suggests Pink Diamond was still alive during the time that we KNOW Blue Diamond and her Pearl was on Earth.
    I don't think our Pearl was owned by a Diamond. ANY Diamond. We know at the very least Blue Diamond was on Earth WITH her Pearl when Pink was still alive. Blue's Pearl and Pink's Pearl at the very least had to have known each other. Blue Pearl would have recognized our Pearl if she was owned by Pink Diamond. And while its possible she hasn't, it can be presumed that Blue Pearl has also met Yellow and White's Pearls by this point(and thus would recognize our Pearl if she had been owned by ANY Diamond).

    Sorry for the rambling. I really like your theory vids. XD

  38. I may not heard this but
    There are thousands of pearl
    So pearl didn't really have to be owned by a Diamond
    Pearl said it her self

  39. I think the theory of Pink diamond being an Off colour herself and she was meant to be Red kind of helps? I'm not quite sure but at around 10:10 I believe that's where the Theory can come in.

  40. Well the rebellion happened like 300 yrs after they made it tp earth. which means she was a live b4 pink diamond regin

  41. LOL at 6:20 when she says "mind blown" the subtitles say "Mind Balloon" because of her accent. No hate love accents, it was just funny that the subtitles messed up

  42. I've got a theory
    What if… our pearl is white because normal pearls (both SU common pearls & real life pearls) are white?
    If you think about it you'll see it makes sense.

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    ███████║███████╗██╔╝ ██╗
    ╚══════╝╚══════╝╚═╝ ╚═╝

  44. Honestly, I believe pink diamond was given off color defective gems, and her herself is defective herself. The primary colors are blue, yellow, and red, not pink, she could have been meant to be red, or it was just changed to fit the pastel soft colors of the show. Maybe pink had off colored gems that could serve a use and the off colors from the Steven bomb were useless? Example: Okay lets say our pearl was made for pink diamond, though she defective she still is functional for a job, though padparadscha's future vision is useless therefore they'd shatter her. Also, for rhodonite, different gem fusion is not considered a good thing on homeworld so duh she'd be shattered. lastly, the rutile twins since I'm not mentioning fluorite. They're a forced fusion fail I'm assuming? Yeah, so they're defective since well it's two gems combined together and they're not really fused? I'm not sure but just look at them and you'll hopefully somewhat understand. Okay now that I covered the off colors for whatever reason, they would most likely keep pink even know she was an off color because think of all the resources to make a diamond so I wouldn't believe she'd be shattered on spot. Anyway, there is a chance that our pearl could be pink's pearl but I highly doubt it. Anyway my point is that maybe pink got all the off colors excluding the off colors from the Steven bomb since they would be considered useless. Also, the famethyst, they're all off colors and are said to belonged to pink, o yeah there's a bonus point you may have already covered in the video but yeah, threw it in there anyways. I have a feeling no ones going to read this due to it being too long

  45. Regarding the off colors, I'm thinking that they always have been shattered. They dont conform to the purity that the diamonds expect. A perfect soldier will fail less than one that isn't built to do what they were meant to do. Amethyst for example. All of her counterparts are large and muscular, while she is small and soft. Not ideal when you consider that at least part of their form is an intimidation factor. Now something as simple as your color itself being off, and their form being correct, they stand out too much. They're a target to the enemy. Outside of military, it's probably also for cosmetic reasons, which is prevalent in Pearls and Sapphires. They're not dressed or built for combat, so you might as well make them visually appealing while they do their service. Back to my main point however, Blue mentioned Pink had moments of kindness. Perhaps Pink found use in the defective soldiers she created. Which is seen as a disadvantage to the other diamonds. How can you expect a war lord to lead their armies, when they're almost entirely made of faulty soldiers? How can you expect a seamless invasions when some of your soldiers are too small, too big, or can think too much for themselves? Seeing as Pink had this love for the less fortunate gems, it puts EVERYONE at risk. It's a fight or die situation for them, and any weakness could bring them to their knees. Pearl was probably the Pearl provided to an army commander. This would tide in with her ability with swords. Her job was probably to defend whomever she was owned by. We've seen how gems use tools and weapons that dont come from their gems, and we're not 100% certain how long that's been going on, but she could have originally been trained in the sword. Could have been a standard, It's an elegant fighting style, especially since she sticks to a fencing style of sword fighting. Gotta keep them aesthetically pleasing yet functional, right? Back to Pink, when war broke out and her armies proved to be less than effective against the rebellion, who better to cleanse the mess than another diamond with the authority to stop a breech in their defenses? Pink was useless. She created a lot of weakness. Weakness that was born weak, and then a new weakness by having free-thinkers in her midst.

