Community Eye Center Full Eye Exam

when a person comes into the examination
room there are a number of things that we need to look at eye vision history and
their medical history they’re going to have their vision tested with whatever
eyeglasses they may have or contact lenses they’re also going to typically
have their vision tested with no correction in place as both of these are
important to us we’re going to go through a series of tests that evaluate
things like how their pupils respond to light how their eyes line up we’re going
to then do a refraction and a refraction is simply a determination of whether or
not their eyes require some form of lens correction people can get nervous about
their they fear that they’re making the wrong choice or giving the wrong answer
fortunately the examination sequence is designed so it’s really hard for them to
do that it just it just doesn’t seem like it when you’re undergoing the
testing yourself after the refraction we’re going to look at them with a
microscope to examine the structures of the external eye probably going to
dilate their pupils and then examine the inside of the eyes which would include
examination of the retina optic nerve looking for cataracts and things of that
nature try and give them a total picture of their eye and vision condition and
the health of their eyes as well I’m dr. Bhatt sir in a community eye
center we are the most caring doctors in sight

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