100 thoughts on “Coffee Cream – a makeup tutorial

  1. IM SORRY I LEFT YOU STRANDED IN THE SCARY WORLD OF YOUTUBE ALL BY YOURSELVES. I hope you can hear/see the difference I've been working on to make my videos better than before.

  2. You almost make me want to do my makeup but ya know.. I’m a stay at home mom of 2 kids and I just don’t have the energy. Love your videos though! They’re so calming.

  3. been subscribed to you for like 3 years now and your content just keeps getting better and better. I love that it’s not basic asf .

  4. ok ur hot as absolute f n this is some stunning video video work WOW also welcome to churonno bbg hope u love living here as much as i do and that u find all the good you've been searching for bc u deserve it xoxoxoxo

  5. I absolutely love your content ❣️ it’s hard finding a good youtuber with such a relaxing and calm vibe😌 your intro definitely pleased my aesthetic 🖤

  6. I would love to know what you do for living? How can you just move in to other country? Just want to know about you girl!
    You're so beautiful omg…

  7. Love how much effort you put into these. Like you don’t have to do such a beautiful intro for a makeup tutorial. It probably tokes you hours to film and edit it but you still do and I love that. Makes these videos honestly feel so therapeutic in a way

  8. Why does everyone have white sheets on their beds? Do you not get periods? Do you not eat cookies and ice cream in bed?

  9. Hey I know a translucent powder you might wanna try if you're disappointed with the world: Linda Hallberg Infinity Filter. It's pure quality, TRUSS ME

  10. Okay, this is a stupid question. I’ve been wanting to try that eye cream but I hate bananas. Does it actually smell like bananas??

    Edit: For the mascaras that are too wet take a receipt and wipe the wand. It will remove the excess product and make it much easier to work with.

  11. I'm a horrible picker and I picked up these nexcare pimple patches…its clear…it has med in it (nothing harsh) and it keeps you from picking at it. I get these cyst like breakouts and i have to not pick and they are skinsavers

  12. Have you tried pimple patches? I like the peace out brand. I find I can force myself to leave pimples alone until I’ve put makeup on and then I typically don’t touch my face too much bc I don’t want to screw up the (very light and basic) base. If I can make it to after work, I’ll wash my face and pop a patch on. Then I can touch and poke the patch all I want, pimple is protected. I’ll sleep in it and it will be a lot smaller or gone by the next day.

  13. You are on a different level of the beauty community
    Like a different league I don't associate you with any other beauty YouTubers lol

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