Chocolate Souffle SIMPLIFIED!

Hi Bold Bakers, I asked you on social media
what has been your experience in making souffles and the words that came up the most were “fearful”,
“intimidated”, “scared” and “exploded”. Well fear no more because I have simplified
soufflé making for you, it’s gonna be really easy and you’re gonna have perfect souffles
every time. The recipe can be found on Ok the first thing we’re going to do is
really important, to prepare your ramekins correctly. These are the ramekins that I’m using I’m
gonna put a link on my website of where you can buy these directly. They are six ounce ramekins and they’re
nice and smooth so your soufflé will pop right up. So here I have some softened butter and here
is what we’re gonna do, generously grease each ramekin and when I say generous I mean
generous. Each one with butter make sure you go all
the way around. And secondly what you’re gonna do is get
a little bit of sugar in there, then just move the ramekin around and get the sugar
coated all over the inside. And if there’s any excess just tip that
out. So the reason we do this is the sugar and
butter will melt and it’ll help your soufflé glide right up, it won’t be struggling or
anything like that so it really will make a difference. So do this first and set them to the side. So our ramekins are done we don’t have to
worry about them anymore, the next step is to make something called the soufflé base
or the soufflé sauce. This is the foundation of your soufflé and
it’s really easy to make. So here I have my saucepan and into that I’m
gonna add a little bit of flour and salt. Now here I have my milk ready to go and my
whisk, this is really important, I’m slowly going to stream in my milk and whisk at the
same time. Now the reason that we’re doing this is
because we don’t want any lumps. So just do it slowly until you kind of have
a smooth paste. Then we’re gonna turn our heat onto a medium
low heat and we’re going to add in some butter. So continue to whisk and what we’re gonna
do here is just continue to cook out this flour, let it thicken a bit, around 2-3 minutes. So there you go, as you can see around 2 minutes
it starts to thicken up nicely, don’t let this mix boil or anything like that you want
it steadily to come almost to a simmer, you don’t want to get it too hot. I’m gonna remove this now from the heat,
and I’m just gonna put this here, let it cool down a little bit and the next thing
I’m going to add is the chocolate. This is bittersweet chocolate around 72%,
it’s nice and rich, it’s bitter, it’s a little bit sweet, it’s a perfect balance
for this recipe. So here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna
let that chocolate melt with the heat coming off of our base and I’ll tell you why I’m
doing that, if you over mix chocolate it can separate, the fat in the chocolate can separate
and you end up with a really oily mess, so unfortunately you can’t really use that
if you do it, so just let the chocolate chill out here, relax, melt by itself and then we’ll
stir it in, we’re not gonna use a whisk anymore we’re gonna use a spatula. So there you go, I left it for three minutes
and as you can see the chocolate melted with the heat of the base. This is really great because it means you
don’t have to stir it as much which means it’s less likely to separate. The over mixing is what separates chocolate
which is really unfortunate because there’s not a lot you can do when that happens, so
just try and do it a little bit. Ok this is looking good so into here I’m
gonna add a little bit of vanilla extract, and room temperature egg yolks, and with a
spatula just swiftly fold it in. Now just like before you don’t want to do
this too many times, so just get them in there and stop. So a note about your eggs just make sure they’re
at room temperature when you go to use them, so it doesn’t set on your chocolate and
also your egg whites will whip up so much better when you get them to room temperature
too. Ok so that’s looking good. The good thing about soufflé is that you
can make this part, the base, up to three days in advance which will save you a lot
of time if you’re having a dinner party or just want to make a dessert for yourself
pop it into the fridge but before you use it let it get to room temperature so you can
easily fold in your egg whites. I’m gonna set this over to the side and
let this cool off while we get started on our next step which are the egg whites so
we’re almost there. So while our base is over to the side cooling
down we’re going to whip up our egg whites. Now an important fact about egg whites you
have to let them get to room temperature they whip up so much better when they’re at room
temperature, same with the egg yolks as I mentioned. So just add that into your bowl. So our next ingredient is an important one
