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Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to the program. I’m your host Neal Howard here on Health Professional
Radio for this health supplier segment. We’re really glad that you could join us
once again, I’m in conversation with Mr. Barry Yarkoni. He’s the CEO of Vinomis Laboratories and he’s
joining us today to talk about their new herbal weight-loss product VinThin. Welcome to the program Mr. Barry Yarkoni,
how are you? Barry Yarkoni: Thank you Neal, I’m doing great
today. Neal: Great. Well give us a bit of background about yourself
and let’s talk about this company of yours Vinomis Laboratories. Barry: So the name, people always ask about
the name, the Vin comes from our flagship product which we introduced nine years ago
which is a resveratrol product that also has hefty amount of Bordeaux grape extract, concentrated
polyphenol mix. So that’s ‘Vin’ part of it and we took
that company name from that flagship product and it kind of stuck with that and all of
our products start with ‘Vin.’ We have Vindure which is our longevity and
metabolism control product with resveratrol. We have Vinoprin which is our one hour pain
relief product based on hops. And now we have VinThin which is our all-natural
herbal weight loss product. Neal: So basically your company Vinomis Laboratories
is all about helping folks I guess live longer, healthier and as you say, you have a pain
product as well. Barry: Yeah, that one happened after I took
a bad fall a number of years ago and I was taking a whole lot of NSAIDs and not happy
about what the long-term effect of that might be so I said. “There’s got to be an all-natural alternative.” And I started searching and I found one that
was based on an extract from the hops plant. Hops is the plant that’s used to flavor beer
and give it that nice bitter flavor that balances the malt. It turns out that the same chemical that gives
it the bitter flavor is a very very powerful anti-inflammatory pain reducing product that
doesn’t have the same side effects as NSAIDs and aspirin and ibuprofen and etc acetaminophen. So it’s been a great product, I’m still taking
it and it’s enabled me to postpone getting a hip replacement for a number of years so
a very effective reliever. Neal: You say you took this fall and that
was the Incubus for your pain relief product. Before taking that fall, had you always been
involved in nutriceuticals or is this something that’s brand new to you? Barry: Interestingly my backgrounds mostly
in high tech, I worked for Intel, I worked for Apple. I was employee number 102 at Apple, worked
for Steve Jobs and worked for IBM, I was in the high-tech business. In the last 25 years I’ve been involved with
a number of startups and consumer product companies and applying technology to various
kinds of businesses and this one was a friend of mine had started this company and we worked
together in Silicon Valley when he first told me about all natural supplements, I kind of
poo pooed it and then he said “Well here read this research.” And I started reading up about this world
of unbelievable stuff that’s in nature that could really help people live longer and healthier
and I said “Okay I’m in. I’ll help you. And unfortunately he got sick and I ended
up running the company in his absence and I’ve been doing that since 2010 but it’s been
a lot of fun and a big education in what was kind of a new business for me but the running
of the business and the nuts and bolts of what you have to do kind of run common to
a lot of businesses. But some of the business has been personal
too, the VinThin product is really personal. It was a good business product, I thought
it would be a good business but for me it was personal. I’ve been overweight my entire adult life
and have always been looking for that magic pill and I tried everything over the years. I tried dozens of different formulas and you
name it, I tried it and nothing worked. And then about 9 or 10 months ago I heard
about this formula that had been developed near the Sea of Galilee by a herbal medicine
center that was kind of reinventing ancient Arabic and Greek medicinal formulas and they
were actually recultivating some plants that have almost become extinct to be able to get
top-quality extracts to do this, to reconstitute this ancient dermal medicine then they develop
the formula that was very very effective for weight loss. A company in Denmark picked it up and did
clinical trials and the trials were astonishing without any special diet or exercise program,
people were able to lose a pound, pound and a half a week without doing anything special
so that really intrigued me and I did further research on it and tried it myself and in
a period of months I lost 31 pounds. So that’s kind of like the acid test, kind
