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Hi, my name is Joelle Chandran. I’m a professional makeup artist, and today
I’m going to be showing you how to get this classic cat eye look using the Eyeko London
Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner. I’m going to get started with my eyeshadow,
and I want to keep the eyeshadow simple because the liner is going to be the star. So I’m starting with kind of a light beige
color, and I’m gonna pop that right on the lid. This is just a basic, all-over eyeshadow brush
that I’m using. Then I’m gonna go in with a blending brush
into the crease, and I’m gonna use something – just like a medium kind of shimmery pink. And now I’m using a kind of flat liner brush,
and I’m just gonna do, like, a medium brown shade on the lower lid. Instead of doing liner on the lower bottom
because we want the liner on the top lid to really stand out, so I’m just doing a little
bit of smudge shadow underneath to give my eye the definition down there. Also with my bottom shadow that I’m doing
here, I’m just pulling this line out a little bit, so you can see that I’m just kind of
starting to give myself that little guide for where my wing is going to be. Okay, so now I’m going to get started with
my Eyeko liner. I love the felt tip on this. It’s definitely the most easy to work with,
as opposed to a brush with bristles. So I’m going to begin by using my lower lid
as a guide. So I’m just gonna gently draw out from where
my lower lid is. So now that I have my guide here that I’m
working with, I’m going to go back in, starting from that outer corner, and move inward. So now I’m just gonna go in and give myself
a really thin line with the very tip of the brush on the inner corner of my eye because
you don’t want to have this pretty line that just kind of stops right here. You want to take it all the way in. But just make sure it’s really nice and thin
on the inner corner. And since this is waterproof, it’s going to
stay on the inner waterline. Now I’m also going to go in and fill in this
skin right here under my lid that is still light. We want that to be super dark to give us the
most contrast. So you can see how this looks a little bit
more dramatic than this because I’ve done the tight line and the waterline. So now I’m just gonna go back and kind of
look at both sides and make sure that everything is nice and even and that they’re drawn out
to the same point. So once you’ve gone in and perfected everything,
make sure that the wings are even, and you filled in your tight line underneath, then
it’s time to go in with your mascara. With my mascara, I like to wiggle the brush
at the base of my lash to get more product in the base, and then pull it through. And don’t forget your bottom lashes. Since you have a lot going on up top, you
want to be balanced just a little bit with a little tiny something on the bottom. If you didn’t do the smudge shadow, at least
do a little bit of mascara. And then because I want to make this even
a little bit more dramatic, I’m going to add some lashes. I’ve let my glue dry a bit, get a little bit
tacky for, like, 30 seconds to make it easier on myself when I put these on. They’ll stick right away. So I kind of start by putting it in the center
of my eyelid, and then I’ll take my tweezers and make sure that it’s adhering to the inner
corner and then the outer corner. The band of my lashes is a little bit shiny,
so I’m gonna go back in with my liner and make sure that we can’t see the band of my
lashes, so I’m just gonna cover it. Now that my lashes have dried, I’m gonna go
back in for a little more mascara to blend them together. Then I’m kind of just concentrating it on
the outer corners, again, to give me more of that flared, cat eye look. Since I am going out tonight, I’m gonna make
it even a little more dramatic, and I’m gonna add a little touch of a liquid glitter shadow
right on top of where the line is. So I’m gonna go in with a small brush – and
just putting a little right in the center of my lid to pop the look. So there it is! Our cat eye look. Perfect for going out like this or you can
keep it more subtle for daytime. I love this liner. It’s waterproof. It’s perfect for summer when you’re at the
pool or at the beach.

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