28 thoughts on “CHARTREUSE SWIZZLE – Tangy citrus & green herbal liqueur!

  1. Not sure what to do with that bottle of intense green liquor!? This is the recipe for you!! The Green Chartreuse's strong herbal flavours work remarkably well with the sweet pineapple juice, tangy citrus and spices in the falernum.
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  2. I personally wanna see an episode of super obscure cocktails if that hasn't been done 💙 great content keep it up 💙

  3. Another brilliant video Steve. I am really keen to try this one. I dont mind something tangy.
    Have you tried a Latin lover? I'm talking about the drink 😉
    Easy one to drink on a hot day!!.
    Keep up the great work mate.

  4. Mmm, must try this one, I love Chartreuse! Do you have a recommendation for how to juice pineapple at home? Last time I made quite a mess :).

  5. With the heat pouring in I love swizzles. I think I’ll try the three variants(all rum, chartreuse with rum and all chartreuse) side by side and see which is preferred. Will report back on findings.

  6. Great video! Always appreciate your honest notes about the taste of the drink at the end. When I make this I'll be sure to add in a tiny bit of rum to mellow the citrus. Good advice!

  7. I really need to try something you say has "herbal notes." I have no idea what that would taste like so I have no comparison.

  8. Chartreuse and pineapple are best friends. Try a Jungle Bird some time and sub Chartreuse in for the Campari. Absolutely terrific.

  9. This looks amazing, I need to get some Falernum before summer ends. I do think that a touch of aged rum would probably be very nice. Maybe even a dash of ango

  10. I’d love to see you make a crisp and sweet sangria for the summer. If you have any recipes I would love to see them.

  11. Shit son you’re nearly out of Chartreuse! Is that expensive over there? It’s bad in the UK, must be a real shitter down there!? Nice work mate.

  12. It took till 2002 for someone to combine pineapple and lime juice with Chartreuse? Lol really? Seems pretty basic.

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