of the first thing that ever worked for me. Neal: What about side effects? I mean this isn’t a drug, this is an herbal
formulation. Are there
any side effects because I’ve heard that even though there are herbal products out there
that aren’t pharmaceuticals per se, they still have some side effects involved. What about this VinThin product? Barry: I tell you the only side effect that
I have noticed is it does speed up your metabolism a bit. And because you’re losing weight, you’re losing
a little bit of your insulation so in the wintertime people tend to feel a tiny bit
chilly – that’s the only side effect anybody has reported. But the way the weather’s been running lately,
nobody’s complaining about it. Neal: So that’s no side effect at all essentially
if you’re losing weight. Barry: Yeah, that’s true. But there’s no jitters, there’s no caffeine,
there’s no stimulants, there’s nothing of the usual suspects that cause the
unpleasant side effects that other companies’ weight loss compounds. The side effects listed could be pretty scary
on some of these products but this doesn’t have any. Neal: Are all of the ingredients in all of
your products coming from the same geographical region? Does it matter? Barry: So there are a couple of the ingredients
in this product that are very very local and really only found in the Mediterranean area
but there are some plants that are found pretty widespread. For example their four basic ingredients in
this product, actually five, one is olive leaf extract and olive trees grow everywhere
but again we have very very specific chemical profiles that we’re looking for in the specific
species so that’s kind of the secret sauce in the
product that we’ve got to get the ones that have got the right blend and have the right
atomic profile, right molecular profile. So there’s olive leaf extract, there’s ladies
mantle which is a kind of an unusual plant that also grows in the Mediterranean Basin,
there’s wild mint and there’s cumin seeds and cumin seeds grow fairly in a broad area
but mostly again they’re found in the Mediterranean Basin. There’s one very very interesting ingredient
that comes from Japan and that was added later as a time-release ingredient, it has something
called Propolmannan, it’s from a root from Amorphophallus Japonica which is a plant that
grows in Japan and it has the highest molecular weight of any natural substance in the world,
got a molecular weight of over two million and that’s blended in to form of time-release
matrix which enables this product to be a one per day product. That’s really a major major breakthrough,
most weight loss formulas you got to take them 20 minutes before a meal, 30 minutes
before meal and people just forget or they miss it or they take it too early or too late
then it doesn’t work and most of them don’t work very well anyway and then if you get
the timing off, it’s not going to work at all. But this one you take it once in the morning
and you’re just not hungry all day. It’s great. Neal: Well we’d like to learn some more. Where can we go online and get some more
information about VinThin and the other products that are produced by Vinomis Laboratories? Barry: So we have website called
and our landing page for this product is called and it’s got links
to our other products too but we’ve got the science on there, we’ve got we’ve got information
about the clinical trials that were done at the University of Copenhagen, we’ve got
a complete list of all the ingredients, frequently asked questions and answers. And we try to be as up-and-up and as open
about our marketing as possible, there’s so much there’s so much sleeze out there we try
to avoid all of that as much as we possibly can. Neal: There’s a lot to be said for integrity,
that’s for sure. Barry: We try our best that’s for sure too. All of our products are our unconditional
money-back satisfaction guaranteed. If somebody’s not happy with the results,
no questions asked we’ll take it back and do people their money back even the shipping. Neal: Barry it’s been a pleasure, thank you
so much for joining us on the program today and I’m wishing you all the best and it sounds
like you’re more than well on your way so great. Barry: Thank You Neal. I always tell people “Use it and lose it.” And good luck to everybody with their achieving
their weight loss goals. It’s a tough thing, I know that personally
and I wish everybody my best personal best wishes to achieving their goal. Neal: You’ve been listening to Health Professional
Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard for this health
supplier segment, in conversation with Mr. Barry Yarkoni CEO of Vinomis Laboratories. Transcripts and audio of the program are available
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