Chronic Sinus Problems? Try the Bulletproof Sinus Rinse.

For about 15 years,
I had chronic sinusitis that would not go away. I was two days away from
having the roto rooter surgery scheduled, where
they were going to go in and just scrape out my sinuses, even though that doesn’t
have a great success rate, because I was just tired
of being sick all the time. I read a book called Sinus Survival that taught me some really
interesting things about what’s going on inside our sinuses, and eventually came up with this technique out of Ayurveda. And I call it the Bulletproof Sinus Rinse, and it makes your neti pot look like some kind of a wuss thing. It’s way better than a neti pot, or using a saline nasal spray, both of which are good for your sinuses, especially if you’re going to be flying, if it’s cold or flu season, if you’ve been breathing a lot of dust, or you just feel like you’re
on the edge of a cold. So any time there’s something going on that you don’t like,
this is an amazing hack, and I’ve never seen it
written about before. In order to do this, what
you’re going to need is a bowl, a good sized bowl, I’m
using a salad bowl here, full of warm water. Warm but not hot, because
it’s going in your nose. You’re going to need some
xylitol from hardwood trees. Don’t use the genetically
modified corn xylitol stuff. Do not use erythritol, do not use sugar, don’t substitute honey
or some other sweetener. This is xylitol because
xylitol inhibits bacteria’s ability to stick to your
teeth, to your sinuses. If you’re about to get an ear infection, this can help you as well. So it’s got to be real xylitol. And you want some iodine. Any kind of iodine will work. I oftentimes use Lugol’s iodine, which is a mix of two
different kinds of iodine. I’ve also used iodine surgical scrub. A few drops of that actually
has a detergent action that can actually break down biofilms, but it leaves your nose feeling a little tingly when you’re done. You just use a little bit of iodine. Too much of that stuff, you’re
not going to like how you feel. And then you need some sea salt. In this case, this is actually
mined sea salt from the Andes in a cool like hexagonal
salt container here. So what you do is you get your warm water, get yourself ready, have
some tissues available, ’cause you’re going to need them. And you add the xylitol. How much? It doesn’t really matter that much. A tablespoon or two. It depends on how big your bowl is. This isn’t an exact science. The reason you have salt in the water is because regular water encourages bacteria and fungus growth, and saltwater discourages that. How much salt do you put in there? A teaspoon or two. I’m going to put about that much because this is a relatively large bowl. And I’m going to add, this is very, very scientific process, a drop or two, maybe three, of iodine. And as a side bonus,
I got it on my finger. Now, what would iodine on your finger do? It would absorb through your skin, and then your thyroid will be happy. There’s some debate about
whether you should do this if you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which I used to have,
and I don’t have anymore. I think people with
Hashimoto’s still need iodine, and I recommend that everyone
get some iodine exposure from eat least eating seaweed, if not taking iodine supplements. So now what you’re going to do, you’re going to mix this up. It doesn’t have to be fully dissolved, but it’s a good idea. Otherwise you’re sort of
wasting your xylitol and salt. Bonus points, you can add in
some grapefruit seed extract, which is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that comes from grapefruit seeds. You can buy that at
your favorite retailer, you can buy it online. Grapefruit seed extract,
not grape seed extract. Or you can add colloidal
silver, or both to the mixture. You might want to use filtered
water if you have city water, but honestly, a little
bit of chlorine in here from city water probably
isn’t going to kill you. But I recommend not putting
city water inside your body. Now, here’s the important part. You’re going to lean forward. If you sort of get weirded out, and you turn your head back like this, it is all going to go down your
throat and you will gag. It’s terrible. You got to bend at the
waist, like a dippy bird, like this, and keep your head down. If your head’s down, you can actually suck the water up your nose like a straw. The benefit of this is that it creates suction and
it creates a current, so the water goes up through the sinuses, and drops down to the back of your mouth so you can spit it out in the sink. This is not going to
look pretty when I do it, but I’m going to show you how to do it anyway because this is one of those things that can stop a cold
right before it happens. You do this before and after
you get on an airplane, it really makes a big difference. Now, before I start snorting this stuff, there’s one other shortcut
here that’s really powerful, and it has to do with your immune system and what’s going on around your eyes. Around each eye, there’s a
huge network of bacteria, and fungus, and yeast that grows. Yes, it’s gross, but that’s how it is. And those actually trigger
your immune system. So if you’re looking to
calm down the immune system, one thing you can do is this: take a deep breath and blink in the water. I’ll do it now and look
really graceful while I do it. Now, you might think this would hurt. It doesn’t because
there’s salt in the water. So now I have a wet face, and
my eyes have been sterilized. Next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take a breath
so I have some oxygen, and I’m just going to basically suck some water up my nose, and I’m going to spit it in the sink, and that’s going to wash my sinuses out. Yeah, it’s gross, but it works. (water splashing) (spitting) So, what I just did, and you can do that three or four times is, I just washed my nose out way more than you can get with a neti pot. And I do this when I land, if
I’ve been on a long flight, if I have dry sinuses, or if I feel like I’m about to get sick. This is an amazing hack, and if you’ve dealt
with chronic sinusitis, you know how disabling that can be. I don’t get sinus infections. They’re very, very rare. Maybe once every three or four years when I did something to deserve it. The rest of the time,
it’s just a non-issue. And it used to be a
monthly occurrence for me. Hopefully this is helpful for you. That’s the Bulletproof Sinus Rinse. Key ingredients: iodine, salt, xylitol, and maybe GSE, and maybe iodine. You just drink it through
the nose, spit it out, you’re going to like how you feel.

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