Chef Cooks With Cannabis And The Prices Are ‘High’

CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: I’m saying, using cannabis responsibly and in moderation allows you to
achieve an overall healthier lifestyle than what you’re living now without it. COMM: Top chef Christopher Sayegh has worked in Michelin starred kitchens and is acknowledged
for his culinary excellence, but is now known for one special ingredient that you will be
very unlikely to find in any of the most renowned restaurants. CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: So I became curious about cooking with cannabis after I started to dive
in to the really the science behind cannabis and what was going on with the body. So, it’s
a coconut oil and it’s medicated to ten milligrams per teaspoon. COMM: Christopher carefully infuses cannabis into every serving of his decadent ten course
dinner, which costs up to $500 per person. MAN: Definitely the first time trying food infused with cannabis. I have eaten while
high, but not infused in my meals. MAN: I’m really looking forward to the full experience. I’m just hoping that I feel
it. That’s my only thing. COMM: But his controversial career is a far cry form where he was five years ago when
he was training to be a doctor. CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: I was actually at university and decided to drop out. My family did not
like what I was doing at all. They are very traditional. To even leave school and not
do medical school was a big deal. To become a chef was a big deal and then, on top of
that cannabis. COMM: Through his studies, Christopher discovered some of the medicinal benefits of cannabis
and decided to combine his two passions. CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: So through my studies I figured out that one, cannabis can be literally
used for anything. I mean it’s insane – the medicinal side is so vast that it blows me away. CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: I have trusted partners. Everything that I get is from a lab. Everything
is lab-tested and then they send it over to me already activated so I can add it into
my food. CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: So, it you wafted in, you actually experience that aroma. MAN: If I wasn’t told, I would have been like, ‘Wow!’, you know, and if I was told
afterwards about it, “Oh! I didn’t even notice.” CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: I’d describe these experiences as cerebral experiences. To me it differs
greatly from getting just stoned on your couch. One – you’re eating amazing food, and two
– I’m really playing a symphony with everybody’s psyche. So, as they eat the first course,
they are gonna receive a little lift. It’s a gentle push with each course, so that they
stay in this plateau of euphoria. CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: So, it’s very very simple, very light, getting you ready for dessert. MAN: You know, obviously, the cannabis infusion’s in there, but just the entire night you
felt the progression throughout the evening. You know, we kind of all started out slow
and we started opening up. One of my favourite dining experiences for sure. CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: One of the worst experiences that you can have with cannabis is eating
too much. So, that is something that I’m direly trying to avoid. MAN: I’ve probably tried to make edibles over a hundred times myself, but I can never
do something so well at it. Everyone just feels perfect and that’s why people like
Chris are changing the world by finding the right balance and then executing it on the table. CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: So, we’re expanding in a very big way. Herb is coming in 2017
which is gonna be the first cannabis restaurant in the world. I think there is absolutely
gonna be more competition now it is legal. I’m setting the standard for anybody that
comes after me. No, you’re going to put them on the wall. CHRISTOPHER SAYEGH: In my opinion, cannabis really has a place in this world to change
it for the better and to change it monumentally.

76 thoughts on “Chef Cooks With Cannabis And The Prices Are ‘High’

  1. Man, $500 per person. I'll just go to Olive Garden with my dime bag blended. Then pour it over my fettuccine Alfredo and cover it with cheese. Total $40 with drinks.

  2. I'm sorry, but this is a complete scam lol. $500 fucking dollars? I guess you're paying for the experience because it looks like they're eating on a roof top, maybe idk. But $500 fucking dollars!? I have a plug who charges $5 for brownies and they deliver the same effect. I'd say you're better off learning to infuse weed in your own food than paying that much for this bullshit!

  3. 'Entrepreneurial' hipsters trying hard for change for the sake of change. Keep it simple, just smoke it the good old fashion way.

  4. $500 per person, what a waste of money, I can eat something cheaper and I can buy tons of shit with that money. But at least they aren't smoking it

  5. I remember couple years age one of my cousins was smoking weed and I was sitting next to him I was thinking it's a normal cigarette OMG I had very bad headache for 6 days and I couldn't tell mom coz I was afraid he told me after he finished I hate you cousin hahah I still hate to see weed near me

  6. wait! 500USD per head?! fucking ass.. ill go to a real 5 star michelin resto of my liking and bring a cannabis oil on a bottle dropper.

  7. $500!??!! You could wisely spend money at the movie theater and get a popcorn bucket and an energy drink for that much.

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  9. Medical school, chef, making edibles… His “traditional family” must be bracing their bibles for the next big reveal

  10. I'd love to eat at this chef's restaurant but I don't know about the uncooked fish n meats n stuff I'd have to have properly cooked food as I'm not one for uncooked salmon n blood dripping out of meats being not cooked inside etc but I really would love to experience his weed food highs etc madd ting I might buy my own THC liquid and make my own ha ha haa

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