    IDK if any of that makes any sense. I'm quite tired. Love the alter-ego. c:

  46. Also, I don't think she served a Diamond, but I do think she served an elite in pink or white diamond's court. Maybe she was Rose Quartz's Pearl.

    Also, Lapis' outfit is Era One. She was trapped in the mirror during the war. Peridot has Era Two clothes. All the gems that returned to HW after the corruption song prob changed their clothes to ID their diamond as a result of ushering in Era Two? I dunno. Rebecca will tell us all in due time.

  47. In the pilot you'd consider her under pink diamond.
    If you now consider pink D likes off color or defective gems maybe she took white diamond defective pearl.

  48. Why does every SU commentaristhas a toon avatar that reacts or whatever? everyone does that… whyyy? I dont get it!

  49. I think Pearl belonged to pink diamond and that's why when Pink stepped out of her palentine(?) No one altered her before she was unfortunately shattered you could say it's because Pink's original Pearl was already taken out, but how would Rose and her small group have the time without being noticed if a Pearl is always with their Diamond. someone might have already said this but I still thought I might as well get it off my chest I could be wrong

  50. pearl belonged to rose until she became a rebel. then rose told her that she is owned by nobody and that kinda thing. it makes the most sense and if you dig deep for it i'm sure you could find PLENTY proof

  51. Pearl must have been made for white diamond because of how they both have there gem placed on their foreheads. Or white diamond made pearl FOR pink diamond since pink diamond was young.

  52. Why I don't think all off colors are shattered:

    Gems that cannot serve a purpose in the court or for the diamonds are shattered and replaced with a better one.

    The off colors we see in the wanted bomb, would be shattered because they done fit.
    Padparscha can't see the future. rutile works, but I don't think the diamonds would like the way she looked. They would probably think she was disgusting. Fluorite and Rhodonite are fusions, which from what we've seen the plenty is shattering.

    The off colors we see in the Zoo bomb work just fine. They aren't freakish, and they're kind of not a big deal. They would be definitely lower value gems, and would be looked down upon though.

  53. Pearls eyes are blue, yellow pearls eyes are yellow, white diamonds pearl should have white eyes… (Of course they would have a outline of some sort To notice they are there)

  54. I think that pink diamond did keep the off colors herself because she felt sorry for them. When she was shattered the diamonds wanted to shatter the off colors because one of them did it

  55. Pearl was luring as she was Link's Pearl, at that point Steven didn't know about the other Pearls.

  56. Has it not come to mind that pearl might have served all of the diamonds. I think this because the other pearls coloring are limited to there diamonds coloring. Blue diamonds pearl is mainly blue, while yellow diamonds pearl is mainly yellow. From this I would assume that pink diamonds pearl was mainly pink, same with white diamonds. But the thing about pearl is that she has white skin and a white pearl, also she has pink hair and socks, plus a yellow star and yellow shorts, and finally her shoes and dress are mainly blue. The outfits coloring makes you think that pearl might actually have served all of them at one point. Also when it was revealed that she helped pink diamond/rose quartz 'shatter pink diamond' pearl says "my diamond" which can lead people to believe that she served under pink diamond, but pearls outfit coloring is still the same. This still supports my theory that she served under all the diamonds.

  57. pearl belonged to white diamond and white diamonds pearl we seen in the episode was pink diamonds original pearl until they switched pearls

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