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  1. This quite late for me to ask, however, can you use Tamanu Oil as a spot treatment between serum and moisturizer and then use another oil for the End of the routine in skincare?

  2. I tried using Argan oil offered to me by a salesperson cause apparently they don't have any other kinds of oil except for argan oil in local malls… Is it effective for getting rid of acne and acne scars?? i have such oily and acne prone skin, and my acnes haven't even disappear or lighten at least it is still visible for almost a year now I badly want my acne gone so much i'm not sure what to do anymore 😭 need helppp

  3. Random Fact: In Hong Kong, we say “Add Oil!” Like Koreans say “Fighting/Hwaiting!” So, add oil everyone!

  4. haaai i want to try using face oil, but is it okay for people who have fungal acne? and whether rosehip oil cause purging or not?

  5. When do you recommend putting on the oils in terms of the skin care routine? Also at what times? Day? Nite ? Thanks ! 🙂

  6. 좋은 영상 감사합니다ㅠㅠ 이런 영상을 늦게라도 발견해서 다행이에요ㅠ 근데 늦었지만 질문이 있는데 제가 악지성인데 모낭염이 의심되서 리아유님이 알려주신 성분을 피하려고 하거든요..! 근데 그 중에 오일 성분들도 있더라구요. 모낭염을 호전시킨 다음에 오일을 발라야 하는걸까요?

  7. Guys you should try VITAMIN E CAPSULE 💙 It will make your skin Glowing and spot free 🙂

    I started using it last Monday and i can already see the difference:))

  8. i used sunflower oil before and it helped to moisturize my skin and reduced breakout BUT on the process i noticed tiny bumps on my face, chin, and forehead. the oil triggered my fungal acne 🙁 i thought i'm finally getting a clearer skin, really disappointed me.

    i switched to fresh skinlab jeju aloe ice but it stings and the alcohol content is so strong that you can actually smell it. i decided to finish the tub since i just brought it.

  9. My face is super oily that it literally glistens and shines even at damn night. Even my eyebrows shines damn it

  10. I've used tea tree oil for my acne spot treatment ant its worked so well. I have started the jojoba oil as well but too early for me to say it works.

  11. I dont know if anyone will ever answer my question, but i heard that coconut oil actually clogs your pores….is this true?…

  12. Love you so much for making this!! And sharing all this amazing knowledge !! It’s amazing! In only 3 days I’m already having amazing results !!

  13. Hi Liah! Is it okay to use niacinamide acid, rosehip oil & hyaluronic acid in one routine? Thank you

  14. 안녕하세요 !!!
    제가 이번에 이 영상을 보고 호호바, 타마누, 로즈힙오일을 모두 구매했는데
    스킨케어 어느부분에 어떻게 사용해야하는지는 검색을 해도 잘 안나오더라구요 ㅜㅜ
    리아님은 어떻게 어떤 방식으로 쓰셨는지 궁금합니다!

  15. Can we use these oils as toners? Is rosehip oil a toner? Should you leave the oil on or wash it off? Do you put it on after cleansing the face?

  16. It’s amazing to know that everything grown on earth can basically help solve most of our skin/health issues but chemically engineered products do the bare minimum to make you buy more of the products. Coconut oil has helped me for my acne as well! I feel that if more people knew just how well natural ingredients really are for our body, the more expensive they’ll charge us for it.

  17. If you’re feeling skeptical, please take my testimony, I wish I could add pictures. Jojoba oil changed by skin COMPLETELY within weeks. I just lightly wash my face with warm water in the morning and evening then add a few drops of oil and hyaluronic acid and rub on my face. I added sunscreen to my routine in the morning and my skin is healing faster than I knew was even possible.

  18. 이 사람이 추천하는 트리앤씨 타마누 오일 사지 마세요.
    제가 여드름 색소침착 때문에 일주일 정도 써 봤는데, 효과가 거의 없습니다.
    심지어 어제는 이걸 바르고 잤더니 아침에 얼굴이 가렵고 벌겋게 일어나더라구요.
    그리고 머리도 너무 가렵길래 얼른 샤워 했는데 아직도 머리랑 몸 얼굴이 가렵습니다.
    설마 오일이 문제일까 싶어 화해 어플 들어가서 제품 후기를 봤더니 이 오일 쓰고 얼굴에 지루성 피부염 걸렸다는 사람들이 한 둘이 아니네요.
    어쩐지 머리도 가렵더라니 지루성 피부염 증상이었군요.
    여드름 색소침착 개선하려다가 얼굴에 지루성 피부염 심하게 걸릴 뻔 했네요.
    제품에 대한 부작용도 제대로 알아보지 않고 함부로 제품 추천하면서 효과가 엄청난 듯 광고하시는거 역겹네요.
    구독 취소 합니다^^

  19. THE OILS ARE TRULY HELPING CLEAR MY SKIN! I have to admit I was also skeptical ….but wow, best my skin has looked in yeeeears. Thanks for the videos. I should add that I'm eating a very good diet, no sugar, no junk. just water and good eats. Def seeing results with this approach. I'm using Borage in Sunflower Oil. Working amazingly.

  20. Hi, I’m your viewer from Malaysia. Malaysia is known as tropical rainforest country, is it applicable to use oil product to balance my skin condition in controlling breakout problem? Thanks 😀

  21. I just love you so much, I learned so much from you. I work in a cosmetics store and I keep telling my customers to watch your videos and subscribe 😂💙
    Since nothing is working on my acne, I will follow your advice regarding acne.

  22. Anybody know what is Fopobiacne Secrets about? I hear most people cure their acne naturally with this popular natural acne treatment.

  23. Does Fopobiacne Secrets really work? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Fopobiacne Secrets. But Im not sure if it is good enough to clear your acne naturally.

  24. Just curious about the correct way to apply, after you put the oil on your skin do you leave it on the whole night/day or do you have to wash it out after a few minutes?

  25. Liah thank you for the knowledge. I was always scared of using oil on my skin. I wanted to if I can use the ordinary’s rose hip oil? Is it good enough?

  26. Please make subtitle Indonesia for all videos u make. Pleaase i verry like our video but i dont understand. Its so sad 😞

  27. Hey dear I've a combination skin, acne prone and open pores also sooo plz suggest me what's the best product for handle these problems.

  28. Hi, can you mix the oils together? If I add my hyaluronic acid serum (that contain vitamin c, jojoba oil) with rosehips oil or hemp seed oil will it cause any problem? I'm having combination skin

  29. I want blend olive oil, sunflower oil, bran rice oil and sesame oil. I want to know if it good or not if i mix those oil use for skin. Since all of them are good for skin. I have acne prone skin I'm not sure if it suitable for my skin.

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