[CC/FULL] Angel Eyes EP15 (1/3) | 엔젤아이즈

(Episode 15) What do you want me to ask you? That you didn’t save my mother, but killed her by removing
her life support? That you’re not the father
who raised me with love, but a murderer who took me in
as a son to relieve your guilt? That all this was because of
a shameless doctor’s desire… to give his daughter her sight back? (Dear Soo-wan) Soo-wan. Yoon Soo-wan, what’s wrong? – Min-soo.
– Yes? I have something to ask. What is so urgent that you had to
come running here like this? You could have met me tomorrow
or called me. Let’s say… I killed you because
Dong-joo needed an organ. – What?
– What would I be guilty of? Murder. But why would you come up
with an example like that? What kind of punishment
would I get for a murder? It could be from five years
in prison to the death penalty. – That’s too short.
– What? She was a precious person.
A person I loved so much. Five years is too short.
It’s too light. I didn’t know you loved me so much. Min-soo. What is the scariest punishment
in the world? What’s the matter? Goodbye. Soo-wan. You left your bag. It’s all my fault. No. That’s not the answer I want. From now on, you’re not in my life. (Detective Cha) I’m home. Dad. Are you hungry? I’m going to make some pumpkin
porridge. Would you like some? Soo-wan. I need pumpkins to make
pumpkin porridge. What am I doing? Where did I put the pumpkins? Soo-wan. Dad. Why did you do it? Why did you do that to Ms Jung-hwa? Was I that pathetic to you? Did you think I’d be happy
as long as I could see again? Did you think it would be
all right to kill someone… as long as I regain my sight?
Is that it? Now I understand… why you hid Dong-joo’s letter. Why you took care
of Dong-joo secretly. Why you were against
our relationship. But there is still one thing
I can’t understand. You’re not that kind of person. You wouldn’t hurt patients
through even a mistake. You’re not that kind of doctor. So how could my dad
kill Ms Jung-hwa? My dad would never kill a patient
to get harvest for his daughter. It’s not true, is it? What I heard is a lie, isn’t it? The things that Dong-joo said and
how you knelt down in front of him. I misunderstood what
I heard and saw, didn’t I? Tell me it isn’t true. Tell me Dong-joo is mistaken.
Please tell me it isn’t true. Tell me right now that
it isn’t true! For 12 years, many times a day, I wished I could go back
to that moment. Whenever I saw Dong-joo,
whenever I saw you, I regretted doing it. But I couldn’t turn back the time. All I hoped for was that you
and Dong-joo would never find out, and that you two would live happily. Happily? How can we live happily? How do you expect us
to live happily? You two could have lived together
without ever knowing. You would live that way… and I would pay for my sins
after I die. I would rather every day and
every moment I breathe, be punished
until my time came. What about Dong-joo and Hye-joo?
What about Ms Jung-hwa? How are you going to ask
for their forgiveness? How? Did you forgive yourself
by taking care of Dong-joo? Did you think that was enough? Soo-wan, that’s… I won’t forgive you! I’m not going to understand. Even if Dong-joo forgives you,
I won’t! Soo-wan. I’m not going to forgive you
until the day I die. I won’t! Soo-wan came by just now,
she was acting very strange. She was asking what kind of crime
it is if you kill for an organ. Do you know anything about this? Please leave a message
after the beep. Director Yoon. Director Yoon! – Help!
– Director Yoon! This way! Director Yoon! Father. What happened? I think it’s acute
myocardial infarction. I don’t know how much time
has passed. Please hurry. Director Yoon… The coronary angiogram went well. Shouldn’t he
undergo an operation quickly? I think so too. Based on the electrocardiogram, it’s myocardial infarction
due to ST elevation. We performed an emergency
coronary angiogram. The lesion area around the coronary
arteries is too narrow. You wouldn’t be able to
insert a stent. Based on the echocardiogram,
myocardial thickening is no good. He is still in shock
as his blood pressure isn’t stable. The only option is performing
a coronary artery bypass quickly. If he continues in this state,
he will expire. We can’t find a doctor
who can operate within an hour. I called the other hospitals, but if you consider
the travel and preparation time, it will be too late. Dylan, right now, you are
the only person… who can save him. I don’t know exactly how you feel.
But I understand that this is tough. But… Son, you know what? If I ever have to leave my life
in someone’s hands, I hope it would be you. Are you declaring a war on me? Is this how you pay
your father back? – Father.
– Don’t call me that. You wouldn’t even be able to imagine
how much you mean to me. Let’s begin the operation. Scalpel. (Operation time
Anesthesia time) (Operation time
Anesthesia time) We’ll begin harvesting
the internal thoracic artery. (internal thoracic artery supplies
the anterior chest wall.) What is he doing? Director Yoon is
Park Dong-joo’s enemy now. How could you let him
perform a surgery… on a person he would want to kill? We had no other choice. Even so… Even if another doctor was
available, Dylan would be the best. Watching him right now,
I’m more certain than ever. I think this is about right. The octopus, please. (It holds blood vessels
while the heart is beating) 8-0, please. (A stitching fibre that is used
for coronary arteries surgeries) His blood pressure is decreasing. I think it’s V-fib. Give me the D-fib. I’m sorry, we don’t have it ready
as this was an emergency operation. We can’t get his blood pressure. This is dangerous. I’m going to do a compression. (Compression: cardiac massage) No, you can’t die like this.
I won’t let you go.

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