I don’t want you to leave it out and unfortunately there’s no substitute for it. It’s cream of tartar. Now it’s really important because it stabilizes
your egg whites and it’ll make sure you get that lovely big soufflé and it won’t
sink. So just buy it online, I’m gonna put a link
on my website, it’s inexpensive and then you just have it for those few recipes that
call for it. So with a hand mixer or a stand mixer we’re
going to whip I tup on medium speed until it gets nice an foamy. So I told you that you could make the base
for the soufflé in advance you want to do the egg whites at the very last minute you
want to have all of that air, all of that lovely volume to make sure that you’ve got
that killer soufflé . Ok great, now once this starts to thicken up and hold all of
it’s shape, I’m going to turn up my speed a little bit and I have 2 tablespoons of my
sugar from earlier on, and we’re going to slowly, bit by bit, add that into our eggwhites. Just a little bit at a time. Add some in, let it incorporate and then go
back again, it won’t take long. And you can see already the egg whites they
get glossier and firmer, and also that’s the cream of tartar. Ok so that’s all of our sugar, just give
it a good mix around, and there we have it, there are our egg whites it’s really simple
and we have all the components we need now to make our soufflé so let’s bring them
all together. So I have my soufflé base here cooled down
and I put it into a bowl because we’re gonna use that to fold in our egg whites. Here is a really important fact about working
with egg whites and this applies to whenever you’re folding in egg whites. Use a metal, thin edged spoon, don’t use
a spatula and I’ll tell you why. Spatulas are really thick and that’s just
going to go through your egg whites and beat out that lovely air. This is really thin, nice and smooth, and
it’ll glide through your egg whites keeping all that lovely air in tact, so remember this. So I’m gonna take a third of my egg whites
and use a technique called introducing which is adding a little bit of one mixture to the
other and loosening it up. By doing this it just makes it easier to add
the rest of our egg whites, the chocolate gets nice and soft and it knows that there’s
more coming. So our base has loosened up so we’re going
to add in the rest of our egg whites and then just continue folding, nice and gently, keeping
all those lovely bubbles in tact until there’s really no big lumps of egg whites any more. But just make sure not to go too far because
you still want all those lovely bubbles. Ok gorgeous, this is fantastic this is gonna
be an amazing soufflé. This is ready now to go into our ramekins
and luckily we already have them done. So when you’re filling your ramekins, fill
them all the way to the top. And then, with a flat knife or a pallet knife
whatever you have, just run it along the top until it’s lovely smooth and even. Then just continue with all the rest of your
ramekins. So once you level off the top of your ramekin
just go around with your fingers and clean up the edges because you don’t want bits
kind of going over, you want them really nice and clean. So this recipe makes six souffles, perfect
for a dinner party, I’m just gonna bake off three right now to show you, but the good
thing about it is these can be made in advance but not that long. It can be mixed up just like this, ready to
go into the oven around an hour in advance, but we are going to go straight into the oven
with these. So bake your soufflés off in a nice hot oven. 375° F or 190° C for roughly 18 minutes
or so. This is a really really important part, do
not open the oven once they go in there, you want all that heat, everything to stay in
there so resist the urge to open the oven. So the reason I said around 18 minutes is
because your oven. Is different than my oven. What you’re looking for is a well risen
soufflé no wobble in the middle, once that wobble is gone you can take them out of the
oven. If you take soufflés out too early they can
collapse, if you leave them in too long they’re just not as good. So really keep an eye on it, I like to look
in around the 15 minute mark. So it’s been 18 minutes I’m gonna pull
these guys out of the oven. Dust them with a little bit of powdered sugar
for garnish and serve immediately. So the beauty of this dessert it’s like
a really delicate cake, mixed with a warm chocolate mousse it is just absolutely delicious. I know a lot of steps go into making this,
but honestly when you get it right, it’s well worth it. Don’t forget to go to my website and follow
my steps and you will have amazing soufflé every time. I’ll see you back here real soon for more
Bigger Bolder Baking.

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