1. For those who are subscribed to my channel: you all know that I reference "how realistic contacts are." Since I reviewed very dynamic colors (including purple), I didn't have much to comment on in this video and decided to edit it a little differently. Hope you like it ❤ Don't forget to enter VICTORIA10 at checkout, if you're interested in any contacts from ColorCL.com.

  2. Nice lighting on your videos especially compared to your older ones, editing is great and so is the music in this video great job!

  3. Hallo beautiful lady, I just ordered mine some colors as yours, thank you so much for uploading this video.

  4. I saw your comment on Alexis Jayda contacts video. And came right away to check your channel! I like the fact that you tried a lot of colors way out of the comfort zone! Thanks

  5. very beautiful. how fast was delivery? I know once opened they are good for 6 months, but how long do these last if the blister pack is not opened? thanks

  6. this is perfect cuz I was looking for a review done by someone with a similar skin tone❤️How do u look so pretty in all of them tho lol 🧚‍♀️

  7. I love the hazel
    Had them in high school. Alot of compliments? Whats crazy and weird is my dad has green eyes and its 7 of us and not one of us got his eye color.. I just dont get it..not even my nieces and nephews

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